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November 21, 2017
Scrap Happy Baby Quilt from Quilt Fabrication

This post contains affiliate links. I receive a small compensation for any purchase made through these links - thank you for your support!

Introducing Scrap Happy, in a baby quilt size! 

Scrap Happy baby quilt

This is my fourth quilt made from the Charm School book, with Sea Glass, Lickety-Split 1, and Lickety-Split 2 the others. Any more quilts from charms are of my own design (hint, hint - there's some in the works!) but those are for another day.

I must say, I really enjoyed this book, and had hoped to make a couple more from the patterns. But, as I said a few ...

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November 20, 2017
Wasabi Irish Chain Quilt - Work in Progress from Red Pepper Quilts

Wasabi Irish Chain Quilt | Work in Progress | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017

Last week I made a commitment to use some of the many 2" squares that I have been cutting for most of the year. Rather than adding fabric scraps to my already overflowing scrap bins I have instead cut the scraps left over from projects into 2" squares. Similarly, I have salvaged some of the fabrics that have been in my scrap bin for a long time and cut those into squares. 

Wasabi Irish Chain Quilt | Work in Progress | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017
Wasabi Irish Chain Quilt | Work in Progress | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017

All fabrics were cut by hand (rotary cutter) although I am all in favor of using a fabric cutting machine, and would have done so if I had ...

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November 19, 2017
Bright Hopes Quilt - A Finished Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

Bright Hopes Quilt - A Finished Quilt | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017

Bright Hopes Low Volume Quilt 
The finished quilt measures 52 inches x 63 inches.
154 Bright Hopes Blocks (see tutorial here).
14 horizontal rows of 11 Bright Hopes blocks.
Each FINISHED block measures 4 ½ inches x 4 ½ inches.
180+ different fabrics were used to make this quilt top.
Fabrics Include:
Quilting Cotton, Liberty of London, and lots of novelty fabrics.
a low loft batting perfect for use with low volume and bright white fabrics.

Bright Hopes Quilt - A Finished Quilt | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017

I love my collection of "low volume" fabrics and have thoroughly enjoyed working with ...

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November 14, 2017
EQ8 Fabric Yardage Tip from Carol Lyles Shaw

EQ8 gives us different ways to estimate fabric yardage when designing a quilt.   EQ8 is the latest upgrade for Electric Quilt software. [no sponsorship]

A lot of my quilts have improvisational blocks or even large improvisational sections, like in this quilt shown below.  One of my challenges has been estimating yardage for quilts that have very scrappy improv blocks when I’m writing a pattern.  Here’s something I’m trying out as a ‘work around’.

Here’s the image for a lap quilt pattern I’m working on. This will be issued in a few weeks so be sure ...

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November 13, 2017
Celebrate Catastrophe! Turn UFO's into FrankenQuilts! from Gefilte Quilt

Presenting my new FrankenQuilt! 
Yes, sort of like that, except in fabric!
It's stitched together from old body parts stashed in my UFO* cupboard, a freakin' scary place. Said cupboard contains 25 years worth of aesthetic outrages, piling up since I started quilting.

I normally avoid this cupboard, to preserve my sanity and self-esteem. Occasionally I squint my eyes and shove things in, slamming the door shut quickly so nothing escapes.

But the demise of my computer forced a confrontation. The computer was behaving so badly that my DH had to send it to a computer meditation retreat, where ...

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November 7, 2017
A Low Volume Herringbone Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

A Finished Quilt and as always lots of photos ~

Low Volume Herringbone Quilt | A Finished Quilt | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017
A Low Volume Herringbone Quilt
Click on any image for a larger view.
My Low Volume Herringbone Quilt is finished! I have thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and I am pleased to have added a new technique to my sewing repertoire in the process. This was my first time piecing together a quilt top with partial seams, and while a Herringbone Quilt (with all part-sewn seams) is maybe not a slow/easy introduction to partial seams, I don't mind diving in head first. Just remember to take it one step ...

