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November 14, 2017
BU Quilt Along Week 10 from Patterns by Jen

It's here, the finish!!  It's time to quilt our Here A Square, There A Square quilt!

First thing we need to do is measure our quilt top so we can get the correct backing and batting pieces. This one should measure about 66" x 78". 

Once measured we want to add a few inches all the way around. If you are taking it to a long armer, they want 4" extra around. This helps them when they are loading your quilt onto the machine, especially if things aren't completely square.

When I'm quilting at home I ...

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November 10, 2017
October 2017 Finishes from Patterns by Jen

Just like that October is done. There were a few finishes this month, lets take a look.

To start with we have the October Muggamo. Love those glow in the dark ghosties.

I participated in the Sew Much Fun Halloween Blog Hop this year and shared a fun oven mitt pattern.

I also finished and released my newest pattern, The Border Quilt. Love this pattern!

Use LUCKY13 to receive 13% off your entire purchase from my Etsy store. Now through November 13th! Who says 13 isn't lucky?

That's it! It seems like there was more, ha! I did ...

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October 30, 2017
Introducing The Border Quilt! from Patterns by Jen

It's here! The lovely Border Quilt. Pattern 13 from Patterns By Jen, but don't let that fool you, this number 13 is lucky!

89" x 92"
I'm releasing the digital version of The Border Quilt on my Etsy and Craftsy sites, at a discounted price of $6, while I wait for the hard copies to be printed. 

Like all of my patterns, this quilt started as a sketch in a graph paper notebook. It grew and grew until I had to stop and just start drawing it in EQ5. (Yes, it's still EQ5, maybe my hubby ...

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October 24, 2017
BU Quilt Along Week 7 from Patterns by Jen

We've made all of our units and it's time to put our blocks together! 

You guys, I can't believe we're almost done!!  I love when I get to this point. All of that work, cutting, stitching, trimming and stitching some more and we finally get to see it come together in full blocks.

Lay out your block, noting the direction of your Corner units and Flying Geese units.

Stitch into rows, and press.

Once your rows are together, stitch your rows together. I like to pin when I am sewing my rows together, not just where ...

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October 17, 2017
BU Quilt Along Week 6 from Patterns by Jen

We're getting closer to being able to put our blocks together. This week we are adding triangles to the Half-Square triangles we made last week.

We are using the last black 2 7/8" squares. If you haven't already, cut them once on the diagonal.

Watch placement of the half-square triangle and the black triangle. Sew carefully without stretching. 

Note that I stitched with the half-square triangle on the bottom, this is because the seam allowance on the half square triangle is pressed that way. Now I don't have to worry about my seam allowance getting bunched ...

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October 10, 2017
BU Quilt Along Week 5 from Patterns by Jen

Who is ready to make Half-Square Triangles with me?!

I love a good HST (half-square triangle) and while some don't particularly like to make them, I have found I enjoy them more when they are squared up perfectly. I go over making perfect half-square triangles HERE.

For the Here A Square, There A Square pattern we are going to use our white and grey 3" squares. For me this is the Shimmer 2 and Shimmer Lawn from Monaluna.

On the wrong side of the white squares mark the diagonal.

Matching a white and grey right sides together, stitch 1 ...

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October 9, 2017
Deb Tucker's Rulers added to the shop! from Patterns by Jen

I'm so excited to add a few rulers from Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design to my Etsy shop. 

You know I love a good HST unit, and I love how easy the Tucker Trimmer® is to read.

Got wings? Then you need the Wing Clipper® to trim them up!

Softly Circled uses the Corner Beam® ruler. I love making my pieces over sized and then trimming to the perfect size.

Gradient Stars uses the Corner Beam® AND the VBlock Trimmer® to make it's beautiful stars. 

I'm so excited to be able to offer these rulers to ...

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October 3, 2017
BU Quilt Along Week 4 from Patterns by Jen

We are making more Flying Geese this week, but this time we get to build a part of the block, so there is a great incentive to get them all done. 

Follow the No Waste Flying Geese method shown HERE using your black 2 7/8" squares and grey 5 1/4" squares

Trim to 2 1/2" x 4 1/2"

First trim.

Second trim.

I love my Wing Clipper from Deb Tucker's Design 180 Studio. No affiliation, but next week I will have them in my Etsy shop. (Yay!)

When stitching the Flying Geese units together, sew ...

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October 1, 2017
October Muggamo from Patterns by Jen

October is here! With it comes frosty mornings and chilly evenings, which means YOU need a mug rug. Thankfully, I have you covered with witches, spider webs and glow in the dark ghosties.

Grab your free mug rug pattern HERE.

What you need:

Five 2 1/2" squares

Two 3 3/8" squares

Two 3 3/8" squares
Mark the diagonal on the wrong side

Side piece:
One 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangle

Back and batting:
One 7" x 10" each

One strip 2" x 36"


Match a black square with an ...

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September 21, 2017
BU Quilt Along ~ Week 2 1/2 from Patterns by Jen

Surprise! I'm throwing in an extra post this week.

I'm going to change the schedule up a bit and add a second week to the Flying Geese Unit. While using the No Waste Method does speed things up a bit, we have 240 total units to make. Whew! So we're going to break it up. See the revised schedule at the end of this post. Find the intro post HERE, you can always jump in.

This is my ugly piece of used cutting mat that I make my marks on. 

While I have you here, lets talk ...

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BU Quilt Along - Week 2 from Patterns by Jen

Week 2! Time to start stitching our blocks, starting with the center unit.

Did you get all of your pieces cut out?
It's a lot of cutting, but I like to get my pattern all cut out, then I can focus on the stitching part. This week we are simply making the center unit which is a snowball unit. It's pretty easy and we *just* need 30 of them. 

First mark the diagonal on the wrong side of your 1" squares. There are different ways to do it. 

I prefer to mark with a pencil.

You can use ...

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