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August 26, 2016
Rod Kiracofe Presentation and August 2016 AHIQ Linkup from Fret Not Yourself

It's hard to get back to my old routine after taking off most of the summer. Quilts were left in progress  and I've had trouble remembering the plans.

While still a difficult time, this month has been more fun. We drove across the western US. As schoolchildren we learned a line called the Continental Divide separates rivers flowing east to the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic from those flowing west to the Pacific. This is not quite true.

The Great Basin encompasses about a fifth of the country from the western Rockies to the eastern Sierra Nevadas. Water ...

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August 24, 2016
Summer Solstice Block from Lily Patch Quilts

I'd like to think that I am pretty good at piecing anything, but the drunkards path block was not my cup of tea. Those curves take forever because of all the pinning I needed to do to keep an accurate seam allowance. As I was sewing the drunkards path blocks together I noticed that one side doesn't fit as well on the small piece. Since the cut pieces are on the bias I didn't want to stretch it too much so I ended up clipping about an 1/8" along the curved side that doesn't fit ...

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August 19, 2016
A Scrappy Finish from Love Laugh Quilt

 It's always HAPPY DANCE TIME when a quilt is finished!
The dance is EXTRA jazzy when it's a QUEEN sized finish!!

I know some of you use tumblers that are cut with a machine...
but friends...
these are all HAND cut with a template and rotary blade.
LOTS of netflix helped me along.
If I could say this was HAND pieced as well......
well.... THAT would be something to brag about...
but I can't.
My little featherweight did ALL the work.

I am SO happy with this quilt top!
I wanted to emphasize the green and ...

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August 15, 2016
Scrappy Bow Tie Baby from Blueberry Patch

   Name:  Scrappy Bow Tie Baby
Design:  Inspired by Blue Elephant Stitches
Size:  39" by 39", blocks are 6"
Fabric: Stash fabrics and scraps
Quilted: by me with Aurifil 50 wt in white beside each square

So I saw this quilt on Jolene's blog, Blue Elephant Stitches.  I love so many of her quilts.  I had to make it.  I think the beauty of this one is in the variety of the background solids and not quite solids.  Lots of pale Kona solids in blue, pink and pale yellow with a dash of light grey dots and a few squares ...

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Design wall 8/15/16 Kaffe strings & new project from Always Quilts

Today is the last Monday of my summer vacation.

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Donna Bruno's Park Place Quilt! from Selvage Blog

This gorgeous Park Place quilt is Donna Bruno's latest finish. Isn't it a beauty? The little pink dots on the light background are actually little flowers. I love the red inner border and the black floral border too. Nice job, Donna!
Donna lives in Torrington, CT. She was co-President of the Hearthside Guild in Harwinton last year.  
To see the pattern for this quilt, click here: Park Place.

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August 8, 2016
Design wall 8/8/16 string borders from Always Quilts

Here it is, another Monday has rolled around. I missed posting my design wall last week as we were on our way home from a quick vacation and then jumped right into work that needed to be done. Fruits and vegetables were ready to be picked and dealt with. I’ve got a freezer full of peaches, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and cantaloupe, all ready for smoothies! Yum!! The tomatoes are slowing coming around, but finally did get enough to can a few quarts yesterday.

We went through Omaha on our way home, so we stopped at Accuquilt and I finally ...

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Scrappy Bow Tie Quilt - A Finished Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

Scrappy Bow Tie Quilt - block templates available | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

You know it has been a good week for me when you see a finished quilt made from "scrap" and from stash. I LOVE working from stash and with fabric combinations that seem unlikely; mixing the old with the new, traditional prints with modern prints, and playing with color combinations. thereby allowing the fabrics and the quilt design to weave their scrappy magic.

Scrappy Bow Tie Quilt - block templates available | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
Scrappy Bow Tie Quilt - block templates available | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
Scrappy Bow Tie Quilt - block templates available | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

It has also been a good week when I can challenge myself by sewing 720 inset seams and still love sewing! That was a lot of start, stop, and back-stitch sewing, but I really do enjoy the ...

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August 3, 2016
Pincushion Tutorial and a Giveaway from Lily Patch Quilts

This is a quick and easy tutorial to use up your scraps. Although it is easy, I like lots of visual aid so this post is picture heavy. I used leftover pieces of a charm pack from Bonnie and Camille called Hello Darling from a mini quilt project but you can use any scraps laying around. I've never had any staining problems using the ground walnut shells. You could always use batting to line the backing if you want to make sure it doesn't stain your fabrics.
Please grab the button and help spread the word. I would ...

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July 31, 2016
Ferris Wheel by Nancy H. Sonneborn from Selvage Blog

This beautiful Ferris Wheel quilt was made by Nancy H. Sonneborn. The fabrics were given to her by a friend and Nancy will donate the quilt to "Quilts that Care" for a patient undergoing chemo. Very nice idea! This is Nancy's first Ferris Wheel quilt. She liked making it and is planning another one.

To see this pattern, click here: Ferris Wheel quilt pattern.

