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February 23, 2021
kerchief girl ⋈ bow tie laptop case from Charm About You

It's great being asked to create a project when it's something you actually need! I've had my current laptop for a while but didn't have a case for it. My youngest has adopted my previous laptop, since all the online schooling started it made sense for her to use it. She has adopted my last homemade case to go with it. Clearly we don't need them for travel but it's nice to put devices away at the end of the day and keep them safe from dust and spills and the like. 

The brief ...

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December 27, 2020
KEEPING DOLLY COZY from That's Sew Kerry

Quilted Sleeping Bag

Quilted Sleeping Bag Tutorial:

1.When your baby sister asks Santa for 'blankets for Dolly' you do what you can to help the big guy out! There are several ways this can be done, this is simply the way I made them and thought you may find it useful if you have small people who also want to keep their Dolly warm.


All squares are 2.5 inches the amount you need will vary depending on the dimensions of the doll you are making for. Dolly is 18 inches tall and is similar to the American ...

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July 24, 2020
Quilting Book Review from Becca's Crazy Projects

It isn't often I add another book to my collection. It is even more rare for me to write a review about one of those books. Today I want to tell you about Step-by-Step Texture Quilting: 65 New Free-Motion & Walking-Foot Designs (affiliate link) by Christina Cameli. I first heard of Christina Cameli when I was still active on Craftsy and Bluprint. There I watched a couple of her classes and enjoyed both. I recently received a little nudge from Sam Hunter of Hunter Design Studio either via social media or from her subscriber list. I looked up this book ...

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July 20, 2020
Star Struck from Becca's Crazy Projects

I picked up this panel by Anthology Fabrics a couple years ago at a quilt show. It has been waiting around in my collection for me to get up the nerve to quilt it. Since I completed my Dream Big panel I figured I had enough confidence to give it a go.
While I complete expected variance from the package print, I did not expect it to be this different. Granted, it didn't change that I was going to quilt it, it was just kind of surprising how much my panel did not match the package photo.
I decided ...

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June 26, 2020
Dreams Mini-Quilt from Becca's Crazy Projects

Several years ago I used an embroidered alphabet from Urban Threads Embroidery to create a min-quilt for a friend. We share a dark view of the world and joke that now that we are old ladies (neither claims to be a lady, to be sure) all our dreams are dead. I wanted to make sure she remembered me always so I made her a mini-quilt similar to what you see above.
She asked me to make another one for another friend of hers and I said yes. I used the alphabet to recreate the design because I didn't know ...

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June 12, 2020
Charity Quilting from Becca's Crazy Projects

Blogger has made some changes to the blog drafting tool and I'm trying to give it a go before it becomes the standard. It appears the intent was to make the tool easier to use for those writing their posts on mobile devices. I draft my posts using my desktop computer. I can type faster, pull content faster, and generally get from idea to blog post faster on my desktop than I can with my mobile device. I've been blogging either with a desktop of laptop for almost seven years. Change is hard. I just wish the new ...

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June 3, 2020
Dream Big from Becca's Crazy Projects

Part 2

Last week I shared the first part of my Dream Big panel. Above, the order I used for the thread changes. I love that I have so many colors of So Fine! from Superior Threads. Options are good.
As I worked each petal I would decide what to do with the next. I looked at panels quilted by other people and realized I really went middle-of-the-road with the quilting. So many others did some pretty intense quilting. My quilting is light in comparison to some. 
I worked on it for several hours but I had to quit for ...

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May 27, 2020
Dream Big from Becca's Crazy Projects

Part 1

I've had this Dream Big panel for a while. I picked it up because it seemed everyone was doing it.
I found a piece of leftover backing fabric that was wide enough to user and I picked my threads. I wanted to blend the thread with the petals so I pulled seven different thread colors. 
I used a double layer of batting and basted the entire panel before beginning. I don't usually baste, finding I get a better result without basting. 
I started in the middle. 
If you look at all the different versions of this ...

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April 22, 2020
wip woo from Charm About You

I have a few works in progress and finishes to share with you today, so settle and get comfy as this might be a rambling one. There has been a lot of sewing happening and thought I would put (nearly) everything in one blog post to show what I've been up to - there are two more finishes that will feature in separate posts coming very soon!

First up is a finished quilt top - this is the Land of Magic quilt pattern by Kid Giddy The star, crown and castle blocks I pieced sometime ago. I had started the dragon ...

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November 1, 2019
Blue and Beautiful Prairies Calm and cool is fabric designer... from Living Water Quilter

Blue and Beautiful Prairies

Calm and cool is fabric designer Kathy Brett Engle’s new Island Batik collection, Prairie Skies

My quilt, Prairie Petals, made with the blues of Prairie Skies was revealed at fall 2019 International Quilt Market. It is displayed(middle, on wall) at the Island Batik booth along  amazing quilt projects by Bill Locke and Pamela Boatright.


NOTE: Island Batik provided the fabric to make Prairie Skies. 

You will find Prairie Skies as you browse through the Fall 2019 Island Batik catalog. Fabrics will be available and in shops February 2020.


The pattern, Prairies Petals, is a ...

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July 20, 2016
Zoo Babies Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern from The Joy of Sewing...and Quilting, Too!

Zoo Babies Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern
My newest quilt pattern is now available at This darling quilt is perfect for a zoo-themed nursery or child's room, complete with nine of the most popular animals at the zoo. Meet Ellie Elephant, and Lucas the Lion, along with other favorites, including Penny Penguin and Molly Monkey, all done up in easy fusible machine applique. Although there are lots of pieces for each animal, their size is deceiving in the quilt illustration, since the blocks finish at 9" square within the sashed quilt top. Make it to use as ...

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