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August 17, 2022
fair and square from Making A Lather

Sometimes progress just takes time. A little bit here and there makes a difference over time. I have to remind myself of that often, as I grow impatient. I pressed and trimmed fair and square. And, I cut and added the black inner border. I had hoped to get the final border on the quilt, but, it didn't fit. That will be the next little bit of time I can find. I think it looks great. The end is in sight.

It has been harvest season for our little garden. The tomatoes are starting to ripen and a BLT ...

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June 20, 2022
fair and square progress from Making A Lather

I was able to go to Friday quilt group and lay fair and square out a bit on the floor. That helped me put the top 4 rows together and start the bottom rows. This has been a puzzle from the beginning. Fair and square is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book: scraps and shirttails 2. It has been a UFO since 2019. I like the look of on point settings but, they are challenging for me.

Another of my clematis is blooming. This one is finicky. Last year it didn't bloom. I am glad to see it ...

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April 22, 2022
one monthly goal finish from Making A Lather

I have a finish for April's one monthly goal at elm street quilts. Bricks in  the brickyard is quilted and bound. I started it in 2012. Bricks in the barnyard is found in Bonnie Hunter's Book- scraps and shirt tails 2 . I decided to use it as part of my 5 quilts ufo list in September 2021. At that time, the blocks were in 6 horizontal sections. I sewed the rows and added an inner and outer border and it was ready for the quilt vault.

I drew the number for quilting and finishing it this month. And ...

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April 1, 2022
April one monthly goal from Making A Lather

 Bricks in the barnyard is found in Bonnie Hunter's Book- scraps and shirt tails 2.  I started it in 2012 using scraps. Last year, I was working on my UFO list and dug it out again to see what it needed. It was an ufo Sept 2021 and a top Oct 2021. I still needed to add borders. I decided on a scrappy piano key border. 

It is time to quilt and bind this quilt for my one monthly goal for April. 

I am linking to:

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October 15, 2021
scraps in the barnyard from Making A Lather

I pulled this old ufo out of deep storage to see if I could get the top done in September.  

I have the borders pieced and added to the quilt. I used mostly shirts and strips waiting to be trimmed.  It will wait it's turn for quilting. I found a back and made the binding as well. I really like the barn raising setting for quilts. It adds a fun twist to ordinary blocks.

Bricks in the barnyard is found in Bonnie Hunter's Book- scraps and shirt tails 2 

In an effort to get more of my quilts ...

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September 8, 2021
bricks in the barnyard from Making A Lather

It was time to pull this quilt out and take a look at what it would take to finish it. The paper said it was assembled and just needed borders. There has been no mention of it on the blog, so I checked other paperwork and I started it in 2012. 

The quilt was in  6 horizontal sections that needed to be put together.  hmmm not altogether as a top. Oh well.
I was happy to join the rows and then, add the first inner border. I don't like the braided borders in the pattern, so, I am thinking ...

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