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May 17, 2017
Strip Quilts from SueLynn Designs

I was having a hard time getting back to sewing after the quilt show.  I tried to make a wallet for my sister, got about half done and ran into a problem.  I set it aside to think about.  I had/have a container of strings that I have been saving for a while.  I usually cut any scraps up into squares, nothing smaller that 2 inches, and then the smaller strips went in the container.  Some years ago, I had started the blocks for a string quilt, got about 4 done and then put it away.  Since I already ...

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Catching Up. from SueLynn Designs

Hi all.

I last posted about a string quilt I was working on.  Well, after looking at it for several days I decided the borders were all wrong.  So I took them off and changed them.  Here is what it looks like now.

I added a string border, another black border and then used a dark red for the last border.

I think this is much better.  The blue was just not dark enough for the border.

I used to have a "studio room" at the back of the garage.  About 3 or 4 years ago, I moved my sewing ...

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May 16, 2017
How To Align Quilt Sashing from Lily Patch Quilts

As I was working on the past couple of quilts, they both call for sashing strips to be attached to the many rows to form the quilt top. It reminded me that I needed to make sure to keep the rows that have the vertical sashing strips in line with each other as I connect the horizontal sashing strips to them.

This Ferris Wheel quilt not only did I need to line up the previous row of vertical sashing but I also had to line up the vertical seams in the quilt blocks. I have created a short video to ...

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May 14, 2017
Carousel Quilt - Work in Progress Part 2 from Red Pepper Quilts

Carousel Quilt | Work in Progress Part 2 | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017

How quickly time flies! It has been more than four months since my last Carousel Quilt update (see blog post here), and during that time the hand pieced circle blocks were never far from my sight. For four months these blocks moved from my sewing machine table back to my cutting table, as was required to make room for the other quilts I have worked on during that time. And with each move the task of sewing these circle blocks together became more and more daunting!

Carousel Quilt | Work in Progress Part 2 | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017
Carousel Quilt | Work in Progress Part 2 | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017
Carousel Quilt | Work in Progress Part 2 | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017

Then one evening last week I decided that the time had finally come to ...

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May 12, 2017
Scrap Dance Two Step May Update from From My Carolina Home

Everyone is working on their units from April fairly quickly this time.  Lots of shares on Flickr show the variety of colors and choices, so fun for me to see it coming together!!  You know, if you haven’t begun yet, it isn’t too late to catch up.  The last two months will be really easy, so if you would like to quilt along, click HERE to see the beginning.  Each post has a link to the next one.  I give you a full range of sizes from table topper up to king size.  The next step is next ...

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May 9, 2017
One Hundred Sixty Eight from Wedding Dress Blue

Records indicate that I started the Sweet Sixteen quilt in February 2016.


This has been my primary leader-ender project ever since.


One hundred sixty eight blocks later, it is ready for assembly. I hope it looks as interesting in real life as it has in my imagination.


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May 2, 2017
Hattem Hexagon from Collector with a Needle

I finished another quilt from the book, Promenade in a Dutch Garden by Petra Prins and An Moonen.

The original quilt is dated c. 1840 and is still in the family.
The family is from the village of Hattem.  The quilt has passed through the female lines of the family. Sadly the original makers name is unknown.

The reproduction in the book used a neutral beige hexagon for the setting of the florets. I opted for the light blue setting hexagons to look more like the original.

The book has many photos of the original and reproduction.

For the border ...

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April 26, 2017
Be My Neighbor Block 8 from From My Carolina Home

I got a bit busy with other things, but finally got back to the Be My Neighbor block due next week.  Block 8 is on the right end of row two, so I got out the other blocks to pick fabrics. I was trying not to repeat the same fabric in adjacent blocks. This block has a flag, and I thought the star fabric would be good for that.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

Cutting out the pieces took longer than usual blocks because of the number of fabrics and the pieces are all different sizes.

Be My Neighbor Block 8 @ From My Carolina Home

As before, I marked all the diagonal lines on ...

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April 25, 2017
Curvy, Modern, Red, Improv Scrap Quilt from Gefilte Quilt

Here's a scrappy, wonky and smallish (34" x 42") modern-ish quilt that I finished last year. 
Yeah, that bottom edge. Ummmm....I'm not sure how that happened. Probably because the project was pure sewing therapy.

It all started with a pile of  Japanesque scraps leftover from a huge project. I cut them into strips, then freehand cut improvisational curves. Next, I sewed the strips together horizontally. Here's the basic idea from a similar project with floral prints: 
(Pretend they're Japanese-ish.) Next I cut out tall vertical rectangles from the horizontal strip sets, and surrounded them with ...

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April 21, 2017
Red and White Scrap Quilt Complete from Lily Patch Quilts

I am so happy to say that my DD's red and white scrap quilt is complete! I have so many projects that I would like to get done that I didn't want to delay finishing this quilt. I spent one night freemotion quilting this large quilt. 

 I thought if I did swirls it would go quicker, but it didn't. I used two layers of batting to make sure that it's going to keep DD warm since she will be going away to school soon and taking her quilt with her. We decided on a stripe print ...

