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September 9, 2023
Peace and plenty of color from The Academic Quilter

 Hi all! How has your week been? We have moved on from hot and dry to extremely hot and just about to storm like crazy. We broke temperature records four days in a row this week. Try to imagine college students in a classroom in a building built in the 1890s when it's 100 degrees outside. Zero fun, do not recommend.

I have a fun finsh to show off today, though-- I have finished the top of the Peace and Plenty quilt! Take a look and see if you think it's as gorgeous as I do:

Wow, that ...

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August 12, 2023
Sunny yellow weekend from The Academic Quilter

 Hi all! We are back from our vacation, which was so, so nice. We got to see our friends and relax a lot. I even read five books in a week. It was heavenly. I didn't take a computer with me, so I got a chance to (mostly) unplug. I highly recommend it! And if you are looking for a good vacation spot to do this, I also highly recommend the Great Lakes. Nice cool water, lovely views, lots to do in town, light late into the evening, and nature all around. You cannot beat it. Did I mention ...

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July 15, 2023
Firecracker reds from The Academic Quilter

 Hello all! I am waving wildly, even if you can't see me. Welcome to mid-July! Yep, summer is going away super fast. A month from today we'll be ramping up for the fall semester. Yikes! I think I just had a moment of panic. Here's hoping it passes quickly, because I just don't have time for that right now.

What better color for a hot and wet July than red? As you may know, red is not my favorite color, and I haven't historically had a lot of red. But I do have some, and ...

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July 1, 2023
Hot and smoky from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, from my safe perch inside and away from the smoky air outside. Yes, it has rolled in again, though not as bad as last time around. While I like barbeque that is hot and smoky, I can't say I care for it in the air. Canadian friends who are feeling the brunt of the wildfires, I really feel your pain! I hope those fires are under control soon.
So here we are at the first of July, and I already have some red blocks to show off. Warning, I took all of these pictures just as it ...

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June 9, 2023
Starry, starry haze from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, and happy smoky Friday! If you are on the East coast, you probably know what I mean. It has been very hazy here from the drifting smoke from wildfires in Quebec, Canada. Today might be a little better, but the last few days have been surreal. Very hazy, the sun looked orange, and the air has been like breathing mud. Oh, and I was out watering the plants and it seems like everything is coated in a sticky film, like a soda exploded and sprayed everything. Just all kinds of fun.

This week I was getting ready to ...

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May 31, 2023
Squeezing a few oranges from The Academic Quilter

 Hi all, and welcome to the last day of May! How did this even happen? Where did the month go? I can't explain it either, except that it looks like June is on the horizon and then summer will be in full swing. Before May is completely over with, I thought I should probably post the last of my orange stars and other orange blocks. These oranges haven't been particularly juicy, but they are certainly bright! 

I did not have a lot of orange, but I did manage to squeeze out a few blocks. Let's start with ...

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May 13, 2023
A taste of orange from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone! How was your week? I have graded approximately a bajillion exams and papers at this point, and I have a few more to go, but I took a few breaks, too. Ice cream is the lifeblood of the grading professor. Just saying.

On a couple of my breaks, I managed to squeeze out a few orange blocks. Without ice cream marks on them! So that's a win, right?

This is my lone 9-inch star block for the week. I'm not sure I like it, but I do like those flowers! They appeared out of nowhere in ...

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April 29, 2023
Filling the borders from The Academic Quilter

[There is a small giveaway at the end of this post!]
Hello everyone, from a still-soggy Baltimore! It rained two inches today and is supposed to rain all weekend. I wouldn't mind since we planted grass seed and such, but it also got cold again. The heat is back on and the gutters are working overtime. 

All of which made getting pictures of this week's project pretty difficult. Here is the best outdoor picture I got, on the covered back porch:

Not too terribly bad for a rainy day! At least you can see the borders pretty well ...

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April 15, 2023
Purple blocks in the rain from The Academic Quilter

Hello everyone, from a very rainy and foggy Baltimore. I could barely see outside this morning. At least it's warm. We had record highs this week, which I can't say I enjoyed, but the sunshine felt great. Everything outside seems on the verge of growing out of control, too. So now it's the weekend, and of course the rain is here to help all those plants.

