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May 26, 2016
Pillow Swap from Sewn

Hello, I'm not dead yet!  Things have finally calmed down over here.  Our house sold!!!  And now I am finding myself with more time on my hands.  Thank goodness!  Last time we "spoke", two months ago, I was working on a pillow for a swap and had gotten this far.  I decided that I did indeed like it (I don't know what I was thinking earlier - it is totally cute), added a border and got to quilting.

I decided to go with the same spiral pattern as the original scrap vortex quilt.  It worked really well, although I ...

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May 23, 2016
DWM: 3 Sisters UFO from Patchwork Sampler Blog

Last week when I browsed through some other quilters’ Stash Report blogs, I came across Kate’s from Life In Pieces.  She tracks how many days she gets at least 15 minutes of sewing.  I thought that was a great idea and applied it to UFO’s.  This week I tried to work on a UFO at least 15 minutes each day.  After that, I could continue working on that project or move to another one.  I liked that each day I would be moving forward toward a finish on the UFO. 

When I left for Salt Lake City on ...

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May 19, 2016
Rectangle Checkerboard Quilt - A Finished Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

Rectangle Checkerboard Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

The Rectangle Checkerboard Quilt is finished! I love starting the week with a finished quilt for it means that I have spent the last few days basting, quilting, binding, and taking photos. A ritual of tasks that I am familiar and comfortable with. It also means that I am ready to say goodbye to this quilt and start on my next project. I do have a bucket list of quilts that I would like to make but the order of the quilts on the list is subject to change. I do also have a penchant for re-visiting quilt designs/patterns ...

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May 17, 2016
Tumbling Blocks Progress Report from Quilting through Rose-colored Trifocals!

After an awesome spring day on Friday, we had to endure a wet, cold weekend that played havoc with lots of outdoor activities like the plant sale I managed for my church mission team and the early morning bird walk on Sunday which I co-lead.   I should have painted but after wet, cold mornings outside I was too tired to do anything except sit at the sewing machine.

I decided to finish making the units for my tumbling block quilt.  I verified that everything was in the right place and then counted up how many side units were needed.
I ...

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May 16, 2016
DWM: Scrappy Courtyard Maze from Patchwork Sampler Blog

A few weeks ago on Design Wall Monday I showed this version of a Courtyard Maze quilt I was working on. That one was made with a charm pack and matching jelly roll.  I received a comment that mentioned this would be a good pattern for stash busting.  Now why didn’t I think of that…I have drawers with 5” squares and 2-1/2” strips so I pulled some out and got busy.  So thanks for the suggestion, Susan. Here are my scrappy blocks.

Scrappy CM layout

This was really fun to make because one of my favorite parts of quilting is ...

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May 11, 2016
Rectangle Checkerboard Quilt - Work in Progress from Red Pepper Quilts

Rectangle Checkerboard Quilt | Work in progress 2016 | Red Pepper Quilts

It is no secret that I love simple patchwork, especially Postage Stamp and Checkerboard Quilts; scrap quilts with lots of small pieces! Although I am not sure what technically qualifies as a Postage Stamp Quilt I have looked at many great Postage Stamp Quilts with the thought that most postage stamps - the kind that are adhered to envelopes - are generally not squares but rectangles. And that's where this week's project started. 

Rectangle Checkerboard Quilt | Fussy Cutting | Red Pepper Quilts
Rectangle Checkerboard Quilt | Strip Pieced | Red Pepper Quilts
Rectangle Checkerboard Quilt | Work in progress 2016 | Red Pepper Quilts

As is often the case with my "scrap quilts" the fabrics used are pulled both from my scrap bin as well as from stash. To achieve sufficient ...

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Podunk Posy Quilt~Free Pattern from Podunk Pretties

Recently I was contacted by one of my followers named Anne.  She sent some pictures of the quilt she made using my Podunk Posy pattern.  It's a free pattern that you can find in the Tutorials tab at the top of my blog .

This  makes all the countless hours of writing tutorials and taking pictures worth every minute.  Anne made a modification to the pattern by adding frames around the corner blocks, I think turned out great!

The close up pictures are always my favorite when it comes to scrappy quilts.  I like to look at all the pretty ...

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May 7, 2016
The Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt and Quilt Pattern from Red Pepper Quilts

Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt. Pattern available | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
Half Square Triangle Variation Quilt
Pattern now available - details below.

This quilt! My love for working with low volume fabrics continues to be strong. Other than the fact that I now have a significant stash of low volume fabrics on hand, which in itself is motivation to keep on stitching, I continue to enjoy working with this gentle color palette, the play of print and color, and as almost always is the case, traditional patchwork designs.

Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt. Pattern available | Red Pepper Quilts 2016

I have finished the quilt by quilting it with closely spaced straight vertical (edge to edge) lines only for a clean and modern look ...

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May 2, 2016
Design Wall Monday: Rainbow Chevron from Patchwork Sampler Blog

A stack of rainbow fat quarters in my fabric cupboard caught my eye a week or so ago and I started wondering what I could make with them. Then I remembered a quilt I drew in EQ7 that called for six colors and knew I was in business.  This pattern uses only six fat quarters plus some black and white.

Rainbow Chevron blocks
I still have to piece the blocks for the orange and red rows.  Once I finish the top, I’ll write a tutorial and give a couple of tips on simplifying the process.

Be sure to check out what other ...

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2016 Week 17 Stash Report and Recap from Patchwork Sampler Blog

Yesterday I put the final stitches in the binding on this quilt.

