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May 24, 2019
paint party Friday collage on paper and fabric from Not Afraid of Color

I've been inspired by the online class from Jen Blencowe (
and did the start to a mixed media piece. I took a magazine photo as inspiration for this yogi
then cut words out from the same magazine to form a message.

I used the painted coffee filters from Sonja Hageman for the pillow. So far just glued down
I'm not so good at body proportions yet but I'll improve! I loved the color of her shirt, deep blue and deep purple blended wet on the paper, which is mixed media paper.
My friend ...

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May 15, 2019
paint party Friday from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to paint party Friday!
My friend Carol (https://quiltedfabricart) told me about a free online sketching/painting workshop, unfortunately now over. I signed up and it was very fast paced with two videos a day from world known teachers. I have another week to finish up but it'so been very valuable to me. it was at (

First of all I now have my sketchbook, paint sketchbook, watercolors, pencils and pens out on the kitchen table next to the computer.

Apparently it's good for my creativity to have supplies at hand. I've been ...

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April 26, 2019
what do you see in this? Abstracts and experiments from Not Afraid of Color

while paint dries...
Some things I tried this week...
1. new ways to sketch from my online workshop
2. markers on printed black and cream fabric
3. quilting my abstract mountain piece
4. painting a background, or landscape

All were influenced by what I see around me daily, the scenes, the colors the way the air feels etc.
All involved seeing the world with fresh perspective, and looking into something abstract to find images I could relate to. 

I'm so excited about all four, and there are lots of pictures, so I plan to write a four part series ...

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April 28, 2018
Tweet! The bird's Glen from Not Afraid of Color

Imagine... spring sunlight through the budding trees... birds gathering again, life restarting for flora and fauna.
Remember the watercolor squares I picked up at the Boulder Quilt guild free table??  A while back I arranged them, sewed them together, then let them rest.

This week I picked them up and appliqued the tree by just cutting out with pinking sheers laying it in place, using a glue stick to baste, then sewing it with a straight stitch to be gone over in the quilt process. I love a bit of a raised edge, so I'll heavily quilt it and ...

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