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February 11, 2019
Happy Birthday, Katy Lou! from Prairie Moon Quilts

It’s my little sister’s birthday today . . .

So it’s a good time to tell her thanks for all she does for me. Thanks, Kate, for helping me test recipes (because we can cook at your house without a cat sitting in the middle of everything), helping me test quilt patterns, letting me hang out at your house (because you have better heat and AC), feeding me, keeping me equipped with a cell phone (cuz if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t even carry one), being my partner in crime on fabric-shopping sprees (completely self-explanatory), and being ...

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February 4, 2019
Back to Basics: Easy Blocks Made Spectacular + Blog Hop from Quilter Chic

Inside: Quick Techniques to make your basic quilt blocks amazing!

My first patchwork project was made using cardboard templates and scissors! Many years later my mother-in-law gave me a rotary cutter and mat, but I still didn’t know how to use them. I cut things out one square at a time!

Beginning and advanced quilters have it much easier these days, and one resource you might like is Teresa Mairal Barreu’s new book, Turnabout Patchwork. I’m joining her for a blog hop this week highlighting her projects and methods.

Turnabout patchwork book

Turnabout Patchwork ©2019 That Patchwork Place/Teresa Mairal ...

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December 7, 2018
Red & White Quilts from Prairie Moon Quilts

A new book was just released last month (by Martingale) featuring a collection of the most gorgeous Red & White Quilts.

Fourteen designers were asked to create a quilt for this book, and honestly, I cannot pick a favorite! What’s not to love about red and white? And the book itself is beautiful and fun to look at, even if you never intend to make any of the quilts!

photo courtesy of Martingale Publishing

The quilts were on display in Houston for Quilt Market and Quilt Festival, so if you were there and lucky enough to get to see them ...

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October 2, 2018
Warning: You Might go Batty, too, with this Delightful Halloween Quilt from Quilter Chic

Inside: October’s featured designer brings us a wonderful Halloween Quilt.

My mom had a great Halloween tradition. She would make cookies for us to decorate. She would gather all kinds of candy; M&M’s, candy corn, licorice, red hots, and some nuts to make faces on the bright, orange icing. What do you think happened when we went to decorate the cookies?

This month’s featured designer is Elisabeth DeMoo of Brown Bird Designs. She is featuring a beautiful (or spooky) quilt called Gone Batty. I love this design, and the wonderful fabric she has used! The orange ...

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September 1, 2018
How to Make a Halloween Wall Hanging your Family and Friends will Love from Quilter Chic

Inside: Adorable Halloween wall hanging from September’s featured designer.

Ah, Halloween. All the memories! I was so easily frightened as a child. It didn’t take much. I’m old enough that we went trick-or-treating without adults, well into the dark night, too! I remember going with my friend Sherie, who lived straight through the block from me.

After trick-or-treating she was kind enough to walk halfway around the block with me, then we’d both sprint for home as fast as possible! What was I afraid of? Monsters, or scary people.

You won’t be afraid of the ...

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August 2, 2018
Stop Wondering How to Paper Piece with August’s Guest Designer from Quilter Chic

Inside: Diamond-studded mini quilt by August’s guest designer

Have you ever been on a cruise? We’ve been a few times now, and I love almost everything about it, except… the diamond salespeople. They lure you in to their presentation claiming “shopping advice” and it’s all about going to their sponsored shops in port and buying diamonds. Snore, snore. And they were taking my vacation time! I only fell for it the first cruise, though!

I’d rather have the diamonds from August’s featured designer, Sherry Shish! She is offering us a darling mini quilt called Diamonds ...

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July 21, 2018
Quilts for Pam and Rachel from Prairie Moon Quilts

A couple years ago, my cousins asked me if I would help them out by finishing some quilt tops that my Great-Aunt Jo had started before she passed away. I was honored to do it. Isn’t this a lovely stack of finished quilts?

