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August 17, 2022
fair and square from Making A Lather

Sometimes progress just takes time. A little bit here and there makes a difference over time. I have to remind myself of that often, as I grow impatient. I pressed and trimmed fair and square. And, I cut and added the black inner border. I had hoped to get the final border on the quilt, but, it didn't fit. That will be the next little bit of time I can find. I think it looks great. The end is in sight.

It has been harvest season for our little garden. The tomatoes are starting to ripen and a BLT ...

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August 1, 2022
One monthly goal for August from Making A Lather

I didn't finish last month's One monthly goal at Elm street quilts. But, never give up - right?  I had the   last quilt a goal for 2 months and still did not finish. I will try a different Ufo that needs finishing, in hopes, I will find renewed motivation to chug along on the finishing. I need to add borders and quilt it.

in the box

This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book scraps and shirttails. It is made mostly from shirt fabrics. My notes are sketchy. I think I started this in 2015 or 2016

mostly ...

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June 20, 2022
fair and square progress from Making A Lather

I was able to go to Friday quilt group and lay fair and square out a bit on the floor. That helped me put the top 4 rows together and start the bottom rows. This has been a puzzle from the beginning. Fair and square is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from her book: scraps and shirttails 2. It has been a UFO since 2019. I like the look of on point settings but, they are challenging for me.

Another of my clematis is blooming. This one is finicky. Last year it didn't bloom. I am glad to see it ...

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June 17, 2022
maple leaves from Making A Lather

I am ready for the last row for this quilt. I have a hodge podge of blocks that I want to sew, making sure the mix is what I want. This is one of my 5 quilts projects, but, I am tired of seeing it on the list.

I had hoped to make 10 rows, but the last row would all be aqua. sigh...

I made it to this point this week

I canned saurkraut the old fashioned way this week.  I found the idea on whipperwill holler youtube. They won't be ready for 4 - 6 weeks. We will ...

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January 14, 2020
Much Ado about Nothing from Clever Chameleon

Water drop colours at Clever Chameleon

Nothing is Perfect

Lucky! Because nothing much is exactly what I’ve got for you today. I did finish a UFO on Sunday, but it’s such an embarrassingly late and little finish that I am a bit loath to share it. Just a drop in the ocean of UFOs! But in anticipation of the unfortunate likelihood that I will be scraping the bottom of the barrel for projects finished for my PhD come December, I’ll record it now. That and it might make some of you feel better about a stalled project or two. It happens to the ...

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December 21, 2019
Enrolling in another PhD – 2020 planning from Clever Chameleon

I already have one PhD, but this one might suit me better!

There are so many things I want to do in 2020, but one thing high on my list is to reduce the number of unfinished objects (UFOs) in my sewing room. I’d like to substantially clear the decks for a fresh start in 2021.

Many of the unfinished quilts against my name are from my early quilting days (2012-2015). I found that once I became an Island Batik Ambassador in 2018 I didn’t have time to get back to many of my pre-existing UFOs. And while ...

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