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March 9, 2020
Sparkle Jane To The (Quilt) Rescue from Wedding Dress Blue

The original quilter tried, she really did.  The pattern is interesting, the fabric is high quality, the colors are beautiful.  But, she struggled with the piecing and assembly and eventually gave up.

Sparkle Jane saw potential. She fixed what she could of the piecing, while honoring the effort of the original maker. And assembled the top.



There was plenty of fabric, so she added a triple border–a narrow inner border, a lovely piano key center, and a wider outer border.



Extra fabric was used to make more “piano key” style pieces to stretch the back.

I am certain the ...

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February 6, 2020
shirts from Making A Lather

I had stopped buying thrift store shirts. I had plenty, and was tired of cutting them apart. And, I still don't have a tried and true way to store them. If they are in boxes or plastic containers and stacked, I forget about them and forget to use them. But, I discovered a new to me blog of a quilter who uses recycled fabric and my interest was renewed. She has a lot of free patterns and I really like reading about her plans and thinking. Her free patterns are here. Her blog quilted twins is here. There is ...

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January 26, 2020
Crossbody Book Purse inspired by Rachel from Quilt in Progress

My daughter-in-law once told me her preferences for a purse are that it have a long strap for a crossbody position, and that it zips closed. I thought I would try a crossbody as well and came up with the following tutorial.  My wish is that you use it for personal sewing or gifts, fundraisers or group instruction. If you wish to share a photo of one that you’ve made, I’d love to see it! Please don’t sell my idea as your own.

Prepare the book. In choosing a book I look for something decorative on the ...

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January 15, 2020
Sundae Pincushion from Wedding Dress Blue

I found this interesting object in a thrift store for 69-cents.  Too darling to leave behind.


So it came home with me.  To become a pincushion.


First try went…badly.  What was I thinking?!  Wrong shape.  Wrong size.


Second try, however, turned into this!



I am pretty sure I could make a pincushion every week for a year and not get tired of it.  Which is funny, because I really don’t use pincushions much.  I have a metal magnetic tray.

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December 30, 2019
Oh, THAT Old Thing?! from Quiltville's Quips & Snips!

Perhaps the first quilt top of 2020?

I thought I had this top nailed down. 

I mean, I had it sashed and everything – but it was “barely” couch sized.  What good would that do for anything?  My sons are 6’ 3’’ and 6’ 4’’ respectively, and The Hubster is also 6’ 3’’. A wall hanging or table topper can be fairly small and still serve a purpose.  But a quilt that is too small to cover a person, but too big to hang on the wall – what’s the point?

I had planned to add another row in width, and ...

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December 26, 2019
Sparkle Jane Finish: The Pendleton Quilt from Wedding Dress Blue

On a Saturday Sparkle Jane said, “Mom, I want to make him a quilt.”

“Well,” I said, “There are these Pendleton shirts…”

The quilt was planned, sorted, cut, piecing started…

Tuesday night, Sparkle Jane was assembling.  There was no fabric suitable for a back here and the quilt shops were all closed.  While she kept stitching, I left for Joanns, two towns away.  The store closes at 9pm.  I got there about 8:15pm.  She was going to have to trust me.

Find the fabric. Get the fabric.  Head home.

The backing was pronounced, not just acceptable, but perfect!  WHEW ...

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November 20, 2019
New Project from Wedding Dress Blue

Those damaged Pendleton shirts are finally turning into something.


Sparkle Jane wanted to make him a quilt.  We designed.  I cut.  She stitched.  Top finished last night.  Whew!

More details and pictures coming.


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November 12, 2019
Woven and Felt Wool Applique from One Designer Pursuing her Dreams

That’s it! I’ve fallen down the wool applique rabbit hole. I’ve spent a good bit of my sewing time talking about ways to avoid hand sewing and here I am… HAND SEWING....

See more sewing and quilting adventures from Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs

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March 9, 2012
Crabapple Branches Repurposed from Quilting Cafe's Brew

When my husband had to cut down our flowering crabapple tree, I grabbed some branches with the dried apples still on. Added LED lights from Joann's with brown floral tape and, voila, romantic low lights. Much more natural and interesting than those found in stores today. The lights are plug in which emit a copper glow. Note the vase; I made it in a freshman ceramics seminar in 1970 at Barat College.

Quilting Cafe, where something is always brewing

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