Parson Gray

It was one of my UFOs for April and was made completely from stash. The pattern is a variation of the pattern Lemon Pepper by Madison Cottage Design and is made primarily with Parson Gray scraps left over from previous projects.  I quilted it in a random straight line grid.

Parson Gray closeup

The other April UFO project was a Thimbleberries table runner.  I’ve almost finished the machine applique and then it will be complete.  The remaining March project just needs to have the binding hand stitched so it will ...

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April 30, 2016
A Half Square Triangle Variation Quilt from Red Pepper Quilts

Work in Progress.

I have had a busy week with sewing for a friend for quilt market - which I love to do! - and so my project for this week needed to be something simple with lots of fabric play, and if at all possible a scrap buster quilt. I am still focused on working my way through my overflowing scrap bins! I therefore decided to make another Tiffany Quilt. My original Tiffany Quilt features a mix of low volume, solids, printed fabrics, a gentle color palette and simple block sewing. Once I got started though I almost immediately found myself ...

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April 20, 2016
On the Frame: Parson Gray Scrap Quilt from Patchwork Sampler Blog

This quilt is the only one that’s been on the frame this week and it is really boring quilting—just straight lines.  It’s a masculine quilt so feathers and curls wouldn’t look right.

Early in April I decided to pick two UFO’s and try to complete them.  This top just needed the borders attached, then quilting and binding.  I started it last year after making a commission quilt from mostly Parson Gray fabric.  There was leftover fabric from that quilt and not much in my stash plays nicely with it so I cut it all up ...

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April 18, 2016
Design wall 4/18/16 string quilt from Always Quilts

I’ve been having fun making string quilts over the last several months and here is the one that’s on my wall today. All I have left to do is to get the top and bottom black outside borders sewn on and the top will be complete.

I decided to put a string border on this one. What do you think?

Anyway, that’s it for my wall, to see what others are doing check out


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April 14, 2016
Fusing only today from Stitchin' Therapy

   I was inspired to do a repeat of sorts.  So today was  just cutting and fusing time.    I had been piecing bricks to make a long banner or table runner.  I had planned a flying geese band for the border.  But I tossed that idea to the wind and decided to just add fused plumes.

   That's a quarter on the purple plume for size reference.  I traced off a few from leftover plumes from the large quilt.  I quickly gave that up and just winged it by cutting free hand.....faster and more quirky since sizes vary greatly.

  It ...

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April 13, 2016
Wear PINK! from Crazy Quilter on a Bike!

That delusional doability is rearing its ugly head again.  Let's see - today is Wednesday.  I leave on Monday afternoon for Paducah - that travel day is going to be a whole other story - wait for that!  Between now and then, I have two speaking engagements at guilds - one in Lindsay, one in Orangeville. One guild meeting in Waterloo. THREE classes to prep and teach. Two aditional classes to prep and hand off to someone else because I won't be around. Oh, let's not forget that quilt that I want to take to Paducah with me.  That's in ...

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April 9, 2016
From a quilt show..... from Stitchin' Therapy

  I have been down since Wednesday with a pinched nerve flare up again.  Very little accomplished in the sewing room.  Yesterday was a little better and I pushed to go to a local quilt show.  I managed about an hour for seeing the quilts and visiting one booth of used books.  Luckily Sir Old Man was there to take a few photos and get me back home.

 This was an amazing quilt.....of course blue and white is always a favorite.  Made by Janet Ginn and hand quilted by a friend.  She calls it A Gift of Friendship.   I would ...

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April 8, 2016
Assembled: The Hundred Patch from Wedding Dress Blue

About 11pm last night, April 7, I put the last stitches in THE Hundred Patch top.


The small squares started at 1-1/2″.   The narrow sashing likewise started at 1-1/2″ and the wider sashing between the blocks at 2-1/2″.

In case you are counting, and if I counted correctly, there are 5749 pieces in the completed top.  Just over 8-1/2 yards of rescued fabric scraps in those tiny squares.  Looking at it, I am surprised at how red/orange/yellow it is.  I don’t mind, but I would have guessed it would “read” cool as those ...

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Wild and Wonderful week from Humble Quilts

It's been a bit of a whirlwind week here! We are two men down in our business (one quit, and one was injured and had surgery on his hand on Wednesday) So I've been trying to get a little sewing done between night and morning! I'm completely exhausted when I get home so I've not much to show. 

 I got this together last weekend. Next Monday Cheri will share the applique and border treatment ideas. Many of you are sewing along and will no doubt recognize I messed up a couple of blocks.

Gay posted the ...

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April 5, 2016
Confetti Drunkard's Path Scrap Quilt ~ Part 2 from Red Pepper Quilts

A finished quilt and a picture post. Enjoy!

Confetti Drunkard's Path Quilt | Red Pepper Quilts 2016
Click on any image for a larger view.
A picture post of my finished Confetti Drunkard's Path Quilt. I have lots of photos to share with you today, I hope you don't mind? What I like most about this quilt (other than that it was a great opportunity to work on my curved piecing as well is an awesome scrap buster project) is the use of solid fabric contrasted with printed fabric to enhance the design of the Drunkard's Path block - a traditional patchwork block that on it's ...

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April 4, 2016
Patriotic Picnic from Podunk Pretties

Just popping in to share my quilt top "Patriotic Picnic".    

I designed this quilt so I could use up the 90 or so nine patch UFO blocks .  It's a large quilt, finishing at 90 inch square.

The low volume background was a real challenge since my go-to background is usually plain ole Kona White.  It takes a lot more planning and paying attention to detail when working with the many different background prints, but well worth the effort, don't you think?

Well I didn't use up all those nine patches.  48 more on the wall.  Another design ...

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