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March 27, 2017
Scrappy Brickwork Quilt for DWM from Patchwork Sampler Blog

This scrappy Brickwork quilt came about from a UFO. In this case, it really was an unidentified object.  When I opened the project bag there was only a giant stack of 6-1/2” flannel squares and a cryptic reference to the pattern.  I have no idea the original intention for these blocks but Plan B quickly developed.  This weekend I sewed the top together. Next week will be my Quilt-a-thon and now this one is in the quilting queue.

Brickwork Flannel Quilt

About the same time I found the squares, Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict announced this year’s Hands2Help Charity ...

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March 16, 2017
Hands 2 Help Plus HST SAL from Lily Patch Quilts

I had thought I posted this already but I didn't see the post live so I went to check and somewhere along the way all the content was gone and the post was in draft. That's what I get for rushing. In my defense I had homework deadlines to finish and a high schooler to pick up. Ok, this year I am going to join Sarah and make a quilt for charity. I had a quilt kit that I was going to use but in the process of "cleaning and organizing" I can't find it.

I am ...

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March 15, 2017
Happy Go Lucky Postage Stamp {a finished quilt!!} from Material Girl Quilts

Have you ever had a fabric line that you just LOVE?!  For me that is Bonnie & Camille’s Happy Go

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March 11, 2017
Hashtag Scrap Quilts for a Material World from Gefilte Quilt

In 2016, I was obsessed with stitching batik scraps into irregular blocks. At one point, the light and dark blocks kept separating themselves out, then organizing themselves into hashtags/tic-tac-toe boards. Like this: #, but less angled. Can you detect the four scrappy hashtags on my design wall below?

The more hashtags I made, the happier I became. Not only are hashtags interesting to look at and intuitive for quilters - a 9-patch variation - but they've become ubiquitous in our daily cyberlives.

Hashtags help us find ideas, images, emotions, facts, and, of course, alternative facts, richocheting around in cyberspace. Where we ...

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March 9, 2017
Miss Jenna’s Quilt Top Complete from Wedding Dress Blue

While a finished top is generally good news, unfortunately, the wedding is this weekend.


Maybe if I had a longarm, it could happen.  But, I don’t.  And that is OK.


Even the prospect of a late quilt cannot make me too unhappy, though.  I really like the way this quilt has turned out. Still scrappy, for sure, but a very tight, and a bit more subdued, color scheme than my typical work.

I really hope she  likes it!

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March 8, 2017
Solid Scrap Frenzy and NTT from My Quilt Infatuation

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday, y'all!  In continuing my scrap busting mission of late, I realized that though I have successfully used up my print scraps, I had SO many solid scraps that they deserved a quilt of their own.  It's no secret that I don't usually make quilts using all solids, so this accumulation has been going on for awhile.  I had lots of fun with this one.  Since it has so many different elements, I sewed for two solid days and didn't get bored with it at all.

When I started, I had no ...

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March 5, 2017
Quilt Designs: Fabs, Failures & Why from Pink Doxies

The Best of Three
Navy Nine Patch

Most people will tell you there is no such thing as an ugly quilt. Let me bite my lip and rephrase it. (Let's be honest. We know this down deep.) There is something redeeming in every quilt made, but not all quilts 'work.' Most of the time we feel it when we're putting things together, but we know it when it's assembled. A color, a pattern, a border width, etc., just don't make the cut. We have a couple of choices. Rip it out and fix it if it ...

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March 3, 2017
Friday Finish: Scrappy Ohio Star from Patchwork Sampler Blog

In my basement there is a big laundry basket of quilts that only need binding to be finished.  The basket was overflowing so I pulled out one of the biggest quilts and worked on binding before we left on vacation. I’m happy to say this super scrappy Ohio Star is now finished.

I looked through the blog archives and found it was quilted in August 2013 so it’s been in the basket for some time.  Sadly, it’s probably not even the oldest project in there! When I blogged about it back then I had drawn up a ...

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March 2, 2017
March OMG: Trail Mix from Patchwork Sampler Blog

Time to get back on track and knock out some UFOs this month. I have at least three big ones I would really like to finish: Trail Mix, Dazzling Stars and Celtic Solstice and all three will take a considerable time commitment. Since we still have a little more time in the warm and sunny south before heading home to Wisconsin, this month I’m choosing Trail Mix as my One Monthly Goal (OMG) because it is closest to completion.

This picture was taken awhile back and now most of the top is sewn together. I’m pretty sure there ...

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Beginners Luck....been on a mission today! from Julia's Place

So happy to have this pieced. I've been on a mission to make it a flimsy....8 hours work, done!
Deciding on the border was easy. I got a bit carried away when cutting the triangles for the blocks, there was enough for the saw tooth waste. Too easy!

It's been a lot of work, but I'm happy how it's turned out.
Even CW fabrics can be bright and cheerful....

