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May 2, 2020
Ormes Inspired For the Finish from Quilty Folk

So... How bout a hundred pictures of the recently completed 'Ormes Inspired' quilt top? It was one of those spring days where it was overcast one minute and blazingly bright and sunny the next. Hopefully you can figure out the true color of the quilt eventually if you look at enough pictures!

Ormes Inspired 
This quilt top was started back in August of 2019. Sort of a spur of the moment project but then, not really. I had been eyeing this pattern for a very long time and in fact had recently gotten permission from the very talented artist Jane ...

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April 15, 2020
A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That from Quilty Folk

I started another Quarter Log Cabin quilt. All the strips are free cut and the plan is the set the blocks on the diagonal this time. Right now it's just an excuse to get me in the quilt room and actually sewing.

Quarter Log Cabin #2
Everything seems to take an enormous amount of effort these days, so complex is totally out of the question. Much too easy to short circuit my brain these days. I'll probably end up doing a Quarter Log Cabin series as I'm already contemplating a different setting/color palette to play with ...

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March 24, 2020
Trying To Stay Sane in a Crazy World from Quilty Folk

I like to keep this blog mostly happy, but these are hard times. As an introvert, I'm someone who tends to pull inward during times of adversity. Regular posting, replying to comments, not to mention interesting new QAL's just seem to take entirely too much energy depending on what we've been dealing with on any specific day. Mentally and emotionally, I just don't seem to have any extra beyond helping to keep our family on an even keel.

Another layer for Ormes Inspired
Hand work has seemed to be the most satisfying lately even though I ...

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March 3, 2020
A Hand Work Update and a Finish from Quilty Folk

Lots of hand work in the last several weeks. I finally picked the 'Melon Patch' applique back up and just slogged my way through. Why am I doing this? What in the world was I thinking? And then... Oh my, I just love these colors and fabrics. This is gonna be great! And that's generally the gist of this quilt every single time. 

Melon Patch petals all ready to sew onto the background now
There are 20 sets of 4 pieces each and I figured it takes me approximately one hour to stitch the petals for each block. Ouch ...

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January 31, 2020
A Tale of Two Applique Quilts from Quilty Folk

Once in a great while, I have this mad idea to throw some fabrics together and just 'see' what can come of them. This Home Sweet Home was just such a quilt. Only I got derailed by the idea that it might look better with appliqued words on it. Where have we heard that before?

Home Sweet Home quilt top finished!
Then I paused for a very long time in major indecision. Why am I spending so much time on a quilt that I'm not even sure that I like? But something kept propelling me forward with the applique ...

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