First up was a set of embroidered blocks that Aunt Jo had never gotten set together. Pam asked if I could make them into two separate baby quilts. A perfect idea! I made one for a boy, and one for a girl. I split the blocks into 2 sets of six, and found some cute modern ...

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July 6, 2018
How to Protect your Table while Sewing: July’s Guest Designer from Quilter Chic

I have a group of friends that gets together to sew. One of my friends, Jerrie, always has a thick tablecloth on her table to protect it from the sewing machines. My table, on the other hand, is so hammered I don’t worry about it at all!
July’s designer, Gail Sheppard, has the perfect answer! An adorable sewing machine mat that has everything you need in one spot!

July's guest designer Gail Sheppard

Sewing Machine Mat by Gail Sheppard ©2018.

She is sharing a wonderful tutorial complete with the pdf downloadable pattern.

Here is more about Gail in her own words:

Gail has ...

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June 11, 2018
Umbrella Girl — Straight line seams from Wisonsin Quilting

Umbrella Girl Straight Aare

By request:  I have redesigned this Umbrella Girl for straight line piecing.  My original was a free flowing curved line pattern, Spring oh Spring.   Now you can tackle it with  paper piecing  seams.   This straight line Umbrella Girl $8 pattern prints on 9 standard pages and includes color chart, instructions for paper piecing, and assembly diagram; a total of 15 pages.   The finished pattern is 19″ x 24″

As always when you purchase a pattern, please feel free to write directly to me for hints and tips or for a lifeline if you get stuck.

And here’s a sneak ...

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June 4, 2018
How To Make the Right Quilt for your June Weddings from Quilter Chic

Inside: Fabulous wedding quilt by June’s featured designer.

It’s June, and that’s the wedding month! I got married in June many, many years ago! In fact, this year is my 35th wedding anniversary! Yes, I’m old. So what do you do for a 35th wedding anniversary?

This month’s designer is Paul Anderson of Uncle Paul’s Quilting Company. He is sharing the wedding theme with his beautiful quilt, Modern Marriage. I love it! It is a lovely modern pattern that looks so fun to make.

Modern Marriage quilt

Modern Marriage quilt by Paul Anderson ©Uncle Paul’s Quilting ...

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May 27, 2018
Paper-pieced Fly Fishing quilting pattern from Wisonsin Quilting

Fly Fishing paper piecing 3 color formats

Summer’s here, but with a bit of spring green yet in the trees.   This $8  pattern expresses the leisure of summer days like nothing else. Keep summer with you all year long by making this  77- piece project.  This pattern is for a 24″ wide by 30″ tall wall hanging but you can expand it to a quilt 60″ project as see here by adding simple borders:FLY fishing with borders colored sm

You’ll find the  pattern link gives you 15 pages in a pdf file:   color chart;  a single page line drawing for you to play with your own colors or to enlarge ...

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May 1, 2018
How to Make a Quick and Easy Baby Quilt with a Wow Factor from Quilter Chic

Inside: Free pattern for a fun baby quilt.

Life just got a whole lot more fun!

I recently experienced a life-changing event! But more about that later.

The featured designer for May is, well, me, I guess! There was a mixup with the designer I had slotted for this month, so I decided I would offer my newest pattern for free for the month of May.

The quilt is named Noah Jazz, and is a fun and simple pattern using a great, Noah’s ark focus fabric. It could work in many different color ways, too, with lots of fun ...

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How to Make a Quick and Easy Baby Quilt with a Wow Factor from Quilter Chic

Inside: Free pattern for a fun baby quilt.

Life just got a whole lot more fun!

I recently experienced a life-changing event! But more about that later.

The featured designer for May is, well, me, I guess! There was a mixup with the designer I had slotted for this month, so I decided I would offer my newest pattern for free for the month of May.

The quilt is named Noah Jazz, and is a fun and simple pattern using a great, Noah’s ark focus fabric. It could work in many different color ways, too, with lots of fun ...

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April 2, 2018
Here’s a Quick Way to Get Spring into Your Quilting from Quilter Chic

Inside: A beautiful table runner from April’s guest designer.

