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December 8, 2017
Thinking abouut creativity from Elsie Quilts

This time of year is busy for many people, and it can become stressful. I'm thinking that if I look at all that needs to be done, including those extra projects that might be 'nice' to do, and consider them as part of my God-given creativity, they drop off that 'chore' list and go on the 'fun' list. 

Since our kids left home, particularly the youngest one who loved decorating the tree, I've not had much enthusiasm for it. However, a couple years ago someone invited me to the local Festival of Trees and I was impressed by ...

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December 1, 2017
One palm tree now has leaves... from Elsie Quilts

These photos show Scott's king-size pinned up, with about two feet of it on the floor -- hence it is fore-shortened. The left side of this monster is now closer to the goal. I've finished the palm with leaves, but it is just pinned (I keep tweaking the placement). Also, it is brighter in 'life' with more contrast in all those greens.

As soon as this part is done, I will baste the pieces in place and do something similar on the right.

I've put in a few critters and flora too, but they are not immediately visible ...

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November 23, 2017
Progress Report on king-size landscape from Elsie Quilts

Plugging away on this monster quilt — good thing my son is not a monster or he would not be getting this much 'love' and hard work! Here are some detail shots showing basting, pins, and one with the pattern pieces stuck on.  The quilting will make them.

 This part is about 8" wide from leaf tip to leaf tip.

 The palm leaves are freezer paper patterns,18-20" long to give an idea of scale. 
Each will be two shades/fabrics in various greens. 
I wasn't going to do coconuts but they nicely cover the ends of the leaves!

This ...

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November 19, 2017
Houston Show Favorite from Elsie Quilts

Whew, it has been busy around here! My hubby, who is the most supportive person in my life, organized a trip for us to the Houston Quilt Festival -- and I am still almost speechless at what we saw! 

Most of the the winners are available online if you look for them. I want to show you my favorite. The quilt is called "At the Waterhole" and here is the photo that I took. You can see a better one at the artist's website. Her name is Sheila Finzer and she lives in Oregon.

I loved this one so much ...

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September 20, 2017
Progress on King-Size from Elsie Quilts

This quilt is partly on the design wall and partly on a craft table. So the view is somewhat foreshortened. It actually has as much beach as water.

I decide to baste the leaves in place because pins are not too much fun when sewing complex applique. I wanted to post this in case someone ever finds themselves in the same dilemma — trying to manage a huge project and keep it all square and straight. This has a few wrinkles, but nothing serious. Pressing and quilting will fix it.

There are more leaves to go on the left end (just ...

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September 13, 2017
Applque a few dozen leaves from Elsie Quilts

Since the last post, I've been making large leaves, at least 18-20" high. At first, I didn't know the best way to do these. Raw-edge is prone to get fuzzy when washed and these would be impossible to piece. Finally, I decided to applique them using the following steps:

  1. Trace the leaf shape on to the dull side of freezer paper, cut out on the lines.
  2. Press the shiny side of the pattern to the right side of selected fabric.
  3. Cut it out with a scan 1/4" seam allowance.
  4. Turn the leaf over to the back side ...

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