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March 4, 2019
Make an Emoji Pillow with the ‘Sew Emoji’ book from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I met Gailen Runge, the author of “Sew Emoji”, at Quilt Festival last fall and I instantly knew I had to make an emoji pillow with my daughter and that is just what we are doing in today’s video.

This project is a great one to make for or with your kids and grandkids to get them into sewing. Because who doesn’t want a rainbow poop emoji pillow?

In the tutorial we cover how to create fusible applique, how to do a stitch and flip method of applique using fusible interfacing and how to install an invisible zipper ...

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June 22, 2018
How to Make a Pillowcase – Sewing with Kids – featuring the Future Quilter and Ponies from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

I am constantly making things with my daughter. It is a combination of her seeing me constantly being creative and wanting to be like mom, and my belief that creativity helps kids thrive by teaching them new ways to think and solve problems.

So we are going to be doing a new occasional series at Quilt Addicts Anonymous about sewing and crafting with kids. My daughter just turned four, so we are going to be doing age-appropriate crafts and I’ll talk about how you can adapt them for different aged kids, either giving them more or less responsibility depending ...

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February 14, 2018
Sewing Tutorial- How to make a Mayflower Quilt Block from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hey there Makers,

I always get so excited when AGF releases a new fabric collection! Did you know we release around two or more fabric collections a month! It's hard to not be inspired by all the amazing prints, substrates, and free sewing patterns that is created and showcased in the beautiful pages of the lookbooks. Today I want to draw your attention to the cutest new collection called Campsite! I can't even begin to choose a favorite print from this collection, it showcases so many cute critters you would find on a camping trip like fire flies ...

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January 10, 2018
Future quilter or fashion designer? from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Now that my husband works full time at Quilt Addicts Anonymous with me and this little blog has turned into a full blown business with a ecommerce and brick and mortar store, that means the entire family spends most Saturdays at the quilt shop.

At 3-years-old, the future quilter does really well at the shop. It is basically a second home for her. We have a section behind the counter with a kids desk and toys, her kids tablet comes to the store with us and she is a little ham with customers. She will sit quietly occupying herself and ...

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November 2, 2017
Handmade Toys for Kids - Sewing Plushie from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hey There, 

What was your favorite toy when you where little? For me it was a little pink and white stuffed penguin that rattled when you shock it.  My mom made it for me  and gave it to me the day I was born. I carried that penguin around EVERYWHERE...I couldn't sleep, eat, or function unless I new exactly where it was. Not sure how me and my pal the penguin parted ways but we were inseparable for quite a long time. 

Stuffed animals or plushies are not only cute but are a great comforting gift to make ...

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September 28, 2017
Lambkin Fabrics: A sweet collection for boys & girls from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hey there, fabric friends!

Who can agree, that there’s something so special about kids. They say silly things, look cute all dressed up, and their curiosity is incomparable to anything else! Although I don’t have kids of my own, I love them. They’re fun to teach and I just love how creative and imaginative they can be!

Bonnie Christine illustrates all of these things beautifully, in her new collection Lambkin. This delicate range of fabrics tells a story of a peaceful farmstead filled with cute lambs, free birds, and two distinct colorways for boys and girls. She ...

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