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November 11, 2019
All around the house from Road Home Quilting

Since today is for remembering, I want to thank our friends Bob and Linda. Linda was in our neighborhood quilt club and taught sewing to the girls at her church. She was first in the neighborhood to sew with vinyl - she made some cool school binders for Alex. Once we had a sew day and made draft guards - to keep the heat out LOL. I still have one :)

Bob was our neighborhood handyman. Here are a few pictures of all the great work Bob has done for our house.

Bob painted our living room - and did an amazing great job ...

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October 17, 2019
The Witch's Quilt Conclusion from Road Home Quilting

The Witch's Quilt by Kitty Pearl
Part 6

All was quiet when Emily awoke. Near dawn, the old castle was still. She listened, and at last heard the ocean playing with the rocks below the castle cliff. She could see the familiar outline of Andrew asleep in the four posted bed. How much he resembled Jeremy in his sleep. The fireplace had died down, yet she wasn't cold. Emily snuggled deeper into the blanket covering her on the settee. 
A blanket.....Andrew must have found a coverlet for her before he had gone to bed himself ...

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October 10, 2019
Witch's Quilt Part 5 from Road Home Quilting

The Witch’s Quilt Part 1
A HAUNTED SAMPLER mystery quilt began Friday 9/13
Get supply list and cutting instructions HERE
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The Witch's Quilt by Kitty Pearl
Part 5

But what about spelling? Emily laughed wearily to herself as she pondered, this was like trying to read one of Melissa's text messages. Was this quilt saying LOL FYI CYS in Old English? Emily moved to stand by the fireplace. She stared at the flames resting her overtired eyes from the books. 
Emily mused on her studies: Beowulf ...

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