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September 12, 2019
Sewing Room Layout Ideas: 5 Tips to Set up Your Sewing Space from A Quilting Life

Sewing Room Layout Ideas: 5 Tips to Set up Your Sewing Space

Hello, and happy Thursday! Today I’m excited to share some ideas with you on your sewing room layout. I’ve had a little bit of experience in this area just recently (a full post on what I’ve been up to will be coming later) and have found some things that really worked as well as some […]

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August 6, 2019
How I Make Time to Sew from Farm Road Ramblings

When my kids were young, it seemed like I had more time to sew.  When they took naps, I would hurry to the sewing machine; while I waited in school parking lots, I'd do some hand sewing.  I basically squeezed in sewing whenever I could.

Life seems busier now, and even though most of my kids have grown up and moved out, I have trouble finding time to sew.  Maybe it's because I'm more in charge of my time now, I just keep putting other things ahead of my sewing projects.  

I needed to try something different ...

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June 4, 2019
Organize and Decorate Your Sewing Space from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Today we’re discussing how to organize and decorate your sewing space with Stephanie Socha. Welcome to episode 109 of Hello My Quilting Friends!

Download the podcast or just listen to the audio using this player:

Check out Stephanie’s podcast Make and Decorate here.

Home Decorating Vs. Organizing

What was so interesting talking to Stephanie was learning there’s a vast difference between organizing and decorating. Case in point she talks about how a lot of professional home organizers are awful decorators, and vice versa. In the end it’s all chalked up to personality.

How many times have ...

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May 24, 2019
4 Patches from Humble Quilts

Who doesn't love a simple 4 patch? And a double 4 patch is double the fun!
I'm swapping with my friends Kat and Kevin next month when I go to Ohio. (I won't be seeing Kevin in Ohio, but he is still swapping with us)  I better get busy if I want to get all 200 of them made before then! These will finish at 4" and this will not be the setting . 

I generally don't piece lots of blocks at one time except in these circumstances. 


 This is what goes on at home most ...

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May 12, 2019
The Big Tidy Up - Spring Clean Your Studio Blog Hop from Creatin' in the Sticks

Happy Mother's Day
Welcome to 
The Big Tidy Up 2019
Creatin' in the Sticks!

hosted for the 5th year by Cheryl Sleboda.

When I was little, my mom often read this book to me and it really was my absolute favorite.
It's about a little girl who has a very messy room.  

It's ironic that my day in the hop is on mother's day and I still need this kind of motivation to clean up my room.  Hopefully, my amazingly neat ...

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April 28, 2019
April UFO & WIP Challenge Link-up from The Crafty Quilter

Here we are at the end of April and it’s time to link-up a photo of your finished UFO or WIP challenge for the month. I can’t wait to see what you guys have been working on! This month’s winner will receive a $30 gift certificate from our generous sponsor, Fat Quarter Shop. I’m going to throw in a few extra goodies that you’re going to love, too!

April UFO & WIP Challenge Link-up

Hopefully I’ve gotten the squeaks out of my new blogging platform. The last one didn’t allow anyone to comment. I was hoping to do another ...

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April 8, 2019
Tutorial: How to Build a Design Wall for Quilting from Christa Quilts

When we moved into our new home, the highest priority for me was getting my quilting studio up and running since quilting is my full-time job. I’ve had many people asking me how I built my design wall in my old house, so when we created it again in the new place, I took step by step pictures so I could tell you all about it in detail. So here goes:

Design Wall built by Christa Watson and hubby

My design wall does double duty – I also use it for flat quilt photography.

Materials to Build a 96″ x 96″ Quilt Design Wall

Two Foam Core Insulation ...

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March 8, 2019
Tips on How to Plan Your Quilting, Sewing Room Update from Christa Quilts

Hi all – I’ve been super quiet on the blog this week because getting my new sewing room up and running has been an all-consuming process! For those following the Blooming Wallflowers Quilt Along, the next post will be up soon, I promise!!

Plan Your Quilting

In the meantime, be sure to check out this informative post about planning your quilting. I shared it over on my buddy Amy Smart’s blog at Diary of a Quilter. It’s an inside look to how I plan my quilting. This will be helpful for those of you quilting along with me, or wishing to ...

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March 7, 2019
The Clean Corner from Quilt Paint Create

A few weeks ago I posted a picture of the “guild corner”.
guild cornerTalk about a hot mess of stuff I’m storing for my quilt guild.
I pulled everything out and sorted through it. I removed a stack of stuff I’m taking to the next meeting. I know all those things are leaving my house soon and not coming back.
Then I went to Home Depot and bought a shelf. It’s sturdy enough to hold the weight of fabric. Not only was I able to get the rest of the guild’s items on the shelf, but some ...

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March 1, 2019
I Need a Bigger Table from Quilts....etc.