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April 18, 2017
Disperse {a new quilt pattern on sale!} from Material Girl Quilts

If you follow me on Instagram, you have likely seen my latest quilt design, Disperse.  The pattern is now complete

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April 17, 2017
Quilting the Orphan Block Quilt from From My Carolina Home

Picking up from the post on Sarah’s blog about using an orphan block, here is the finished flimsy after adding the squares, bars and border.

Orphan Block Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

I loaded it on the longarm, auditioned threads, and once again settled on that muddy light brown that just goes with everything. I picked a simple floral design pantograph and began quilting away.

Orphan Block Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Going along nicely, it seemed.

Orphan Block Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

How delightful to get to the bottom and see it is still square! Putting borders on with the measure and cut method pays off again.

Orphan Block Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Then I went to check the back of the quilt, and ...

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April 16, 2017
Orphan Block Quilt and Hands2Help from From My Carolina Home

I am delighted to be a guest blogger on Sarah’s blog, Confessions of a Fabric Addict today!  I am going to be showing how I did an orphan block quilt, beginning with this block.  Remember, it was the first block of the Be My Neighbor quilt, then I decided to do it in springtime colors instead of my comfort zone traditional colors.

Orphan Block Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

So Hop over to Sarah’s blog, Confessions of a Fabric Addict , to see how I constructed the quilt flimsy with this orphan block, read about Hands2Help, join the linky parties, or send a quilt, and you ...

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April 10, 2017
Great Granny Blocks from Lily Patch Quilts

I have been busy with school. I had not realized how much work it takes with homework assignments and quizzes left and right. Even though with my busy schedule, I am making a habit of squeezing in a bit of sewing time here and there. My sewing machine is always ready to go and I have a project in mind to that I would like to work on. 

I have two charm packs left of the Rooftop Garden collection from Moda Fabrics and hoping that it will be enough for me to make seven more blocks. I really like making ...

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April 4, 2017
Gifts from Abroad from Fret Not Yourself

Back in January, Stephie at Dawn Chorus Studio and I were inspired to exchange fabric scraps when we each noticed the other had a QIN {that's quilt-in-need.} Look at those darling foxes, bunnies, and birds. Of course, I got the better half because Stephie also included a couple of her hand sewn circles.

Scraps Abroad

She suggested I use her scraps to bind the quilt but they are too adorable. Wanting to see more of them, I added an insert of the prints on the back.

Stephie's fabric remnants create an insert on the back of this quilt ...

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March 31, 2017
Scrap Control the MHQ Way! from Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!

Everyone agrees that scraps are part of quilting!
For one to use them, one needs to organize them in such a way that they are accessible.
There are lots of ideas for organizing scraps in the blog-o-sphere.
This is not one of those ways!
It's the big blue Ikea bag that is meant to hold all the towels you own?!?
Yikes, it's a big bag???
I took it to my annual quilting retreat and offered the scraps to anyone who liked them.  Some disappeared but I decided it was NOT going back into the studio.
So earlier this ...

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March 30, 2017
March OMG Goal Complete from Lily Patch Quilts

My one monthly goal this month was to put the Aurifil blocks together to complete the quilt top. I was determined to complete my goal so I just stayed up and sewed away while the house is nice and quiet. It also helps that I don't have to worry about homework this week. Thank goodness for Spring Break.

These blocks have been sitting in my drawer for three years. I didn't realize how long until I looked back on my posts. I made extra blocks as I went along during the quit along because I wanted a good ...

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March 29, 2017
Purple Quilt WIP from Lily Patch Quilts

I am plugging away at my one monthly goal to finish by the end of this month. This OMG has really helped me to get my UFOs under control. I didn't realize that the Aurifil BOM that I completed was three years ago. Time sure flies. 

 Since this is a scrappy purple quilt I needed to add sashing to separate the blocks. I then pulled out my Fossil Fern prints that I've been hoarding to use as a second border so this could be a nice large quilt.

Here it is, almost got the second border sewn on ...

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March 27, 2017
Scrappy Brickwork Quilt for DWM from Patchwork Sampler Blog

This scrappy Brickwork quilt came about from a UFO. In this case, it really was an unidentified object.  When I opened the project bag there was only a giant stack of 6-1/2” flannel squares and a cryptic reference to the pattern.  I have no idea the original intention for these blocks but Plan B quickly developed.  This weekend I sewed the top together. Next week will be my Quilt-a-thon and now this one is in the quilting queue.

Brickwork Flannel Quilt

About the same time I found the squares, Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict announced this year’s Hands2Help Charity ...

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March 16, 2017
Hands 2 Help Plus HST SAL from Lily Patch Quilts

I had thought I posted this already but I didn't see the post live so I went to check and somewhere along the way all the content was gone and the post was in draft. That's what I get for rushing. In my defense I had homework deadlines to finish and a high schooler to pick up. Ok, this year I am going to join Sarah and make a quilt for charity. I had a quilt kit that I was going to use but in the process of "cleaning and organizing" I can't find it.

I am ...

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