As a little girl I remember my mom helping me plant some flower seeds in the spring. Would they come up? What would they look like?

It takes a bit of faith to wait for winter to make a long-awaited exit, especially for a little girl!

This month’s designer, Terri Vanden Bosch of Lizard Creek Quilting, embodies the spring spirit with her table runner pattern. It is called Spring Promise, and it is absolutely lovely, with its beautiful purples and pinks.

Terri Vanden Bosch table runner

Spring Promise by Terri Vanden Bosch of Lizard ...

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March 19, 2018
Paper pieced “Girl Sewing” from Wisonsin Quilting

Hammershoi compositeHere’s my delightful pattern of a girl sewing that has been on Lori Kennedy’s .  So many people have enjoyed making it I thought I’d post it again here today because of a posting by James Gurney

Gurney was using the Danish artist Hammershoi to illustrate a point and linked to a BBC video on Hammershoi  (link to video) that showed briefly (at minute 13) this 1887 painting of his sister Anna.  All those links are interesting, of course, but what’s just as much fun is to see how people have taken that girl to ...

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March 1, 2018
What a Lifelong Quilter can Teach us About Beautiful Mini Quilts from Quilter Chic

Inside: March featured designer, Suzy Webster, gives us a fabulous mini quilt.

“In like a lion, out like a lamb.” That’s the way my mom used to describe March weather. It can be snowing one day and spring-like sunshine the next. Sometimes it’s out like a lion, too! I find lots to love about March, because spring usually starts to make an appearance, plus it’s my birthday month!

You’ll find lots to love about the March featured designer, Suzy Webster! She has given us a darling mini quilt called Mini Hearts. I love the machine appliqué ...

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February 1, 2018
Enjoy this Playful Design from Down Under with February’s Guest Designer from Quilter Chic

Inside: Love Valentine’s Day again with this video tutorial from guest designer Teresa Michael.

Did you have “Valentine’s Day boxes” in your elementary school? I loved them! We would take a shoe box and cut a slot in the lid. Then decorate them with all the red and pink construction paper you could find. Of course, the school would send home a list of all the children, so that no one was left out of receiving Valentines. By the time my kids went to school they made their own envelopes. Boo.

Let the Valentine’s love flow with ...

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January 7, 2018
Goodbye, Gold: A Horror Story from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

WARNING: This post may be a little gross.  Parental Guidance Suggested - some material may not be suitable for children. AL (Adult language) DS (Disturbing scenes)

I have had gold in the back of my oral cavity for years. And years. This gold cost us dearly at a time in our life when we could ill afford rice or other, much less important, staples. It's been mentioned as a source of equity, though we've never had to cash in.

Until recently. Apparently the price of gold has risen. Enough that the crown decided of its own volition to spend ...

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January 5, 2018
Creativity Wins with January’s Featured Designer from Quilter Chic

Inside: A creative quilt block from designer Sarah Ruiz.

2018 Featured Designers

I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready for a new start. In everything. And I really mean everything! This year, staying calm in traffic, no more eating non-stop, and no bike crashes requiring a plastic surgeon for my lip. Yeah, that happened last year.

As promised, I’m starting 2018 with the first of my Designer spotlights! I’m excited to introduce you to Sarah Ruiz of Sarah Ruiz Quilts. I’m totally fascinated by Sarah, because she works for NASA! How cool is that?

Here ...

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November 16, 2017
Honor Your Favorite Pets with Row 11 of In My Neighborhood from Quilter Chic

Inside: Row 11 of In My Neighborhood Quilt Along

We once had a cat named Ruthie. Poor little thing just had issues, that’s all. She really could have had an entire book written about her.

A few of her more memorable escapades include the time she got caught on the top of the garage door. (She was half in and half out.) The time she got stuck in the neighbors’ attic and we had to lure her back to the tiny hole she had found in the first place. The time we were putting down tile and had the ...

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