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June 19, 2017
Plan It Out Monday - More Set Up... from Home Designs by Amanda

Welcome to the next installment of the Plan It Out Monday series, where we are going to look at my set up of the Love Today Planner and what I have decided to do with it so far. I don't have much commentary to go with this post,  so we'll just dive right into the video... Is there anything that you can see that make this the next planner for you? If so, order today...

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June 12, 2017
Plan It Out - Unboxing and Starting to Set-up... from Home Designs by Amanda

Welcome to the start of a new week... and for me a new planner. Are you all as giddy as I am? Well, probably not, but you can be... You can order one now and have it in time to start with it in July! I realize that that probably doesn't work as well for most, however, it might help more than you may think at first... Those that homeschool and run through a school year similar to

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June 5, 2017
Plan It Out - Preview... from Home Designs by Amanda

Are you a plan things out kind of person? Or are you more of "I write appointments on a calendar and that's about it" kind of person? Well, either way, you might like this beautiful planner... I love office supplies... And new planners are great! I like to write out things I plan to do each day, and track things to see what is getting done... So, I'd say I'm a 'planner.' So,

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