Or maybe I just need to start putting these hexies in more containers– but right now I am still stacking by color so didn’t want to disturb the piles!  I was busy yesterday cutting more hexies and sewed a few more together too.  I still have 3 blue strips to cut and 2 pink strips […]

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February 25, 2019
Sewing Room Organization Tips from A Quilting Life

Sewing Room Organization Tips

Hello! Today I’m tackling the topic of sewing room organization tips. I refer to some of these ideas within other post topics but haven’t ever devoted an entire post to just this subject. When I was ten I received a sewing machine for my birthday and proudly placed it in my room. Back then I […]

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February 17, 2019
Sunday Stash February 17, 2019 from Quilt Paint Create

Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions on how to organize and declutter my sewing space. Everyone had such good ideas. I started working on it yesterday and will post more about that later. With a few small changes I find it easier to spend time there.
Hopefully that will start translating into some fabric usage.
Work continues on the Hand Pieced QAL blocks. I now have room to start stitching together my Creative Play piece. With snow in the forecast today, it will be a good day to stay home and sew.
Fabric Added: 0
Fabric Used: 0
How ...

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52 week sewing challenge from Susan P Blog

I often (most of the time) sew whatever I am in the mood for. Most of the time it involves smocking, but lately I haven’t been feeling like smocking, although I am still doing quite a bit of it. At the end of 2018 I came across a FB group called ‘52 week sewing challenge‘.  There is a list of 52 ‘themes’, with sponsors and prizes every week, by random selection. The prizes wasn’t the drawcard for me, it was the different themes every week. I felt as if it could motivate me to do a bit more ...

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February 16, 2019
The Creativity Killer from Quilt Paint Create

I haven’t been posting because I haven’t been sewing. There’s a reason for that. My sewing room is so cluttered and full that I can’t work in there. Every time I want to cut fabric, I have to move a bunch of things. To sew what I’ve just cut I have to move the same things again.
It’s frustrating, even though I know I’m the one that caused it. It’s a creativity killer.
This weekend I will either have to relocate part of my sewing room to another room in the house ...

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February 7, 2019
25 smart organizing ideas for your sewing room from Sewing Under the Little Mushroom Cap

Fun post today, if you’ve been decluttering or organizing your sewing room, this one is going to be fun. Here are 25 sewing room organization ideas! Some may be ones you’ve never thought of.

Some may be common, but maybe will spark new ways for you to organise your sewing space.

Let’s just get to it shall we?

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Boxes ...

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February 4, 2019
Four Favourite Sewing Notions… That Aren’t Sewing Notions from Blossom Heart Quilts

Every crafting and sewing store are full of amazing notions to make your creative life a little easier, or more fun/efficient/colourful. But some of the things you find in my desk drawers and on my cutting table aren’t going to be in your local quilt shop or big box store! However, they are there for a reason, and are often reached for in various jobs and tasks while sewing.

Four non-sewing notions you need in your sewing room by

Cuticle sticks

These little wooden sticks are so useful for English paper piecing if you’re a glue-baster like me. When you’re at the stage of removing ...

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February 3, 2019
How To KonMari the Fabric Stash from Blossom Heart Quilts

Whether it’s because your cupboards are overflowing, you’re moving house, or you just watched Marie Kondo on Netflix and want to put that motivation to good use, there are times when we look at our fabric stashes and ponder going through it all to get rid of the pieces we don’t use, love, and/or want anymore. But it can be overwhelming, knowing where to start, and how and where to destash.

I’m most certainly no KonMari expert, but I have just moved houses a couple of months ago, and into my own sewing room, which ...

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January 31, 2019
10 things you can do in 10 days to declutter your sewing space from Sewing Under the Little Mushroom Cap

Sewing space can easily get decluttered sometimes.

I get it. Creative people are sometimes (or always) messy. I know that some are more productive and creative working in a messy space. But messy is not exactly equivalent to clutters.

You can have all your favourite things around your space and let it all be messy and still be efficient and creative.

But you can also have all unnecessary things and messy and waste time going through them while you are being creative. 

I think we need to check in to reality sometimes, and really just declutter and clear the unnecessary ...

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January 30, 2019
New Home Progress Week 7 – Designing My Quilting Studio (+Free Shipping!) from Christa Quilts

We are continuing to make great progress on settling into our new home. Most of the big stuff has been moved, except for my sewing room. But this week, I started designing how I want it to look, and I had someone from Ikea come and measure the space so we can plan out a very functional working studio. Here are a rough floor-plan so far:

Sewing Room Floorplan

Sewing Room Floorplan

I basically have two areas – a big open loft and a small corner nook. (The lines in the upper left corner represent open hallways so that’s not actually part of ...

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January 28, 2019
More Organizing Really Got Done from Quilts....etc.

Yup – I got more done – all the fabric except the flannel bundle are off the bedroom shelf and in the sewing room.  I doubled the stack of neutrals on the shelf now – amazing how I used to mainly just use white, cream and beige for background and now I mainly use prints.  […]

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