Been raining here all day....was nice being in my sewing room...
Take care.....

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March 1, 2017
Red and White Scrap Quilt from Lily Patch Quilts

This red and white scrap is definitely a labor of love. My DD started out just making a small panel for  her class project Fall semester of last year using just my red and white scraps. She ended up not wanting to cut it up after the panel was pieced together. I suggested that she continue and make three more panels to form a large quilt top for her bed.

She kept sewing away every chance she got. It was crazy watching her piece this quilt top together. She used even the smallest one inch strips and here I am ...

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En Provence Quilt Top February OMG Goal from Lily Patch Quilts

I really slipped this completed goal right under the wire. My OMG (one monthly goal) was to put the En Provence quilt top together. There were so many little pieces to sew for the blocks and I didn't want to mess it up and have to rip the stitches out, but it happened anyways..LOL.

It wasn't so bad. There was only a couple of blocks that I oriented the star points in the wrong direction which I caught when I taped the blocks to my wall. I don't have a design wall but this quilt was ...

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February 23, 2017
WIP Wednesday: Another Rainbow Scrappy Project from Patchwork Sampler Blog

For quite some time I’ve had in the back of my mind that I would like to make this quilt:

It is Tula Pink’s Bird Seed Quilt and the free pattern is available here.  It is worth taking a look at the pattern just to see her adorable kitten helpers.

Once I had that lovely stack of purples out last month, I took the plunge and made 48 flying geese units and 24 orange peel appliques in all shades of purple.  Here are just a few of my blocks.  Now I’m really excited about this project and ...

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February 21, 2017
Polka Dot Quilt for a Great Debater from Fret Not Yourself

Sidetracked again... by another finish! Finishing quilts is a great way to clear out my sewing room and reduce my stash. It takes as much material as the front. At this rate there won't be many UFOs around here AND I'll have room for a few new purchases. {Nothing humble about this outright bragging.}

In case you hadn't noticed, boys are different than girls. :-) High drama always surrounded my daughter and her friends while the boys took most things in stride... until I made a fatal error.

As my offspring graduated high school and college I always ...

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En Provence Progress from Lily Patch Quilts

I am still plugging away at the En Provence mystery quilt. I finished all sixteen blocks late last night and started on the sashing pieces. The sashing went together pretty quick. I was able to finish all of them.

Starts 3/6 while supplies last

This is me working on the blocks, sewing one block at a time so I don't mess up and have to rip out the stitches. That is my least favorite thing to do. I didn't iron the blocks as I went along because I was wanting to speed things up a bit and iron everything all at once. My ...

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February 20, 2017
Early sewing on a Scrappy Saturday from Northern Deb Quilts

Got up early to sew a bit before work. Working on more Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks in aqua. When I figured out how many blocks I would need for this quilt I figured about 64. So if I have 10 colors that's about 6 each...maybe 7 or another color. I have 5 purples...and pieces to make one more. Same with my aqua/sea green. I really like the blues...any blues ...might do one or two extra aqua.

I put a pattern for this block on my February 18th blog entry... scrappy block tutorial

As I was ...

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Scrappy block tutorial from Northern Deb Quilts

These are more Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks that I made for one of my rainbow quilts. I've a feeling there are going to be quite a few quilts coming out of this SCRAP CHALLENGE! My scraps are overflowing so I'm happy to be working on them but my UFO list is growing and that's not good! It's probably up to 38 or 39...I KNOW, shocking! But when you consider that I've been quilting since the 80's (and collecting fabric since the 60's), I have a HUGE pile of scraps.

And another good ...

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February 14, 2017
A Valentine’s Day Finish from Patchwork Sampler Blog

A couple of years ago I bought a fat quarter pack of Valentine’s Day fabric.  I’m not sure how many pieces were in the group, maybe 15-20, but it’s taken me forever to use them up.  I think 3 quilts came out of that pack and this is the last of it.  Just a simple sashed checkerboard strippie.

checkerboard valentine

It was a beautiful day here yesterday and as you can see, our snow is almost gone.  Very unusual for February, but I’ll gladly take it.  It was so nice to take a walk outside and get some ...

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February 11, 2017
Kaleidoscope of Generations Quilt from Material Girl Quilts

A month or two ago, my amazing Mother gave me a bag of scrap fabrics that had pieces in it from

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February 10, 2017
Quilting Up My Scraps from Mulberry Patch Quilts

Do you, like me, have tons of scrap fabric you’ve been saving to use…someday?  I’m embarrassed (or proud?) to tell you that my stash of scraps takes up two bookshelves in my sewing studio.  They’re nicely sorted by color, and look very pretty, but one of my New Year’s Resolutions this year is to start using up my scraps.  Not that I won’t create more scraps that’ll grow yet again—but I need to use them up before they take over my studio!

I was watching a TV program on Sewing with Nancy ...

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