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July 11, 2017
Sewcial Bee Sampler Blocks from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, sadly the printed circuit boards crashed on my longarm so I am currently on a forced vacation!

The good news is I now have time to get caught up on a few things!

 Here is block 21 of my Sewcial Bee Sampler.  I have been trying to use a different fabric for all of the outside frames.  I am almost running out of options!

 This is block 22.  The geese are made using the no waste technique.  I don't know what I do wrong but I can never ...

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July 8, 2017
Sampler Assembled from Wedding Dress Blue

The sort-of-Splendid Sampler is assembled.


Fifty pieced blocks–2 each of 25 different designs–and 49 alternating blocks.


How can I choose a favorite?


Right now it is 54″ x 66″, but all of your input on borders has been very helpful and that is next.  Hopefully a finished top some time next week.


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July 1, 2017
New Triple Tulip Quilt Pattern from The Free Motion Quilting Project

It's the seventh month of the year which means it's time to jump back into patchwork and learn how to piece and quilt this fun Triple Tulip quilt block!

Find a Triple Tulip Flower Quilt Pattern

Click Here to find this new quilt pattern

This quilt pattern will definitely improve your patchwork skills as you cut and piece half square triangles, then combine shapes to create the vase, stem, and flower units.

To machine quilt this flower block, you'll learn how to quilt a simple Feather Shell design in the flowers, fill the background of the block with Pebbling, and play with more ruler ...

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June 29, 2017
Well, Now What? from Wedding Dress Blue

Like many in the quilting world, I jumped on the Sew Splendid Sampler bandwagon last year.  I knew I wasn’t going to make the quilt as designed, because all I was really interested in was the pieced blocks.  And I had a box of 30s reproduction scraps that were begging to be played with. So, I started.  Then decided to make two of each blocks.  Then found some other blocks that I liked.  Then experimented with alternating blocks and designed one of those that seemed to work.  Then…


Well, now what?

There are 50 feature block (2 each of ...

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June 22, 2017
Starting a New Project from The Cozy Quilter

A while ago, I saw that Jenifer at 42 is hosting a Modern Monday quilt along--she first did this quilt along in 2011 and has decided to run it again.  Many of the blocks are liberated versions of some traditional blocks.  I have not made a liberated quilt in a while so I decided to jump in and make my own version of the Modern Monday sampler quilt.  There are 64  6.5" blocks in total. A couple of weeks ago, I went searching through my stash for some fabrics to use for this project.  I found these ...

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May 31, 2017
SewcialBeeSampler Catch Up from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

Yesterday, I was able to spend some of the day sewing with a friend so I used it as an opportunity to get caught up on my Sewcial Bee Sampler blocks.  I was a total of 5 weeks (blocks) behind!

While I chatted away with my friend, I chose and cut all of the pieces for my blocks.  It was nice to have some input on my fabric selections.  Then I came home and started sewing them into blocks.

I don't often use fabrics with animals, but these little bunnies were begging to be fussy cut in this block ...

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May 14, 2017
Red & White with Love from Cowtown Quilts

Mary made this beautiful red and white sampler quilt and is planning on giving it to someone very special.  I’m not sure when she’s giving it to him, so I’m not saying who right now.  It may look like there is pink in there, but there’s not.  The outside triangles are just a red and white blender fabric; very much red with some white contrast.  And, the plain blocks in the middle are very much white with some red contrast.

You can tell how large this quilt is by how it hangs on the design wall ...

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May 4, 2017
Amish-made Sampler Quilt from Ann Quilts


This quilt was a wedding gift, much adored, and came to me in need of some patching.  The needlework is marvelous, which after all is something Amish quilters are famous for.  This is a quilt made for sale, not at all in the traditional style of the antique Amish quilts.  Repairing it required that my needle skills stay on par with those of this great quiltmaker!

I couldn't get the whole quilt flat for the photo in my living room.  So you have to use your imagination a little bit.  Here's a rotated shot that may be kind ...

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May 1, 2017
How to Piece a Pansy Patch Quilt Block from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Happy May Day! Today is the first day of the month and the first Monday so you get a new block and the piecing video on the same day!

Click Here to find the pattern for Block #5.

We're back to piecing this month with this fun little block that combines three pansy style flowers. My #1 tip with this block is to be careful in your cutting. Cut each fabric into the required shapes and label everything so you don't get confused.

After cutting everything out accurately, create your half square triangles next. Here's an extra ...

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April 23, 2017
Thirty Year Sampler from Fret Not Yourself

What can I say that you don't already know? We've all heard the adage "the longest journey begins with the first step," but starting wasn't the problem. Consistency was.

All are traditional blocks for which I drafted and cut plastic templates. Then I pieced each by hand. In 1989. After that it seemed logical to hand quilt. Elaborate feathers were planned but I took this on a data shoot to work on in the evenings. Since the light was bad I just stippled everywhere. Now that seems like a lost opportunity. And I also lost interest.

I ...

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April 13, 2017
Sewcial Bee Blocks from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

I thought I would pop in and share a few more Sewcial Bee Sampler blocks.  Block #11 was released today and I am already finished.  I can't believe I am up to date on a QAL!

