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April 16, 2018
Stash Statement Kickoff and Giveaway! from My Quilt Infatuation

After months and months of hard work and tons of secret sewing, it is officially time to kickoff the blog tour to celebrate the release of my new book, Stash Statement!  Because this time of year is so busy, the tour will span several weeks, featuring one quilt each week.  The very first quilt in the book is Grand Bazaar, and it's also the cover quilt!

(why yes, my husband and dad really did move this antique vanity from my bedroom to my backyard so I could take this photo!)

The design of this quilt was inspired by hanging ...

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Stash Statement Book Release from Quilt Fabrication

For those of you who follow my QuiltFabrication Instagram feed, you've probably seen some of the blocks I'm working on for a new scrap project.

scrap blocks

This is a stack of 30, with at least 42 more to go. It might take more, as I'm thinking queen size. Lord knows I won't run out of fabric!

scrap pile

So these fun blocks are for a quilt in Kelly Young's new book, Stash Statement (affiliate link) and today marks the kick off of the book's release!

Stash Statement by Kelly Young

You may know Kelly from My Quilt Infatuation, and she's definitely ...

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April 12, 2018
The Finished Scrappy Apple Core Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

Scrappy Apple Core Quilt | April 2018 © Red Pepper Quilts #redpepperquilts #applecorequilt #scrapquilt

The Scrappy Apple Core Quilt is finished. (This quilt was made using the acrylic templates provided with the Nickels and Dimes Quilt Pattern by Everyday Quilts). I am so pleased with how it turned out and love that I was able to work out a way to machine piece the quilt top. This quilt may otherwise have remained unfinished. Forever. I do however want to continue to work on my hand piecing skills but intend to start with an easier project. Perhaps a quilt with straight seams only. Slow sewing is so relaxing!

Scrappy Apple Core Quilt with bias binding | April 2018 © Red Pepper Quilts #redpepperquilts #applecorequilt #scrapquilt
Scrappy Apple Core Quilt - Vintage Inspired | April 2018 © Red Pepper Quilts #redpepperquilts #applecorequilt #scrapquilt
Scrappy Apple Core Quilt | April 2018 © Red Pepper Quilts #redpepperquilts #applecorequilt #scrapquilt
Click on any image for a larger ...

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April 10, 2018
When a Scientist Needs a Baby Quilt from Fret Not Yourself

DH came home last week with a request. Another co-worker is expecting a baby boy. Just what I need to work on in the evenings.

While at the Dallas Quilt show I purchased a fat quarter of this amusing print - perfect for a budding scientist.

Here's the center, four hourglass blocks that finish about 19-inches. Working with scale. Finally.

Science baby quilt center

The next border will probably be some Chinese Coins. What else?

Enjoy the day, Ann

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April 7, 2018
Pandora's box from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

 I seem to be running around these days. It was sale day at The Hobby Horse yesterday (and again today - 30% off the fabric on the bolt) and I helped out for the day. I used to work in the store, but it's been a long, long time since I cut fabric all day. It was loads of fun and got to see a lot of familiar faces. BUT I was exhausted when I got home. I don't think I even got a chance to open my book before I was out!

Today, I'm teaching a class ...

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April 5, 2018
Tips for Finding Your SewJo from Carol Lyles Shaw

Finding your sewjoWe probably all have those days or weeks when our quilting inspiration, motivation and energy just disappears.  It could be burnout (too much deadline sewing) or we might have lost our confidence (no one wants my quilts and, anyway, my quilts aren’t good, perfect or pretty  enough).  We have the time, we have the fabric, we have a pattern—-what we are missing is the energy to get in our sewing space and make something. What we need are easy ways for finding our SewJo. When our energy and motivation are back to healthy levels, we can tackle our ...

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April 4, 2018
Angelic and NTT from My Quilt Infatuation

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday, y'all!  I've finished up my latest Take Flight quilt (the last one for awhile), and I'm so pleased with it.  To be clear, I love the original version as well, but practice does indeed make perfect, and I'm happier with the feathers on this one.

The wings are a little tricky since they can't really be quilted upside down (it would be difficult to get the angle of the feathers just right).  So the right wing is pretty easy, without too much bulk in the throat of the machine, but ...

