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March 27, 2015
Cutting and Cutting and Cutting... from Podunk Pretties

You are not going to believe's spitting snow outside!  I think planting SNOW PEAS yesterday was a bad idea.  And tonight it's going to get down into the teens.  Crazy weather!  Oh well it could be 100 degrees and humid.  Since it's just far to cold for this ole gal to do any planting I'm cutting up scraps for the Podunk Posy blocks.
Scrappy quilts are a lot of work if you're working from oddball shapes and sizes of fabric.  That ziplock baggie may not be big enough for the tiny scraps by ...

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March 26, 2015
Podunk Posy quilt tutorial # 2 from Podunk Pretties

I want to thank all of you for being so understanding of my crunch for time.  With spring finally here there's tons of outside work to be done.  And with spring weather you get out there while you can.  If you take a nap the weather could change.  This morning I planted Snow Peas in the rain.  No need to water that seed when mother nature can do it for me!  Now I can do what I love the most, share my love of quilting with you.  So let's just get right to business.

My fickleness has emerged ...

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Donna Bruno's Fandango Blocks from Selvage Blog

Donna Bruno of the Hearthside Quilters in Harwinton, CT is on a roll making Fandango blocks out of 1" wide strips! We had a Fandango quilt workshop on Saturday and she made all this since then!
Nice job, Donna!

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Final Tour: Propellers and Planes with a List of Previous Posts from Fret Not Yourself

Propellers and Planes, my Steam Punk, hung in our guild show this week along with many fabulous quilts by members of SCVQA and BAM. It's the first, and probably only, photo of the entire quilt. The colors aren't quite right; they are much truer in the previous posts, but at least you can see the entire layout of the quilt.

Propellers and Planes

There is a huge variety of fabrics in this quilt. The oldest was purchased in Boston about twenty-five years ago. The newest were purchased last year. Sue Benner gave me one of her hand-dyed pieces. After being saved ...

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March 25, 2015
Hi-Ho Hi-Ho, It's off to sew I go! from Podunk Pretties

Oh Happy Day!  What a beautiful rainy day!  Oh yes it's rainy and gloomy and I'm LOVING IT because I'm stitching my little ole heart out today.  It's the first day this week I've had all day to just quilt.  With the warmer weather there's plenty of outside work to be done and little time left for quilting.   So today it's just me and my Happy Place.
Several of you are still waiting on the butterfly block.  It's coming, promise.  A little warning...the butterfly itself is 6 inches, framing makes it ...

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March 23, 2015
Flowers in Full Bloom from Quilting by the River

I am dreaming of Spring......while looking out the window at the ice which is covering the deck and steps. Hopefully we are getting close to the end of winter........I knew we shouldn't have put the shovel away! I've been working on a few flower blocks and I can't wait to start appliqueing them.

Daisys in Full Bloom batiks
I'm using the beautiful Full Bloom batiks by Fourth and Sixth Design for Island Batik and for the block backgrounds I used Island Batik Neutrals. I will have another project coming up in April for a blog hop and I'll ...

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March 22, 2015
Improv Curve Quilt Finished from Fret Not Yourself

Here's the final photo of my Curved Improv quilt. It was in the guild quilt show last weekend.

Improv Curve quilt

Because the sides are definitely not straight of grain, I wanted a straight edge binding. But the circle at the bottom needed bias binding. So I used bias on that curve only and switched to straight of the rest of the quilt. So far so good. I think it helps stabilize the quilt and minimize waviness.

Although the curve sections look may look like they are uniform width, that's not quite true. For each curve I started on one side ...

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March 18, 2015
Setting up my assembly line from Podunk Pretties

Every quilter has their own ways of doing things that makes the quilting process most efficient for them.  What may work for you may not work for me and 
vice versa.  But it's always nice to see how others do things so we can tweak our methods if needed.  So here's my system for this quilt, maybe you can find an idea or two that would work for you.  And even better you might have some advice to make my system better.  
Before cutting fabric for this quilt the first decision was should I strip piece or piece ...

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Modern Rainbow: Partially Planned Patchworks from The Q and the U (Quilt Blog)

 So if you've been by the blog lately, you know I've been on a big stretch of making lots and lots of my Random Rail Fence blocks in different colours.  As you can see in the pics, there are more and more and more to come.
 I'm actually having another exhibit this summer and this one I've titled: Modern Rainbow: Partially Planned Patchworks.  There will be 10 quilts in the series.  These are the quilts I've been showing and the ones I'll be working on for the next while.
 These quilts are much more ...

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March 16, 2015
Podunk Posy quilt block tutorial (lots of pics) from Podunk Pretties

This is the first of several tutorials that I'll be sharing over the next couple of weeks.  Several Podunk Posy's will make up the border on my current quilt project.  Normally I don't make the border first, buy since so many of my followers expressed an interest in using the block in other projects I wanted to get this tutorial posted A.S.A.P.   You can see my plans for the rest of the quilt HERE.

Before we get started let's go over a few things that could be helpful.  All seams are a quarter ...

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March 14, 2015
What I've been working on....................... from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

I confess - I am a scatter brain!  I have tons and tons of projects that need attention and what was I doing this morning???   Yup - I was scoping out not ONE, but TWO NEW projects!!!   Just shoot me in the head now!!!  One of them will be very easy and I have got stuff mostly prepped and it will make a good project for the retreat or do for an hour at the sewing days!