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November 1, 2017
Turtles! from Ann Quilts

A quickie little post to share just this one fabric.

I found it on a 1960s scrap quilt.  As I've written before, I'm not in love with the mid-century modern look in quilts, furniture, clothing, etc.  But now, I'm getting lots more quilts from the 1950s-70s showing up here for repair.  So I need to like them!  I discovered one aspect of the era that I totally enjoy - the wealth of conversation prints.  Like this one, they are so very clever.  If I saw this at a store, I'd buy some!

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October 24, 2017
Lickety-Split Two from Quilt Fabrication

The quilting is done, binding is on, and now to show
Lickety-Split Two.

Lickety-Split Two quilt

Remember this pretty assortment of charm squares?

charm squares

Half of them went into the above quilt, and the other half into another. I decided to divide the floral charms, and use half with the cream charms on the right, and the other half with the dark red yardage on the bottom. 

The result is two similar, yet different quilts - figured it might be more fun that way! The other quilt I'll show next week, but for now, it's all about Lickety-Split Two.

Measuring in at 42 ...

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A Low Volume Herringbone Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

Work in Progress (lots of photos!)

Herringbone Quilt | Modern Quilt Magic | © Red Pepper Quilts 2017

The Herringbone Quilt is a traditional quilt design known for its diagonal "strippy" piecing and sharp angles that form when rows are pieced together. Variations of the Herringbone Quilt are many and include Chevron Quilt, Zig Zag Quilt, and Friendship Braid Quilt designs; all of which I have had on my quilt bucket list for some time. 

So when I came across Victoria Findlay's recently released book Modern Quilt Magic I saw it as an opportunity to learn ...

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October 21, 2017
Scrappy Quilts, Comforters & Free Pattern from Pink Doxies

The Scrappy Hurricane Quilt

While hurricane Irma hit the southern U.S., I sewed nine patch blocks from my table scraps. There was so much going on in the scrappy hurricane blocks I felt the quilt needed somewhere calm to rest the eye. I laid this up on the wall during a sewing day here in the studio, but have since rearranged several times. I allow layouts to hang, and switch blocks around over many days until I like the feel of it. If time permits this week, I will make the sashing from 3 strips: white, cerulean blue grunge ...

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October 20, 2017
Rabbit Quilted and Bound from Fret Not Yourself

This quilt has nothing to do with rabbits. Challenged by Mel Beach, I pulled the made-fabric out of storage. Because "What the $%#* was I thinking?" when I moved it four different times.

Since the fabric is made of one-inch finished strips, the most straightforward quilting seemed to be stitch in the ditch. I used smoke YLI nylon monofilament for the top and white cotton thread in the bobbin.

It's bound with one-inch wide (finished) single fold. Smaller didn't look right. While I wanted to use facing, I'm not sure who will get this quilt. It seems better ...

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October 18, 2017
Scrap Strips and NTT from My Quilt Infatuation

Happy Needle and Thread Thursday, friends!  I'm still working away at busting through my 35 yards of Anna Maria Horner fabrics, and it's really getting down to the nitty gritty.  After my king sized quilt, and the backing of the quilt, I was left with lots of strips.  I cut them to a uniform 2.5" x 12.5" and put together in this fun quilt top.

I love the way the light and dark colors move your eye across the quilt.  Even when the quilt is in indoor light, it kind of looks like sunlight is scattered ...

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October 17, 2017
Sea Glass - A Railroad Crossing Pattern from Quilt Fabrication

Check out this beauty -

Sea Glass, Railroad Crossing quilt pattern

my scrap version of Railroad Crossing, a pattern from my October 2017 Book of the Month selection, Charm School.

When I was putting the blocks together with these older prints,

Railroad Crossing block units

Railroad Crossing quilt blocks

I didn't find them very exciting, as older fabrics tend to have a grey or dull look to them.


Once all together in a quilt, they sparkle!