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April 2, 2018
The Finished Scrappy Spool Block Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

Scrappy Spool Block Quilt - with link to Spool Block Tutorial (with inset seams | © Red Pepper Quilts 2018 #scrapquilt #spoolblocktutorial #sewingtutorial #redpepperquilts

I have lots of photos to share with you of my finished Scrappy Spools Block Quilt. Scrappy quilts continue to be a favorite and I have have loved working on this quilt - from scavenging through my scrap bins and fabric stash, to marking the quarter inch seam allowance on each and every fabric piece, and even sewing the many inset seams. There's something quite relaxing about piecing a repetitive "block" quilt, and once all the blocks are done, so very rewarding.

Scrappy Spool Block Quilt - with link to Spool Block Tutorial (with inset seams | © Red Pepper Quilts 2018 #scrapquilt #spoolblocktutorial #sewingtutorial #redpepperquilts
Scrappy Spool Block Quilt - with link to Spool Block Tutorial (with inset seams | © Red Pepper Quilts 2018 #scrapquilt #spoolblocktutorial #sewingtutorial #redpepperquilts
Scrappy Spool Block Quilt - with link to Spool Block Tutorial (with inset seams | © Red Pepper Quilts 2018 #scrapquilt #spoolblocktutorial #sewingtutorial #redpepperquilts

I have finished this quilt by first ditch stitching the horizontal and vertical seam lines (creating an all ...

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April 1, 2018
Perfectionism from My Quilt Infatuation

When I teach classes, I stress that I'm not a perfectionist quilter.  Constantly ripping out seams is demoralizing, and can stop quilt progress in its tracks.  I firmly believe that to improve a skill, it's best just to gain experience and practice by forging ahead to get the project finished.  So, I rarely rip out seams, unless I truly can't help it.

On the other hand, practice does make perfect, and when I made the Will's Wings quilt for my friend, the feather detail quilting on the wings turned out so much better the second time ...

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March 29, 2018
Picnic Quilt (previously known as BOM HST) from Wendy's Quilts and More

Last week I started hand quilting my Picnic Quilt.  I've decided to call it a Picnic Quilt because it reminds me of mum's quilt that we sat on at picnics when I was growing up in the 1970's.

Mum made most of our clothes, and many of the scraps were included in the picnic quilt. I remember sitting on that quilt and identifying all the fabrics I liked in the quilt.

It's grown bigger than this now

My quilt is made from Half Square Triangle blocks that I won at Capital Quilters Block of the Month ...

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March 26, 2018
Spring Morning! from Pinkadot Quilts

Oh my goodness, look at all these beauties!!! Once again Fun With Barb had another swap. While this one was a little more intense, the blocks I received are sewn perfectly!!! Now to decide what to do with them....Thank you again Barb for a fab swap!

Last week we got a lot of snow, 10"!!! I know it's almost the end of March!!! I worked on this during our annual Getaway last month and now am motivated to get it done.. It's going to be big, like bed size big!

The cutting is a little intensive so ...

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March 24, 2018
Scrapbuster of a Scrap Quilt from Mulberry Patch Quilts

It’s the last challenge of the year (“Scraptastic”) for season 9 of Project Quilting, and if you’ve been following along you know I’ve entered every challenge this year so far. However, for this one I’m really in a time crunch. I think my real challenge will be to finish it in time! The entire quilted item must be started and completely finished (yup, quilted & bound) within one short week.

I’ve got bins and bins full of leftover fabric from years of sewing. Some are so old, I think they might be considered “vintage “…maybe you ...

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QUILTING: Let's all make a 'Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt' together from Samelia's Mum

Scrappy Happy Rainbow Quilt - #SHRQuilt I've had this idea for a scrap quilt, playing around in the back of my mind for quite a while. With so many scrap fabrics and the inability to get rid of them, this could be a wonderful way to use up a whole bunch of them. How is your "scrap situation" going?  Do you even have a "scrap situation"? The idea for this quilt is to separate the scrap

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March 20, 2018
A Scrappy Spool Block Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

Work in Progress

Scrappy Spool Block Quilt - with link to Spool Block with Inset Seams Tutorial | © Red Pepper Quilts 2018 #patchworkquilt #spoolblockquilt #quiltblock #sewingtutorial #redpepperquilts #scrapquilt #quilt #scrapbusterquilt

Another scrappy quilt! I am sure that I am not alone in saying that scrappy makes me crazy happy. I love working from stash and using "all the fabrics", even though it does make for a messy sewing space! Some of the fabrics used were rescued from my scrap bin, but most fabric pieces were cut from stash. And returning fabrics to stash is something I continue to struggle with. There are now numerous piles of fabric awaiting my attention. It is a good creative mess though.

