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September 15, 2021
Gingham Swirl goes to applique! from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

All the swirls are now complete ...... they just need to be appliqued onto the background fabrics and that is what I will concentrate on now.  It feels so good to see this much progress on an oldie UFO.

Cherish your day, cherish your life!

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September 12, 2021
Gingham Swirl is twirling along! from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

Amazing what the difference it makes when a person concentrates on a project!  Here we are a week and a half later and this is what has been done.

Thirteen whirly gigs have been completed with 7 more to sew together.

Once these are completed, how will they be assembled?  One reader asked will they be appliqued onto a background fabric?  Yes, she already knew what I was planning.  Does she have ESP or has she read my blog long enough to know what I will do?  LOL

I'm debating if different background fabrics will be used or one ...

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September 7, 2021
Gingham Swirl from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

Progress has been ongoing with this oldie!  My cutting station is a mess with red fabrics and red neutral fabrics.  Just when my station is nice and tidy ..... wham ..... it is a mess once again.

Still, I'm happy with the progress!

Six whirly gigs are completely done now.  Two different fabrics are needed for each blade making them very scrappy and interesting.

Six more are in the works.
A total of twenty whirly gigs are needed.  Time to cut some more fabrics.

Each day, more leaves are starting to change.  Day and night time temps are starting to lower ...

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September 1, 2021
What I've been working on! from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

In an effort to reduce more of my UFO's, a four more projects have been pulled off the shelf.

I have just two more of these leaf blocks to make and then I can pin all the blocks on my design wall and see where I'm at with this project.

Then, fabrics have been pulled to make more of these red/neutral blocks.
More petals are being prepped to continue working on this green/blue/yellow blocks.  
Last, but not least, borders have been decided on my Got Dots top.  I didn't realize the centre had all ...

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August 25, 2021
On a Roll .... from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

Borders, borders and more borders!

That is my goal right now.  Just getting borders on some tops and get them from a flimsy to completed tops.

Check this one off the UFO list!  A backing will be worked on and a batting just might get frankenpieced while I'm at it.

I'm off now to get another project pulled and get borders on that one too!

This is almost the end of August.  Eight months almost gone.  I have to show some kind of progress for year end.  Well, that and reduce the amount of UFO's on the ...

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July 25, 2021
Red Sampler is done! from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

My "Red Sampler" is now a top!  So thrilled how it turned out.  I did take some liberties with the blocks and substituted some of the 6" blocks.  Thank you, Lori Holt from Bee In My Bonnet for having this quilt-along.

I'm still itching to continue using up my red stash and there just might be a new project in the works.  LOL

The last few weeks has seen my sister and I (there are other family members there too) busy at her youngest daughter's new home.  She has been doing a bit of cleaning (not too much ...

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July 14, 2021
Red Sampler - Blocks done! from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

Well, I'm not going to wait any longer.  All my blocks that I want to do are now done.  Any more blocks can go on the backing.  There are a few misfits because of fabric chosen and they will be perfect there.  Sewing of the rows has commenced and I will be happy to finally have this project as a top and off my design wall.

My "I may have started a new project" is working and this is my cottage project for now.  The bottom row has all the circles appliqued on.
The summer heat has finally arrived ...

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May 29, 2021
Red Sampler Sashings from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

For the sashings in the Bee In My Bonnet Red Sampler quilt-along, this is what I've designed.  Love it!  Very simple, but so effective.  My version of her quilt-along will be so different.

All of the sashings are in this box which is my project to work on at the cottage.  All the pieces have been prepped and the sashings marked for placement .... I'm good to go to spend hours appliqueing!  There is plenty of time to work on them as there are another six weeks of blocks to make.  Since not all the blocks will be made ...

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May 25, 2021
Red Sampler from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

How many are doing Bee In My Bonnet's Red Sampler Quilt Along?

In the beginning, I wasn't going to, but my red fabrics were calling me!  Make me, make me!  LOL

So, I joined in and started making blocks.

I'm not going to make all the blocks, but will do my own thing and add in some applique to change the look.

This is where I'm at right now and my layout.  Six more weeks of blocks and then that will be it, but then I will be busy with applique in all the beige sashings ...

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May 18, 2021
Prezzies from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

That is what this top needs to be called ..... all those blocks look like present boxes with bows and ribbons.

So far, two corners have strips appliqued in the setting triangles.  I'm happy with the look now.

A decision has been made for the outer borders and they will be done soon.

This is a good project to work on at the cottage.

My sister and I made a trip out to the cottage this past weekend and we are now set up for the season.  Our one solar panel is hooked up, water is in the big container ...

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March 2, 2021
Change in plans from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

My next UFO to work on is a red/neutral quilt based on the quilt below that I made back in August 2019.  It is called American Wildflowers that appeared in McCall's Quilting March/April 2015 magazine.  I loved working on this quilt and the blocks make up really quickly.

My original plan was to do the pattern but in scrappy reds but it wasn't turning out according to my vision.  Nope, I do not like how it is turning out.   There are umpteen number of blocks already made and I have to do something with them.
So ...

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August 4, 2020
Hexie is a top from Applique 'n Patch Quilting

I know, I know ..... I've been missing from my blog.

I've been busy helping my sister, who is going through cancer treatments right now and I have been too busy to do much posting.

Handwork has been coming with me when I do go out and a few stitches here and there have been done.

My hexie panel project is finally a top.   A backing is in the works so this beauty can go to my lovely LAer.
A new hexie project did get started ..... Lordy, but I just couldn't resist.
Here is a closeup of some ...

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