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November 6, 2020
Kindness is In, Baskets and Parachutes Applique, Rebecca- the Movie, A Thanksgiving Cactus from Canadian Needle Nana

I dreamt the other night that I was swimming. It is a recurring dream and the water is what this dream is about. It's an ocean with warm, clear blue-green water. (Nothing like the North Atlantic at home where I grew up). It feels beautiful as I effortless swim through it. I'm thinking all the while, this is so wonderful. I'm a much better swimmer in this dream than in real life where what I do barely qualifies as swimming. I've had this same dream very occasionally but going back some 45 years; it is like ...

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October 26, 2020
Visits- Abby, Animals, Chimney Sweep and Hexagon Quilt, Parachutes Quilt and Free Pattern from Canadian Needle Nana

The weather has been best described as indecisive lately...sun, cloud, cold and then warmth...this fluctuation ongoing all day long like Mother Nature can't make up her mind. All over the place and this week rain and cloudiness thrown in.  The season is trying to change that's for sure. 

So happy that Abby came along with SIL when he dropped by to do a few bigger outside chores (like straighten a chimney on the garage- Hubby is no longer allowed up on roofs). The two Labs get along well and Murphy tolerates the much younger Abby's ...

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