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August 9, 2021
The American Presidents: George Washington from Queen of the Unfinished Projects...

Welcome to the first installment of the American Presidents series (which I've decided I will probably abbreviate as tAPs from now on. Why? Because I like it. It's cute, right? No other reason needed.) We're starting at the very beginning. I hear it's a very good place to start. (Cue all the groans from Rodgers and Hammerstein fans)

(Thank you to Amazon for having a great cover picture of the book when my camera refused to cooperate. You can click over and grab your own copy if you need one.)

As you can see, the book ...

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February 11, 2021
The American Presidents series from Queen of the Unfinished Projects...

 So, approximately a million years ago, I decided that I should read more American history. I was reading quite a bit of English history at the time, mostly the Tudors, and I felt that I needed to learn more about the United States. So I went down to the bookstore and got a biography of George Washington. Seemed like the way to get a good overview of the country was to start at the beginning and follow through all the presidencies. And then, after about 75 pages of reading, I got distracted by some other book and Georgie went onto ...

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