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February 4, 2019
Quilting with Rulers! Learn to finish your quilts on your home sewing machine from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

Finishing your quilts on your home sewing machine with beautiful results is absolutely possible with rulers! We’ve already done a video on using rulers on your longarm to create beautiful, precise straight lines, now we’re showing you how to get started on your domestic sewing machine.

I love rulerwork quilting because it makes me look better than I am. When you use them, your ruler foot is always in contact with the side of the ruler, which means you can get perfectly precise straight lines and curves every time.

In this video I show you the tools you ...

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October 29, 2018
New Feathered Leaf TemplateLeonie West, has done it again!  Have... from Living Water Quilter

New Feathered Leaf Template

Leonie West, has done it again!  Have you seen the new Westalee Design Feathered Leaf Template set? The set includes a finial with four sizes and four sizes of the feathered leaf templates.


Mixing different size templates offers results like above.  I definitely want more playtime with the new set. To see the template in action watch Leonie’s video.


Here is Feathered Leaf sampler. It showcases three sizes and another block design using the template for medallion designs.

Next up is using the templates in a quilt. Stay connected.

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May 3, 2018
I’m Back from The Quilt Yarn

So much so for all good intentions of posting more regularly...have let it slide again. Have a number of got a bit busy as usual and then we went on a holiday to New Zealand (which was great). Found a little fabric store in Auckland

Truth be known, I have struggled with motivation over the past month or so...

I was working away on my Wholecloth and actually got quite stressed with it as the deadline for our show here is the 1. June. Things just were not working properly and I reckon I made several ‘planning ...

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April 9, 2018
Line Drawing with Thread - Third in a SeriesThe Butterfly is... from Living Water Quilter

Line Drawing with Thread - Third in a Series

The Butterfly is third in a series of Line Drawing with Thread mini quilts.  Have you seen the tree, Abide and The Ladybug? Have you noticed they are all on a Log Cabin block? While it’s a series of stories on the garden it is also a study on Log Cabin blocks and different free motion quilting techniques.


The Butterfly is stitched on a Log Cabin where the center fabric is BIG surrounded on three sides with narrow strips. The traditional Log Cabin has a small center square that is historically ...

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March 31, 2018
Line Drawing with Thread - What’s your Story?I love flowers and... from Living Water Quilter

Line Drawing with Thread - What’s your Story?

I love flowers and ornamental gardening. I haven’t had much time to play and work in my garden now that I am a full-time quilter and teacher.  Here is picture of my garden a few years ago. Each plant was nurtured and tended for 5 years to reach what is seen in the photo below.


While preparing for a Line Drawing with Thread class, I decided to incorporate my love of gardening in a wall art series. Each piece has a log cabin block as the background. Each tells a different ...

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February 5, 2018
New Rulers from The Quilt Yarn

My new arc rulers arrived from the US

They are the Lisa Calle's Pro Echo rulers. I got size 8 and 12 thinking that this is probably of most use to me at this point in time. There is a whole set of sizes available and I would have liked some additional sizes but with postage this is all I could afford without being overly greedy. Husband made remark about  how many more rulers I could possibly, I can think of plenty more!

I stitched out some arcs in the following sample (first two spaces from top ...

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January 17, 2018
Progress on Practice Wholecloth from The Quilt Yarn

My practice project is coming along. However today, when I finally sat down to continue we had a power outage, so I did not get as much done as I would have liked.

I have been stitching this wholecloth to practice a number of things
- to try my new circle and arc rulers
- to try a new thread - Magnifico from Superior threads
- to continue to explore the HQ Sweet 16, i.e. how different will it be to stitch something that is quite familiar to me but obviously will feel completely different on the Sweet 16

and then I added ...

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January 12, 2018
Practice Wholecloth from The Quilt Yarn

I am making progress and learning a lot by my mistakes, mainly to do with my lack of planning with this little quilt. Absolute must to put your framework in first before filling anything else! I am sure I have said this before somewhere but obviously have not committed this to memory. Maybe it will stick after this time ☺

Decided my wreath needed something else and ended up putting another circle in underneath the arcs. Must say that this got a bit messy because of the compaction already happening so this is not going to be a 100%. However I ...

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January 7, 2018
Tension Trials and Tribulations - Part 2 from The Quilt Yarn

Before I continued on my wholecloth I stitched out Patsy Thompson's little task from her online January Ruler Workshop.

Patsy shared a stack of information both on Monday and Friday last week talking about the two different channels that give some life to otherwise pretty simple shapes. Don't be fooled...while this may look basic I did pick up a few hints (like you need to have a plan!) and definitely found out that I need to do some more work on parallel channels, particularly the 1/4in ones. While I stitched them with no problem they all ...

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January 4, 2018
Tension Trials and Tribulations - Part 1 from The Quilt Yarn

I spent the last 2 days trialling a new thread on my Sweet 16. I have had the machine now for just about 6 months and after my initial meltdown over the adjustment of tension (see this post) have settled in to the new machine. It is starting to feel better but I am by no means as comfortable as I was on my DSM. Still struggle with speed, locking stitches in a tidy fashion and in general not being ‘in sink’with the machine.
But it’s getting better...I followed Jamie Wallen’s advice on one of his ...

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December 14, 2017
UFO Sampler from The Quilt Yarn

I thought that I had posted about my UFO sampler quilt but now have realized that I put most of the photos on IG!
Anyway, I have been using this as yet another practice ruler quilt and tried just about every ruler that I have on this. The center is finished and I have arrived at the borders. For this, I tried out the Handiquilter Wave ruler.

I have got the 8" wave with a 0.75" and 1.5" depth. Most of my borders end up around 4 -5" and I thought that this would just fit nicely. After ...

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