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July 29, 2016
THE Hundred Patch Quilt from Wedding Dress Blue

Nearly three years ago I got the notion that I  could take my standard Hundred Patch quilt and change the scale.  Instead of basing it on 2″ squares, why not 1-1/2″?


It turns out that there are probably several reason why not, but I forged ahead anyway.  I knew I would need A LOT of 1-1/2″ squares, so I made a point of cutting scrap nearly daily for a year.  That way I had a good supply built up.  Many of the pieces of fabric were very small, but they were enough and over time the box was ...

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July 25, 2016
Scraps Springs Eternal from Blueberry Patch

    Name: Scraps Springs Eternal
Design: Inspired by a quilt found on Pinterest by Kati Spencer and published in Scraps INc.
Size: 67" by 67"
Quilted: by me with Aurifil 50 wt ilight grey, irregular grid
Fabric:  Various prints in orange, nayvy, aqua, red, grey and white and sashed with Kona Ash
Binding and Backing: Kona Navy binding and backed with a thrifted sheet.

So I noticed a picture of a quilt on Pinterest by Kati Spencer and I was quite taken with it.  I wanted to use up a lot of my scrap strings.  That was the hope.  The hope ...

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Design wall 7/25/16 leftover squares from Always Quilts

I’m working on a new string quilt design and ended up having some leftover 3 1/2″ squares. I sewed the squares together into blocks and now I need to decide on a layout for them. I’ve laid the blocks out several ways and This is  what I’m thinking…….now.

I took some small pieces of black fabric and filled in the background areas to get a better idea of the finished look.

I like it and this is probably the layout  I’ll go with…..but then you never know…..I could change my mind again.

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July 21, 2016
Cynthia's Sunshine Quilt from Selvage Blog

This beautiful Sunshine quilt was made by Cynthia Meredith in Texas. Great fabrics and lots of Baptist Fan quilting. The backing, shown below, is a soft and quiet Amy Butler print. Great job!
Cynthia used the Sunshine pattern

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July 20, 2016
A Color Splash Quilt - The Finished Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

A Color Splash Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

I am so in love with these bright colors! This quilt has turned out great and it has made my day to be able to share a whole lot of photos with you here. I so wish you could see (and touch) the actual quilt for when you reduce the a quilt to a 10 inch square - or smaller still when viewing on a device - I do think that the impact is not the same, and I repeatedly hear from my customers that the actual quilt is even better than the photos! That's always nice to hear.

A Color Splash Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
A Color Splash Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
A Color Splash Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

I think ...

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July 18, 2016
Quilt Repair and An Intentional Break from Studio Dragonfly Quilts

Recently, I took an intentional break from this space to focus on other, more important things. My family. They needed me. I needed them. It was a much needed deep breath of family time. Balance in all things is important, and I had gotten a little off kilter. I continued to sew and create. Not sewing would be a very ugly off kilter that no one wants to experience. Trust me on that one.

One small project I tackled was some quilt repair. I have several of my grandmother's quilts and they are used everyday, just as she used ...

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July 14, 2016
A Color Splash Quilt - Work in Progress from Red Pepper Quilts

Color Splash Quilt | Work in Progress | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

It is Winter down under and it has been cold in Melbourne for the last few weeks! We even had a small chance of light snow earlier this week (which is most unusual), but I am thankful that snow did not eventuate. Dark and gloomy days however do call for an injection of color, and that is what this week's project has been all about. Color. Color. Color. And of course simple patchwork.

Color Splash Quilt | Work in Progress | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
Color Splash Quilt | Work in Progress | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
Color Splash Quilt | Work in Progress | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

It is no secret that I have a decent size fabric stash - although I suspect I am not alone in this - and a significant part of ...

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July 5, 2016
Those darn scraps from Blueberry Patch

I have to do something with all my scraps.  They are breeding like bunnies.  I saw a picture of a quilt on Pinterest and I used it as inspiration for these blocks.  Supersized at 18" square, these are put together with string scraps of different widths.  Going just from a picture, I did not have an idea how big to make the blocks but big seemed to be the answer!  I am using a controlled scrappy colour palette and I will sash the blocks in grey.  I am aiming to make this a big block big quilt because I want ...

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July 4, 2016
Design wall 7/4/16 from Always Quilts

I have my latest string quilt still hanging on the wall. I got the last border put on and it’s ready to be quilted.

My next project has star blocks in it, so I have some of it cut out.

I had a couple of my quilts that needed the binding finished, so I got them done last week. The first one, I used one of the patterns from my book Sew,Slice, Spin and Sash.

This is the one made from Barb Eikmieir’s fabric line from Paintbrush studio. Here’s the link for the block. https://alwaysquilts ...

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June 27, 2016
Table Scraps Star from Tim Quilts

I got the star finished.     Every month at my local quilt guild meeting there is a table for members  to give away their unwanted scraps and leftovers.   I made this top with fabrics from that table.

Last time I posted about making the diamonds … see that here

Here it is with the setting pieces ready for stitching.


I sewed it together in 4 sections


here it is finished


My original plan was to do a scrappy border with the same fabrics……I have to think about that.  I never use a pattern, I ...

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