I had a very busy week, and I didn't get a chance to take pictures of my purple blocks until this morning, but I did finally get a decent shot ...

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April 5, 2023
Four times the purple from The Academic Quilter

 Hi all, and happy spring! It was 75 degrees and glorious here today. It's also Spring Break-- finally!-- and I finally had time to go to just about every store around in search of some Nasacort for my allergies, which are popping like crazy. I finally found some and can breathe almost normally now, thank goodness. Spring is beautiful but can really mess up the sinuses.

I have a large list of things to do this week, but I've already started playing with the purple scraps for the rainbow scrap challenge. I have been waiting for this color ...

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March 7, 2023
Greens with a side of pink from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone! It's the second week of March and we're about to have a "cold spell." You know it's been a wild winter when highs in the 50s in March count as "cold." I'm super-thrilled about the noticeably longer days now, though. The sun is now setting after 6 pm! Hooray!

Over the weekend I started looking at and playing with my green scraps for the rainbow scrap challenge. I have a good supply of green scraps, but I used a bunch of the dark green ones last year, and most of the mediums and lighter ...

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February 25, 2023
A taste of spring from The Academic Quilter

 Hello quilty friends! How was your week? Mine was more of the same, except for that one day where it hit 80 degrees. Not joking! It was a taste of spring that didn't last very long, because although today has dawned nice and sunny, it may snow this afternoon. Again, not joking! It's going to be a good day to read and sew.

The weather was not the real taste of spring for this week, though. It was this happy and fun pink quilt top that I finished just yesterday:

A little washed out by morning light, but ...

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February 11, 2023
Pink scrap energy from The Academic Quilter

 Hi all! Welcome to the weekend. I don't know about you, but boy do I need this one. I'm exhausted from the bureaucracy and meetings, plus I'm trying to get a Big Important Thing done. It's a little much. I've been cheered, though, by some seriously strange weather we've had-- it was 66 degrees yesterday! No way it lasts, but it sure smelled nice outside!
You know what else is cheerful? Pretty pink blocks made from scraps! I did get a chance to make some scrappy things this week, in very short bursts. Here ...

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February 4, 2023
Pieces of pink from The Academic Quilter

 Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week, though it was quite cold, wasn't it? We probably should expect that in February, but somehow it always feels like a slap in the face when I step out the door. We're expecting it to be 60 in the middle of next week, though, so it's like the weather has mood swings.
By now you know that February's color for the rainbow scrap challenge is pink. I love pink and have a whole bunch of it, in pieces, in scraps, in yardage-- and in unfinished projects ...

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January 21, 2023
Blue scrap obsession from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, and welcome back to another exciting episode of "blue scrap obsession." I have had a very busy week, but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking about getting those blue scraps used up. Does that ever happen to you? I think I was just trying to distract myself from some very boring stuff I had to do. Now that the boring stuff is done, maybe I can work on another project. Maybe?

I'm happy to report that all that thinking about the blues also led to stitching up the blues, and believe it or not, most ...

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January 14, 2023
Blocks in blues from The Academic Quilter

 Hello quilty friends! How are things today? Today I finished my syllabi for the coming semester while I watched the temperature drop. It was nice and warm (for January) and now it's cold and more January-like again. Complete with rain and the possibility of snow. Yay?

This week, in between planning my classes, I made some progress on starting this year's RSC projects. As I said last week, I am going to clean out those danged bins this year if I have to sew all day and night to do it. To start, here are a few blocks ...

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January 6, 2023
One blue patch, one blue quilt from The Academic Quilter

 Hi everyone, and a happy 2023! I can't believe we're that far into the 21st century, yet here we are, almost a quarter of the way through. Yikes! We had a very exciting holiday without power for three days, but it was festive nonetheless. I hope yours was restful and peaceful.

Before we get too far into today's story, here is a picture of a little blue table topper that I finished this week and am counting as a Rainbow Scrap Challenge project for this year. (Bonus: it's a Project Quilting project, too!)
Isn't ...

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