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March 19, 2021
Shades of Grey from Appalachian Quilts

In the 18 years that I have had a shop, there is one thing that has remained constant - having a nice variety of greys and a nice variety of yellow is never as easy as the other colors of the spectrum.  I don't know why that is, but it is.....

For that reason I had ordered in this line months ago:  Songbook Praise & Joy  

(Sorry, this picture just stinks!  LOL)

So, a lot of times when I am online ordering fabric I will look for more yellows and greys just to fill in an order.  I was excited to ...

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March 15, 2021
Springtime Table and More from From My Carolina Home

Spring is still almost a week away, officially, but the warmer days seem to be here. Time for a springtime table to brighten up meal time. I looked in my stash of quilts and realized I have very little in the way of square table toppers. Mostly I make longer runners for the larger table in the dining room. So, I found a pretty fat quarter in a light green with a yellow floral print, folded the edges under and pressed it. It will just have to do. I put it in the center of the table and began pulling ...

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May 19, 2020
The Lab Quilt from Mama Spark's World

I am going to go in the order of things since we left off in March.   First up was finishing a few things.   My daughter asked me to make a peacock diaper for her bird that was going to a new home.  It was the first time I made one without fitting it to the bird directly.   I followed the tutorial we had done and it turned out GREAT!    Next up was to finish up the blocks for

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