The mostly prepped quilt - I know looks a bit bland at this point, but wait!!!

However the other one is going to take a bit ...

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March 13, 2015
Lemon Shake up Finish from Podunk Pretties

 I don't know about you but I'm ready for hot summer days and sipping on homemade lemonade while swinging on the porch swing.  My favorite is fresh squeezed Strawberry Lemonade....Yummy!  I love it when the strawberry syrup stays on the bottom of the glass.  All this dreaming of sunny, warmer days has definitely inspired a few small quilts lately.  My latest below is
"Lemon Shake Up"  It's a small quilt, 28 x 28.  

Using the scraps from the Hillbilly Hookup and Super Nova, I randomly sewed the pieces together until I had a piece big enough ...

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March 11, 2015
Super Nova Table Topper from Podunk Pretties

Finally!  My little table topper with an explosion of color, Super Nova.  I designed it using the Hex N More ruler.  It could be made using any 60 Degree ruler.  The only difference would be the center would be made from 6 triangles instead of half hexies.   The string pieced triangles are leftovers from my Hillbilly Hookup quilt.  The binding is leftovers from Flit and Flutter.  And the background fabric, backing and batting are all scraps from quilting on the frame.  So this is 100% scrappy!

Each little triangle finishes at 2 inches tall.  One of the issues I had ...

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March 10, 2015
Scrappy Affair Quilt from Pinevalley Quilts

My Scrappy Affair Quilt is going to be a documentation of my fabric collection. I have collected fabrics that I love, or loved at the time ( haha ) I am sure we all have those in our stash ! Looking at Antique quilts, it is so important to leave a trail for Quilt Historians to find clue’s to our quilts. Helping them find who we are and what our reasons were for making quilts and works of art. Thinking about this has prompted me to take a strip from each of my fabrics and make a Log Cabin design Quilt. I ...

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CALICO ROSE QUILTALONG: Fabric and First Cuts from Wedding Dress Blue

Today is the beginning of the Calico Rose Quiltalong, and it is all about deciding on  fabric and CUTTING.


First you should choose a size to make:  SMALL–a throw that uses 5 stars and four alternating blocks.  Finished size about 48″ square; MEDIUM–This is the size I am making this time.  It uses 13 stars and 12 alternating blocks.  Finished size about 72″  square; LARGE:  This is the size of the original Calico Rose.  It uses 25 star and 24 alternating blocks.  Finished size 96″ square.

Quick Note:  If you are planning on using 2-1/2″ squares as ...

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Scrappy Stars from Podunk Pretties

Good Monday Morning!  Hope everyone is thawing out.  There's very little snow left in Podunk.  The weatherman says we should see temperatures in the high 50's this week.  Whoohoo!  I loved the snow but it's time to soak up some sun while gardening.  There's nothing better than the smell of fresh spring air.  If they could bottle it, I'd buy it!  

I'm still quilting my current small project.  I've made very little progress.  This thing has given me FITS.  Ripping and picking, pouting and cussing.  The problem?  Me not paying attention.  I would ...

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March 8, 2015
BE EPIC! from Sew Psyched

Here's a message we don't hear often enough: BE EPIC! As women, we hear all sorts of messages; Have straight hair, Have long lashes, Have no wrinkles, Have big boobs, Have this and that thing that will MAKE you what you need to be in order to be fabulous.  But I am here to tell you that what you need in order to be fabulous is... YOU You, just as you are. You with messy hair and no

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March 7, 2015
Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin Quilt - A Finished Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin Quilt ~ tutorial available | Red Pepper Quilts
Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin Quilt
61 inches x 47.5 inches or 155cm x 121cm
The Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin Quilt is finished! I have loved every moment of working on this quilt, the cutting of the fabric strips, the repetitive piecing, and the lines and lines of straight line quilting. Perhaps not so much the basting, but that is unfortunately just part of the process, during which I remind myself that it is another step closer to finishing ... and starting something new. 

Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin Quilt  | Red Pepper Quilts
Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin Quilt  | Red Pepper Quilts
Scrappy Quarter Log Cabin Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts

Thank you for all of your kind comments here on my blog, on Instagram (@redpepperquilts) and on ...

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Playing with string scraps from Podunk Pretties

The last quilt, Hillbilly Hookup, made a lot of scraps.  I tried tossing them in the trash, only to pull them out...twice.  Oh fiddlesticks!  I might as well just get it over with and make something from them.  Even though the scrap pieces were small and oddly shaped,  I managed to get enough 2.5 triangles cut for 7 wacky looking stars.

To cut the triangles I used a Hex N More ruler.  Unless my plan changes I'll need to use this ruler again to for the hex shape.

There's still a huge pile of  tiny string ...

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March 6, 2015
Hillbilly Hookup finished! from Podunk Pretties

Come on in and sit a spell while I tell Ya'll about this here quilt!
That sounded as if it came right out of my granny's mouth.  I was lucky enough to spend lots of time with both of my grandmothers.  They were country girls with a southern way of life.  Southern meaning Kentucky backwoods style. Visiting them meant listening to endless hours of funny stories.  I'm not sure if the stories were really funny or just the way they told them.  

Well lets get back to the quilt I'm calling Hillbilly Hookup.   It's a ...

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