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January 25, 2021
Star Watch: a Christmas quilt featuring Hearthside Holiday from Carried Away Quilting

Hello quilting friends! Last October I shared sneak peek photos of another winter quilt I was working on, a Christmas version of my Star Watch pattern featuring fabrics by Deb Strain (Moda). This festive quilt is now complete, and yesterday I took several photos to share with you.

My daughter was home this weekend and commented that she hoped this quilt was for her, as she really loved the striking black and red, the buffalo checks and plaids, and the deer head motif. The traditional holiday elements have a slightly contemporary feeling thanks to that color combination, we decided. Sadly ...

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October 7, 2020
❄ Jelly Snowflake & Stop #9 on the Fabric Tours! from Pat Sloan's Blog

Today is:

  • stop #9 on my Morrison Park Fabric tour!
  • The Final part of our Jelly Snowflake. I have my Pink version and in the video today do a 'Border Talk' about adding more Download patterns at the end in PINK
  • And my My Daily video  

9 Annie MorrisonPark-SneakPeek-sq

***Stop #9 on my Morrison Park Fabric tour!***

Stop #8  Morrison Park Tour is Annie Unrein of By Annie bags. Her bags and videos about them are amazing. If you want to level up your bag making watch some of Annie’s videos.  She also invented the wonderful foam soft and stable to make ...

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September 29, 2020
» Pat Sloan's Blog

Today is:

  • stop #2 on my Morrison Park Fabric tour!
  • Then I have 2 alternates for block #4 of the Jelly Snowflake. Download patterns at the end in PINK
  • And my My Daily video where I show the Triangle alternative I used...let's go!

1 laura peek 2

***Stop #2 on my Morrison Park Fabric tour!***

For stop #2 you will visit my friend Laura Piland, a most prolific and creative designer! Laura is the person that has really inspired me to get my quilts document. You must check out her gallery of quilts by year, it's impressive!  Here is the baseball ...

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September 23, 2020
» Pat Sloan's Blog


Pat Sloan jelly snowflake 3

You'll Make 4. if you have directional fabric,  so shift your fabric as it goes in 4 quadrants,

see the layout

I'm using this super cute  Jolly season fabric line


For Round #2 of our sew along I'm using Deer Christmas i love how this plaid looks. I think with a small sashing and center corner stone this will make a cool block by itself.


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September 14, 2020
» Pat Sloan's Blog


Jelly snowflake 2

Time to make stars!

I made:

  • 1 Navy reindeer
  • 2 blocks with the light blue Santa

DSC07898 DSC07896 IMG_20200627_151302214

I'm using this super cute  Jolly season fabric line

I made

  • 2 stars with Navy  Santa
  • 1 star with Navy snowman
  • 2 blocks with the blue snowman


For Round #2 I'm using Deer Christmas and making all the stars Green


  • I made 2 of each star with the same fabric. 
  • Use the 2 light jelly roll strips cut into 2.5" squares to make 4-patch centers
  • I place on my design wall in position(see below)  before ...

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September 9, 2020
» Pat Sloan's Blog


I hope you're as excited about this sew along as I am!

The first time this ran was in July. I had 2 broken wrists and could not sew or do much of anything. My friend Sue made the top for me. But i really wanted to make it with my Deer Christmas jelly roll.

And I hear many of you didn't join in July but after you saw it wanted to make it.Or maybe you didn't finish in July.. so here we are for 'Round #2' of Jelly snowflake!


I'm used this really cute ...

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July 30, 2020
Jelly snowflake layout from Pat Sloan's Blog



Pat Sloan jelly snowflake final

*** Jelly snowflake week 5***

Tada! This is been an incredible amount of fun. Down below I have a few ideas for you for the center and for borders. Mine is scrappy and uses a lot of the different fabrics

I used this super cute  Jolly season fabric line


***Center option***

you can make a star just like the ones we've already done but smaller.

My friend Amy has this wonderful tutorial that gives you many size stars including the 6"(6.5" before putting in the quilt) that you need for this center

Go to ...

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July 23, 2020
Jelly Snowflake Sew Along part #4 and more! from Pat Sloan's Blog


Pat sloan jelly snowflake 4

*** Jelly snowflake week 4***

You'll Make 4. Next week is the layout so you can see what direction we put all the units in

I'm using this super cute  Jolly season fabric line

***My Daily Video.. July challenge #23 - ***

New here? 

Join my other sew alongs and my Facebook community

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February 9, 2020
Tara from Sew Preeti Quilts

Picture this - About noon on Superbowl Sunday

Me: I am going to eat my lunch and watch TV. Do you want to join me?
Paul (reclining on the couch): Nah, I am watching the eyelid show.
Me: Ooh that is a good show.
Paul: It was greatly reviewed.
Me: Yup, I watch it everyday.

Later, during the 4th quarter of the Superbowl game
Me: I am done here.
Paul: Sup babe?
Me: My eyelid show is about to begin.

For the Eyelid Show

Here is a quilt perfect for use during a little one's eyelid show :-)
I am calling ...

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January 27, 2020
Two Quilts that Connect 1635, 1897, and 1998 from Ann Quilts

Well, folks, the 1890s quilt I researched for several years and then exhibited last winter is, as they say, the gift that keeps on giving.  (Check the highlighted links for background on the quilt and it's story.)

Last spring, a woman brought me a rail fence quilt to repair.  It had been made for her by her grandmother.  A few days later, as I was looking over the quilt as part of making an estimate on the repairs, I discovered that the grandmother had signed and dated (1998) the quilt.  Lo and behold, her last name was a name ...

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December 22, 2019
happy crazy busy . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

The crazy busyness of the season continues ... and probably will right up until Christmas Eve evening! But it's happy crazy busy, which makes all the difference in the world, right?!  Wednesday evening Todd and I went to the staff Christmas party for Essential, the church where we're currently serving.
It was a very fun, laid back evening. Except for the 10 minutes we had in Target (where we went as a group to shop for our dirty Santa gifts).  That was hilarious!

Thursday lunch was the staff Christmas luncheon for my work (it was also my last day ...

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December 18, 2019
snowflakes and snowmen . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

Last week we had snow overnight . . . this week we had tornadoes.  Weather in North Alabama is always a bit crazy.  We were very lucky and didn't experience any storm damage, and we were able to ride out the warning in the storm shelter under the new cabin in the campground.  It's the first time we've needed to put it to the test since it was build this past spring.  And the first time in the ten years we've lived at the camp that we haven't had to leave the premises to find shelter!  Phew!

I ...

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December 15, 2019
this, that, and everything in between . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

Looking back, it's been a fairly busy week/weekend!  It started snowing Tuesday afternoon, and continued well into the evening, giving us a full inch of pretty ground covering . . . 
Coming into the camp.  It took me ninety minutes to get home from work on Tuesday evening!
It was still pretty the next morning, too!

Wednesday I finished up the binding on the last of the Christmas quilts . . .
Three little lap quilts, all with their binding neatly stitched up! Ijust need to pop labels on them.

Thursday we had our annual Christmas Open House at work.  I enjoy getting things ...

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November 10, 2019
excessive stitches . . . from Count it *all* JOY!

I've got a couple of different hand-work projects in progress right now.  Because I can't focus on just ONE thing.  No, I have to have THREE things (or more) going on simultaneously. LOL!

In yesterday's post I talked about a dream quilt (literally, a quilt I designed in my dreams).  I (day)dreamed up another little piece ... a hexie mat.  I'd done one years ago for my mom (the pattern for it was in a magazine, but I don't remember which one--I blogged about here in 2012!) . . .
But I ran across some really cute teapot ...

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