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December 1, 2022
A Visit To The Way-Back Machine from Wedding Dress Blue

Over Thanksgiving we visited my parents in rural Colorado. Their house is full of quilts they have very kindly accepted over the course of my quilting career. I thought to share a few from the way-back machine.

This one is very early. Not labeled, but it has to be one of the first few I made, probably about 1999 (First quilt was 1998). Throw size. Tied. Rough binding. But, my mother loves it. She says it is her favorite of all I have ever given them.

This one is a little later. Sometime between 2000-2002. A friend did the handquilting ...

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November 29, 2022
Just Some Recent Quilts because I Haven’t Forgotten How To Sew Yet from Eric the Quilter

Just wanted to share some pieces I’ve had on the backburner. I almost forgot I had this blog. It’s been a crazy 2 years. Hopefully After the Holidays I’ll get back on it.

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November 23, 2022
Chunk of the Month-Coming in January from Patchwork Sampler Blog

Many years ago I made this quilt as a block of the month. It is really a “chunk of the month quilt” as it is made with a 12″ block and small filler blocks. I still love the quilt, but the Thimbleberries fabrics, not so much (it’s not a good photo, but you get the idea!).

I think it would be fun to offer an updated version of this as a skill-builder chunk of the month quilt. Starting in January, I will offer a pattern that will make a chunk of this quilt. The quilt shown is throw-size, but ...

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November 22, 2022
Small Rectangles FINISHED from Wedding Dress Blue

This one was a while coming, just because it is a lot of cutting. The good news is it is all scraps (not that you can tell by looking at the scrap bins).

It is based on THIS BLOCK, but uses rectangles cut at 2″x 3-1/2″. Eighteen of them per block.

There are 110 blocks in all and it finishes at about 90″ x 99″.

It doesn’t have a home yet, but I love just looking at it for now. So cheerful.

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Four Sets of Leftovers from Fret Not Yourself

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.
~Abraham Lincoln


Last time I left off with a disconnected border of circles on the angular center. No way am I sewing more circles but what if I added a row of smaller triangles? Because I've used all of these values in my stash, I purchased more reds and some lighter colors for these new little blocks although a few are tiny scraps - leftovers of leftovers. 

Border idea for Square Deal 3 quilt

The first photo didn't get me excited and I ...

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November 21, 2022
Scrap Happy Quilt Along from Patchwork Sampler Blog

If you’ve been around here any time at alll you know I love scrap quilts.  When American Patchwork & Quilting started the Scrap Happy Quilt-Along, I was able to reisist for the first few weeks. But as more and more blocks and quilts were posted on the Facebook page, my resolve faded and I began making blocks. 

Scrap Happy Quilt Pattern Cover

Three things convinced me to start this quilt:

  1. I already owned the magazine with the pattern.
  2. I have loads of scraps already cut to the unit size in the block.
  3. The blocks are fast and easy to piece.

A fourth reason is that ...

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November 16, 2022
String Spiderweb UFO from Patchwork Sampler Blog

In my never-ending effort to declutter my sewing room I came across this String Spiderweb UFO. This project was started at a Bonnie Hunter retreat in 2017. I have never been a fan of string piecing but had loads of scraps left over from the 100 Days 100 Blocks project, so started piecing blocks at the retreat and got this far.


In December 2020, I made several more blocks and abandoned the project again. It’s a very slow process and messy to tear the paper off the back. I love scrap quilts, but this block is not my favorite ...

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Jelly Roll Discovery FINISHED (and mini tutorial) from Wedding Dress Blue

I found the idea in a book and made a baby quilt version some time ago.

There were good intentions of doing a quilt along, but that just isn’t happening right now. Better to share the finish, than hope for change soon.

But, if you have a jelly roll laying around, this might just be the idea.

SO, here is a mini-tutorial: Each block finishes at 10″ square. The sashing is cut at 2-1/2″ and the outside border at 3-1/2″. It finishes at approximately 64″ square. It will be gifted to a teacher friend this week. Seems ...

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November 14, 2022
Faire And Square Complete from Wedding Dress Blue

This quilt started as inspiration based on a favorite sweater of mine.

There are a total of nine block styles and each finished at 6″.

Perhaps the unique idea was making the setting triangles from different colors of fabric.

I like the texture it gives.

The quilt finishes at 70″ square.

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November 8, 2022
More Leftovers from Fret Not Yourself

You learn to speak by speaking, to study by studying, to run by running, to work by working; in just the same way, you learn to love by loving.
~Anatole France


Who remembers these Quilty365 blocks from Audrey? They're from 2015. Oh, my goodness. I started but didn't make it a year before my fingers complained vigorously. After laying these out, I found another baggie stuffed with blocks. 

Originally I planned to set them something like this straight set but it occurs to me...