Scrappy Spool Block Quilt - with link to Spool Block with Inset Seams Tutorial | © Red Pepper Quilts 2018 #patchworkquilt #spoolblockquilt #quiltblock #sewingtutorial #redpepperquilts #scrapquilt
Scrappy Spool Block Quilt - with link to Spool Block with Inset Seams Tutorial | © Red Pepper Quilts 2018 #patchworkquilt #spoolblockquilt #quiltblock #sewingtutorial #redpepperquilts #scrapquilt
Scrappy Spool Block Quilt - with link to Spool Block with Inset Seams Tutorial | © Red Pepper Quilts 2018 #patchworkquilt #spoolblockquilt #quiltblock #sewingtutorial #redpepperquilts #scrapquilt

Well, I did start this quilt with a limited color ...

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March 16, 2018
Square Dance – Coming Down the Middle from From My Carolina Home

Time for our next step in the Square Dance, this month we Come Down the Middle.  This step is easy, and will go really fast, so you can catch up your Do-Si-Do step if you still have some to do.  Also, just a reminder, please do not pin these steps to Pinterest, they will be taken down later in the year after the mystery is done.

Square Dance! at

Pair up your 3×7-1/2-inch Fabric A rectangles with the same size scraps, and sew along the long side (come down the middle).  Be careful to sew a straight 1/4-inch seam. Important ...

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March 14, 2018
Scrap Crazy! from Night Owl Quilting

My good friend and client Reneta is scrap crazy!  I recently had the pleasure of quilting these two labours of love.  There are just shy of 3500 -  2" squares in EACH of them!

The quilts were quilted with two different pantos and a variegated multicolored thread.  Grey flannel backing on both.

Flirtatious is the panto on the first one.

Yo-Yo is the second panto.

I had a lot of fun looking for fabrics from past projects that I have quilted for Reneta and scraps that made their way from my collection to hers.  I am still amazed by the amount ...

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Pi Day 2018 from Fret Not Yourself

Ok, so Pi Day is tomorrow - 3/14 - but I couldn't wait.

I've been wanting to make a Wagon Wheel or Ferris Wheel block for several years, simply haven't gotten around to it. The joy and bane of rotary tools is that they make straight cutting so easy.

The 10-degree wedge ruler was a find at a quilt show... about three years ago. {It had to age on my bookshelf, you know.} When I was finally ready to start, I considered using bright fabrics but have a collection of oddly colored green, beige, red, and white fabrics ...

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Once again...time changes from Stitchin' Therapy


   I caught a couple of hours  or so I thought, in the sewing room yesterday.  I got up to stretch after sewing a few rows, checked the clock and thought  I can sew another hour.  Then I went to the kitchen for a drink, and looked at that clock....what, it was time to start dinner! The time change gremlin got me again! 

   We deliberately did not discuss the time change, nor were any clocks changed until Sunday morning.  Much less stress that way, I thought.   All clocks were changed....except the one in the sewing room.  So now I ...

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March 8, 2018
Spiderweb 3 Quilted and Gifted from Fret Not Yourself

The third spiderweb quilt, the one with the blue stars finished quickly once I decided on the spiral quilting design.

Spiderweb quilt with blue stars

Nothing but parallel or echo quilting will show on all these busy prints. Plus I expect the quilt to receive constant use.

I started the spiral a bit too close but like it anyway.

Starting the spiral quilting

Even better, this time there are no waves on the edges. I quilted more slowly {although it only took the afternoon} and made sure to not pull the quilt on the bias. Success. Previous spiral result here ...

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March 6, 2018
QST Scrap Quilt from Pink Doxies

A Second Chance Quilt: 
Scrap Blocks and Stash Borders

One of my favorite quilts ever is my 'Chicago, 2007' QST Quilt--Entry for Blogger's Quilt Festival 2015. There is such a good story behind it, and it was the first I ever long arm quilted. While combing my shelves for old projects, I came across a box full of extra blocks I'd made for it. These were too good to waste! These dark winter days needed a charge of happy colors so I set right to it.

There were about 90-95 usable blocks so I laid out a grid ...

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