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November 10, 2014
Curve It Up Finish from sewbittersweetdesigns

Back in September I decided to take a break from designing and sew from someone else’s pattern. The pattern I picked was the Curve It Up pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful. The ladies from Sew Kind of Wonderful were having a QAL and I thought it would be fun to join in.

I have to say I found it really relaxing to take a break and it also completely rejuvenated me!  I have since designed 5 new quilts and finished 3.  I even wrote up a pattern! I will be releasing that later this week.  Since I never ...

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Es geht wieder rund… from Quilt Collection M.

… nicht nur im Haus von oben nach unten und von links nach rechts, sondern auch mit den quiltigen Sachen. Hier kommen meine Retro-Kreise.

… now things are really moving. In my house things are moved from upstairs to downstairs and from the left to the right. Everything is turned upside down. And therefore I do ...

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October 27, 2014
Ein Kreisquilt - A Circle Quilt from Quilt Collection M.

Ich liebe Kreise - warum auch immer. Gegen manche Sachen muss man sich nicht wehren, oder?
Und ich hatte eine Jelly Roll mit korallfarbenen Stoffen von der Quiltmanufaktur. Bei einem Quiltabend hatte ich einfach immer vier Streifen aneinander genäht zu einem breiten Streifen und dann wusste ich nicht mehr weiter. Diese Streifensets habe ich immer ...

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October 20, 2014
Blöcke, Blöcke und noch mehr Blöcke from Quilt Collection M.

 Manchmal gibt es Zeiten, da arbeite ich ganz zielstrebig an Projekten, und dann gibt es Zeiten, da arbeite ich mal hier und mal da. Im Augenblick ist die "mal hier und mal da"- Zeit.
Für den SWAP°PEN auf Deutsch Tausch muss ich ein (… -geheim) nähen. Natürlich überlege ich permanent hin und her und ...

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October 2, 2014
Curve it up from Quilt Collection M.

Jenny von Sew Kind of Wonderful veranstaltet einen neuen Quilt Along, bei dem ich eigentlich nicht mitmache, aber jetzt doch etwas genäht habe: Wieder einmal geht es um das Speziallineal Quick Curve Ruler. Und weil Dagmar und ich uns getroffen hatten, um etwas zusammen zu testen, haben wir kurz entschlossen einen Kreis damit zugeschnitten und genäht. In Gesellschaft ist es ja immer gleich 10 mal so schön und es geht viel schneller.

Hier sind meine Kreise. Den dunklen Kreis hatte ich schon vorgetestet und den hellen dann mitgemacht.

Jenny von Sew Kind of Wonderful organizes a new quilt along - the ...

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September 9, 2014
Snow Already? from Calgary Quilting Momma

Welcome to Calgary! It started snowing around Noon today! We had 26 degrees Celsius yesterday! That means 78.8 Fahrenheit to you others! From shorts yesterday to long pants and warm coat today!

What a wonderful suprise when I got the email on Saturday night that my Babylock was ready! I picked it up today from the store! I haven't taken it for a test ride as of yet! Even BETTER news...I didn't have to deal with Cranky One! I have checked to see if there are other stores that carry Babylock and my choice in Calgary ...

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August 17, 2014
Beginn eines Quilts - First Layout from Quilt Collection M.

Da lagen sie, die tollen neuen roten Figures-Stoffe; und riefen "Mach einen Quilt aus mir", aber so genau wusste ich nicht, was ich machen sollte und ich hatte Angst, die schönen Stoffe zu verhunzen. Also habe ich gezögert und gezaudert bis ich letzte Woche ein Muster (Metro Twist of Sew Kind of Wonderful) gesehen habe, das ich mit dem Quick Curve Ruler nähen kann. Ich liebe diese Rundungen und ich bin mir sicher, das ist genau das richtige Muster für die Stoffe. Also habe ich geschnitten und genäht und wieder geschnitten und hier ist mein erstes Layout:

Here they were ...

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August 12, 2014
Curve it Up Blocks using Quick Curve Ruler from Rose Room Quilts

 I picked up this 1/2 yard bundle of Art Gallery fabrics at Sample Spree during Spring Quilt Market.  This is 9 (1/2 yards) of Modernology by Pat Bravo.  It's very fun and happy colors.

I had received the Quick Curve Ruler© from my husband for Christmas, but put it away thinking the patterns looked a little difficult.  While at Spring Quilt Market I got to meet the ladies of Sew Kind of Wonderful and watch the quick demo they were doing.  It looked easy.  So I picked up the "Curve It Up" pattern and decided to try ...

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July 14, 2014
Beating the Monday blues... from Fabric of My Life

Hey there everyone,

how was your weekend?
Hope you got some creative fun tucked in it? :)

I did a bit. It was a rainy one in Buffalo, NY and very often for me, summer rain = sewing time! There is something so appealing to me to sew while its raining outside and windows are open...maybe even a thunder or two... :) Am I just a bit nuts or do you have similar preferences?
Well, Sunday started with a great intention to take both dogs (our big boy Marley and grand puppy Oliver) for a nice morning walk along Ellicott Creek and ...

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April 28, 2014
Have you tried Quick Curve Ruler? from Fabric of My Life

Hi everyone and happy Monday!

Spring is finally here in Buffalo, NY - the birdsong every morning just makes me smile!
Weekend was busy but really wonderful.
Some quilty fun, (meeting of the WNY MQG, read all about it HERE) some garden work, great walks with our furry kids and crowned with lovely Sunday dinner with our kids - can one ask for anything more? :)
Our grand-puppy Oliver was visiting Saturday - just love this cutie...

He was so excited to walk with his big buddy Marley, sometimes he almost walked sideways! :)
Neighborhood a big boy:

Hubby was just so happy ...

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