Sea Glass, a Railroad Crossing quilt pattern

Though the pattern is Railroad Crossing, the quilt's real name is 'Sea Glass', because really, it does sparkle like the sea! (Note that I had no problem naming this quilt - wish it was always that easy ...

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October 16, 2017
Sweet Butterscotch Quilt from Ann Quilts

This quilt belongs to a friend of mine.  It's a late 19th century quilt.  I found the block in Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.  It's called New Album, published by Ladies Art Co., pattern #36 (LAC started publishing in the 1890s, and 36 is a fairly low number).

(Note: There is info on finding the book on Brackman's blog.  It's now available as an eBook.  It's an invaluable resource!  It's also available on paper via my favorite used book resource, AbeBooks.  I have no connection to AbeBooks.  So far, I have ...

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October 13, 2017
Jolly Braid Tote Bag from Lily Patch Quilts

Happy Friday the 13th! I am excited to bring you another fun Fat Quarter Shop quilt along and this time it's a Jolly Braid Tote Bag. I've never done a braid quilt before so this was something new that I was wanting to try. 

The pattern was easy to follow and the braid was so easy thanks to this Triangles on a Roll Fat Jelly Braid. All I had to do was follow the placements on the paper and sew away to form the braid section of the bag.

I used the Creekside Jolly Bar from Sherri and ...

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October 12, 2017
Many Trips Around the World Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

And a gallery of photos of the finished quilt ~

Many Trips Around the World Quilt | A Finished Quilt © Red Pepper Quilts 2017

Many Trips Around the World Quilt
The finished measures 49 inches x 61 inches.
49 rows of 39 squares.
Each finished square measures 1.25" x 1.25".
Total number of squares: 1911.
Fabric Used:
100+ different small scale prints including
many stash basics - dots, stripes, checks, gingham.
Solid Fabric: Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton in White
Ditch stitching all vertical and horizontal seam
lines - spaced 1.25 inches apart.
a low loft batting perfect for use ...

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Jenna's Most Glorious Scrap Quilt Finish from Pink Doxies

A Legacy Quilt Finished

The details about this project can be found at Jenna's Most Glorious Scrap Quilt. I must add that it has been an honor to be involved with it through quilting. This quilt is simply beautiful to behold. It glows with every color of the rainbow. But perhaps it's more because of the nearly century-span of fabric that passed from person to person through decades waiting for the hands that stitched love in to it. It's one of those pieces that makes you stop and take it all in. It's one woman's ...

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October 10, 2017
Railroad Crossing Update from Quilt Fabrication

Last week, I shared a couple of stacks of block units for Railroad Crossing,

railroad crossing block units

one of the quilt patterns from the book Charm School.

And now I can share the growth of a quilt!

All of those block parts got thrown on the floor, in a somewhat even distribution so that no two fabrics occur too close to one another.

block units laid out

Then the process of filling in the blanks begins! See the pile of white squares in the lower left picture above? Those are the backs of a stack of cream prints,

charm bin

that are buried somewhere in the bin.

Why the ...

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A very scrappy Double 4 Patch from Stitchin' Therapy

    Several years ago, I saved the instructions for the Double Four Patch quilt that  I found  here at Mary Quilts.    Matter of fact, I have saved lots of her instructions as they are clear, and concise, and easy to print.

  A good variety of layouts for the Double 4 Patch can be found on Pinterest.  Here is the link to my board for some I found.   And there are some very beautiful ones based on color and not scraps.

  Last week I had a question about how to select the fabrics when putting the block units together....randomly select a ...

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October 9, 2017
A Few Small Things from Wedding Dress Blue

My current projects are a few baby quilts, part of the several I am making for my mother to have on hand.


Here is a finished top, based on 4″ squares.


And the back, to make the colors make more sense–I think it has a vintige-y, outdoors-y feeling.


Here is the second one, or, rather, two of the nine blocks.


They are part of this stack of pieces, intended to go with the backing of tools and construction equipment.


And there are these little pieces of leftovers I am going to do something with.  Later on.


And finally this ...

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