Here are the two blocks I finished last week.  I love, love, love the blue and gold one. 

Unfortunately I got a couple of the orange "butterflies" in the top block turned.  But I am not sure about the fabrics I picked for the block so no need to fix it now until I decide if I am going to use the block ...

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April 9, 2017
A 1930s Sampler Quilt from Ann Quilts

OK, folks, I totally love this quilt!

It's a super fun collection of well-loved blocks, other more uncommon blocks, and a couple of wonderful appliqué creations.  The fabrics are pure 1930s style.  One really fun detail that you can watch for in the photos is that the ties are placed according to the design on each individual block.  There were some previous repairs here and there, including a new binding.

I just couldn't help myself, and took a photo of each block.  You can click to enlarge them.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ...

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April 2, 2017
Kaleidoscope of Butterflies 15, Bees and the Guild Show Prep from Fret Not Yourself

Bees and Butterflies

My darling QS sent this butterfly card she made. It's beautifully tinted. So clever of her!

Butterfly card

From April 2015 to April 2016 the cultivated honeybee population declined 44%. Bees typically die off in the winter when food sources disappear but for the last two years we've lost as many during the summer as the winter. You understand why this is a problem: bees pollinate 35% of the world's food.

Scientists generally agree that species face extinction due to habitat loss, climate change, and rampant chemical use. We can help by not using ...

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February 25, 2017
Outlining the Stars from Fret Not Yourself

 I bordered the stars with straight stitching. Each star has its own stitching. Lots of threads to tie off.

Stars bordered with walking foot stitching
Here's the view from the back.

View of stitching from the back

Next step will be to fill in the spiderwebs and stars. I may use the same method for the spiderwebs as Suhavi's Stars but I'm thinking about different FMQ designs for the stars themselves.

I'm plugging away on the Sampler quilt. Someone suggested I fold and baste the edges to keep them from fraying and the batting from becoming ...

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Sewcial Bee Sampler sew-along and quilting as you go from Sewing Under the Little Mushroom Cap

I am joining Sewcial Bee Sampler, a sampler sew-along hosted and designed by the talented Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell, which is already running beginning of February and will be finishing in August. You can find out more about the schedule here or here.

We are already onto our 4th block out of 25 blocks all together. So far, I really enjoyed making the block and the sew-along. The instructions were clear and the design of the finished quilt really looks amazing. I even have mine planned with their free colouring page. Well, the final might look a little different ...

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February 14, 2017
Into the Ditch from Fret Not Yourself

As many of you know, I quilt on an older domestic Bernina with a fairly small throat plate. With a large quilt, it helps to stitch in the ditch along major seam lines.

I started by stitching the block boundaries vertically and horizontally. Each block contains a "star," not a spiderweb. This stitching starts and stops which also means loads of thread tails to bury. Next I stitched the border seams. Now I'm stitching around each spiderweb by rotating as the needle moves from point to point. With care, you can turn the quilt when reaching the borders. That ...

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February 1, 2017
Sewcial Bee Sampler: A Block of the Week Sew Along from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hey there, everyone!

Today, we have some exciting news for all of you! If you’ve been trying to venture into quilting, you’re looking for support as a beginner sewist, or simply want to be part of the sewing/quilting community, we have an event that you’re going to love! Our designers Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell are hosting the Sewcial Bee Sampler: A Block of the Week Sew Along.

Sewcial Bee Sampler web logo-01

Every Wednesday (starting Feb. 1st) they’ll be sharing a new block from the sampler until July. Sharon will be making hers with her upcoming collection Bountiful and ...

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January 20, 2017
Have A Jolly Little Christmas Sampler from Sew Fresh Quilts

Well... Merry Christmas to you!

This is my first finish of 2017. And my first finish using the blocks in the free Have A Jolly Little Christmas quilt along that just started. You can read all about that here.

To be quite honest....

I don't quite recall just exactly how this all started....

I guess during the two weeks that the kids were off school for the Christmas holiday, and also that the hubby was home for a week, I didn't want to spend all my hours closed away in my sewing room. So I sat out where ...

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January 16, 2017
A New Sampler Quilt. from Jan's Quilts

My quilt guild, The Temecula Valley MQG is starting a Block of the Month program this year.  The goal is two-fold; first to make quilt blocks to be donated to our Charity Quilt Committee and the second goal is to have the BOM be a skill builder.  We're encouraging members to make another block or more each month for their own Sampler Quilt.

Each month a member will introduce a 12 inch BOM, it'll be posted on the TVMQG blog with a tutorial.  This is all new for us, but it should be fun.

Here is the fabric ...

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November 14, 2016
How to Quilt a Glitter Star Block from The Free Motion Quilting Project

It's hard to believe we're quilting our 11th quilt block for the Machine Quilting Block Party. It's been so much fun to quilt along together this year and we just have one more block to go and our Sunshine Surprise quilt will be complete!

Glitter Star Block quilting tutorial

I used a wide variety of quilting designs in this block including Zippling and Fuse Fire with lots of straight lines to balance them out. It took a bit longer to quilt this block because I switched from free motion quilting to walking foot quilting and back again. Switching machine quilting styles like ...

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