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March 4, 2019
Make an Emoji Pillow with the ‘Sew Emoji’ book from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I met Gailen Runge, the author of “Sew Emoji”, at Quilt Festival last fall and I instantly knew I had to make an emoji pillow with my daughter and that is just what we are doing in today’s video.

This project is a great one to make for or with your kids and grandkids to get them into sewing. Because who doesn’t want a rainbow poop emoji pillow?

In the tutorial we cover how to create fusible applique, how to do a stitch and flip method of applique using fusible interfacing and how to install an invisible zipper ...

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December 6, 2018
Vlog Update: Sewing with Kids, Knitting, Swatch Club and Fabric Haul from Crafty Gemini

It’s Dec. 6, 2018 and I’m back with another Vlog Update video for you! I’m also getting ready to start my 12 Days of Last Minute DIY Gifts tutorial series again that will kick off tonight.

In this vlog update video I talk about the weekly sewing sessions we’ve been having with my kids and their homeschooled friends (their garments are amazing!), my beginner knitting progress, I unbox a Swatch Club Box from Mood Fabrics and I share with you a little shopping haul of the fabrics I’ve been working with lately.

Links to items ...

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December 4, 2018
Scrap Sewing Project from Goer

My son and I are working on a little scrap sewing project. The first step of our project was to sort through all of my bags of scraps. (My scraps are currently housed by color in gallon zip lock bags.) It's a bit of an "I Spy" project, so we wanted to pull any interesting scraps that had fun pictures on them. In a few cases, we pulled a piece of interesting fabric from my stash, like those awesome giraffes that I haven't used anywhere yet. We're piecing them together in monochromatic blocks which are rounded out ...

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June 22, 2018
How to Make a Pillowcase – Sewing with Kids – featuring the Future Quilter and Ponies from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I am constantly making things with my daughter. It is a combination of her seeing me constantly being creative and wanting to be like mom, and my belief that creativity helps kids thrive by teaching them new ways to think and solve problems.

So we are going to be doing a new occasional series at Quilt Addicts Anonymous about sewing and crafting with kids. My daughter just turned four, so we are going to be doing age-appropriate crafts and I’ll talk about how you can adapt them for different aged kids, either giving them more or less responsibility depending ...

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May 16, 2018
Primary Villages: Kindergartener Quilts from Goer

Two years ago I made class quilts with the kindergarteners at school when my son was in kindergarten. Last year another parent took the reigns and and this year it was my turn again, since my daughter is in kindergarten this year.

I decided to do something a little more complicated this year. Since I was really enjoying seeing all the Village quilt blocks on instagram I ordered a copy of the pattern for the kids to each sew a house block. They made fingerprint art a la Ed Emberley on the doorway fabric with their teachers and I led ...

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February 5, 2018
Finished Quilt Designed by Porter from Quilty Therapy

Porter is thrilled with the finished quilt, check out part one here.  We have a plan of where it will be gifted and will update you once we deliver the quilt.  He loved contributing and creating something. Once the top was done, P and I raided my fabric cabinet.  We found this pink, orange, and […]

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August 4, 2015
Quilting With Your Kids from Ryan Walsh Quilts

Now that I have little ones running around I don’t have as much free time as I would like to do the things that I enjoy, like quilting. When I do get a chance to quilt, they are always by my side asking questions and are just overall curious about everything that I am doing.

Because of this, I have been finding ways to get them more involved with what I am doing. Even when they were small babies I always talked to them and described what I was doing. I think this helped making them feel involved and ...

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