Quilty365 blocks 

these could be another border on my Leftovers quilt. It would ...

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November 6, 2022
Show and Tell - Allegro Quilt from Baby Boomer Quilting Bee


A very scrappy version of the Allegro Quilt was so much fun to make.  I waited until all the blocks were laid out before auditioning the inner border.  This particular version screamed green.    The recipient was a young girl who loves pink, so it made a perfect pairing.

Pattern:  Allegro 
Published by:  Black Cat Creations
Maker/Quilter:  L' Fair Quilts
Size:  69 X 86"
Fabric:  Scrappy

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November 2, 2022
Second Chance Quilt: Four Blocks That Grew A Lot from Wedding Dress Blue

Can four blocks, even fairly large ones (18″) make a quilt?

Well, they will need some help. In this case I used a simple 6″ block that could be repeated and serve as a sort of background and filler, while adding texture and interest. It uses 1 2-1/2″ square for the center and 2- 2-1/2″ squares and 2 2-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ strips to round it out. They go together really quickly.

Then a small stop border and a wider (3″ finished) outside border.

And, before you know it, you’ve got a quilt.

The minkee backing ...

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October 30, 2022
Show and Tell Sunday, Star Cruising Quilt from Baby Boomer Quilting Bee

The Star Cruising monochromatic quilt of greens was made last year, however I am still catching up posts on this blog.  The uniqueness of the quilt center came from a stencil found on Etsy (Native Owl Customs).  I enlarged the stencil to fit the center.  The young high school graduate recipient  loves the outdoors.  

Other versions of this quilt can be found here ... a couple of them were used for Quilts of Valor.

Pattern:  Star Cruising
Published by:  Black Cat Creations
Maker/Quilter:  L' Fair Quilts
Size:  68" X 85"


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October 25, 2022
What I Found in the Leftover Bin from Fret Not Yourself

'America was built on inefficiency.' ...The price for efficiency was paid by the bookstore, the hardware store, the sporting goods store that closed on... main streets all over America. These stores had helped to build their towns. But, compared to Amazon, they were all inefficient.
~Brian Alexander, The Hospital


Do you recognize these blocks? There are leftovers from three different quilts. The center, of course, are the absolute last of The Square Deal blocks. Intellectually I wanted to do something else with these blocks. They were going to be a border until I pulled the second set of blocks ...

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Assembled from Wedding Dress Blue

Sometimes it takes 110 blocks and 1980 pieces, but the top is complete.

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October 21, 2022
New Pattern - In Motion Quilt from Baby Boomer Quilting Bee

Introducing --- In Motion

I often talk about favorite blocks or vintage designs incorporated in my patterns.  The Irish Chain is one of those favorites, however I wanted something different using a wide variety of fabrics and/or scraps.  

The Motion in this design moves from right to left and uses large background pieces making the movement obvious.

Far Out! ... The Fat Quarter Shop * announced they were expecting a fabric line designed by Maureen McCormick!  My excitement to make this quilt using the Blooming Bunch Fabric Line by Maureen for Moda, was off the chart.  I grew up watching the Brady ...

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October 19, 2022
A Pumpkin Mini from Wedding Dress Blue

Giant pumpkin contests are popular, but what I was looking for was a mini pumpkin.

I liked the look of THIS ONE, but wanted something smaller. So, I started with 2-1/2″ squares and ended up with a finished quilt 13″ square.

YAY! Mini pumpkins have their place, in this case, on a wall at the house of a friend.

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October 14, 2022
Helping Hands Scrap Quilt from Baby Boomer Quilting Bee

Once a year, our Quilting Bee exchanges blocks for as part of a challenge.  My blocks were monochromatic and a variety of colors.  The sashing is from 1-1/2" strips of black and white scraps and square cornerstones.  It was interesting at best.  

My though process .... I threw the blocks on the wall and started playing with variations.  I settled on the black and white strips to even up the size of each block.  The quilt was donated to our Helping Hands Program for children living in temporary settings.

No Pattern


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October 13, 2022
Faire And Square Assembly from Wedding Dress Blue

Blocks were sorted and counted.

And laid out.

Still preliminary, but assembly started. Finally.

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Strike A Chord - Wedding Gift from Baby Boomer Quilting Bee


Strike A Chord  -  A wedding gift 

After being widowed in 2016, our sister found love again and was married earlier this year.  We are so happy for her ....  so to celebrate, I made a quilt from one of my latest patterns (Strike A Chord) for the newlyweds.

Contrary to the number of pieces, the quilt came together quickly with strip piecing.  The new couple like the deep warm colors of fall, especially brown.  Using my abundance of fall fabric, I approached the blocks with a scrappier theme.

Pattern:  Strike A Chord
Published by Black Cat Creations
Maker/Quilter:  L' Fair ...

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