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April 22, 2019
Sew Organized: Best Bags for Quilters from A Quilting Life

Sew Organized: Quilting & Sewing Bags for Quilters

Hello and happy Monday! I hope your weekend was a good one. Today’s post is titled: Sew Organized: Best Bags for Quilters. I’m looking forward to not only sharing some of my favorite bags but also sharing what I keep inside of them and why. And to add a little more fun to today’s post, […]

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April 12, 2019
How to sew with HeatnBond Iron-on Vinyl – a tutorial from Quilt Social

Happy Friday! I enjoyed sharing several products from the HeatnBond family and showing you how they can make your sewing life sew easy.

Today I’m discussing a really exciting product called HeatnBond Iron-on Vinyl. When I knew I had the opportunity to work with this I was really excited as it can be applied to regular fabric. Just imagine the possibilities with your own stash! Also, you can sew through it easily.

There are so many projects that can be enhanced with vinyl. These projects include: lunch bags, baby bibs, placemats, coasters, luggage tags, pouches, tote bags, beach bags ...

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April 11, 2019
EASY paper piecing with StitchnSew EZ Print Quilt Block Sheets from Quilt Social

Yesterday I showed you how you can get a helping hand with your sewing needs by using HeatnBond Basting Adhesives.

I’m using StitchnSew EZ Print Quilt Block sheets by HeatnBond today to do some foundation paper piecing. I love paper piecing, it makes a perfect block because you are basically sewing by numbers onto a stabilized foundation. There’s no fusible with this product, it is simply a great paper sheet to guide quilters’ to sew through it and fabric accurately.

My recent block made with StitchnSew EZ Print Quilt Block Sheets by HeatnBond.
My recent block made with StitchnSew EZ Print Quilt Block Sheets by HeatnBond.

Some advantages to this method ...

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April 10, 2019
HeatnBond always lends a hand in your sewing needs from Quilt Social

After spending some time showing you how to use the HeatnBond EZ Printer Lite for applique work, it’s time to talk about HeatnBond Quilters Edge and SpraynBond Basting Adhesive.

These two products make it easy to apply embellishments and practical closures to your sewing projects. They should also be part of your applique toolbox as they allow you to baste your projects making them much easier to sew or quilt.

20 yds of 3/16" wide HeatnBond Quilters Edge
20 yds of 3/16″ wide HeatnBond Quilters Edge

SpraynBond by HeatnBond Temporary Quilt Basting Adhesivevia:
SpraynBond by HeatnBond Temporary Quilt Basting Adhesivevia:

Why is HeatnBond Quilter’s Edge wonderful?

  • It’s only 3 ...

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April 9, 2019
Endless applique design possibilities with printer friendly fusible web from Quilt Social

Yesterday, I spoke about the basics of fusible applique with HeatnBond Feather Lite Iron-On Adhesive where essentially you hand draw your appliques onto the paper backing of the product. Today, I want to talk about a very exciting product to make the design process so much easier and that product is HeatnBond EZ Print Lite.

HeatnBond EZ Print Lite Packaging, Exciting Printable Fusible Applique Sheets.
HeatnBond EZ Print Lite Packaging, Exciting Printable Fusible Applique Sheets.

What is great about HeatnBond EZ Print Lite?

  • You can download copyright-free designs from the Internet, copy and paste them onto a document and print onto the paper side of this product allowing you thousands ...

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April 8, 2019
How to effectively use HeatnBond Feather Lite and Pressing Paper from Quilt Social

All this week I’ll discuss some useful, versatile fuse and sew products brought to you by HeatnBond that allow you to add appliques to your projects with ease. These fusible products make your sewing easier to execute and embellished so that they look professionally sewn. You’ll learn easy applique, foundation paper piecing, an alternate to pinning and lamination using fusible products. Some very interesting methods to be discussed.

Today, I’m excited to talk about HeatnBond Feather Lite and Pressing Paper.

HeatnBond Feather Lite is a product that’s lightweight and can be fused to the reverse side ...

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April 5, 2019
Bee’s Knees Book Stand from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

We have been busy as a bee getting ready for Lori Holt’s (of Bee in my Bonnet) newest notion, the Bee’s Knees Book Stand! Easily read your quilt patterns, quilting books or cross stitch charts with the Bee’s Knees Book Stand! It can hold your quilt pattern or book right in front of you as you follow cutting or piecing instructions, so you can stay on track. We do have a giveaway of this stand so be sure to read to the bottom to see how to enter!

This book stand can be used for so many ...

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April 2, 2019
HeatnBond is one very happy family of fabric adhesives from Quilt Social

If you’ve used any of the HeatnBond products you’ll know how important they are in your sewing adventures. The sewing is easier and the finished results last a lifetime. Join us this week to explore other HeatnBond products you might not know about or have not yet used before to see what’s possible with them.

If instead, you’re new to the HeatnBond products, I’m so glad you’ll join us next week for the in-depth tutorials for the products that follow.

HeatnBond is one very happy family of fabric adhesives and long arm quilter Robin ...

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March 20, 2019
Sew Hot ~ GIVEAWAY! from Charm About You

I am thrilled to welcome Sew Hot as my newest sponsor. They are one of my favourite online shops, in part because of their amazing range of interfacing, notions and hardware, and (of course) the most gorgeous fabric collections. I don't know about you but when I'm ordering online I like to find shops that have everything I need. Sew Hot covers so many bases and also stocks Kona solids, Aurifil thread, Richard Hemming needles, Emmaline Bags hardware, Paper Pieces and much, much more.

Not only that but Sew Hot are now also open as a bricks and ...

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March 15, 2019
Nicked rotary blades? No problem with TrueCut Power Rotary Blade Sharpener from Quilt Social

Yesterday, all of the blocks for our Square Peg—Round Hole quilt were pieced and I introduced you to the TrueCut Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener. Did you go out and get one? It’s truly indispensable for quilters!

TrueCut Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener
TrueCut Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener

Before we begin to assemble the quilt, I want to mention another rotary blade sharpener: the TrueCut TrueSharp Power Rotary Blade Sharpener. With a name like that even Tim “The Toolman” Taylor would want one! What a great show that was—but I digress.

The difference between the TrueCut Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener I raved about yesterday ...

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March 14, 2019
TrueCut Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener is an indispensable tool for quilters from Quilt Social

It’s hard to believe the week is almost over.

Over the last two days, I’ve been working on the Square Peg – Round Hole quilt using TrueCut 6½” x 6½” and 12½” x 12½” quilting rulers and played with the TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter which, by the way, I really enjoyed using! These TrueCut tools have made cutting the square and circle pieces for this quilt top super easy and fast!

Another TrueCut tool I now can’t quilt without is the TrueCut Linear Rotary Blade Sharpener! Let’s get to the piecing of the quilt and then ...

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March 13, 2019
TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter makes perfect fabric circles effortless! from Quilt Social

Yesterday, using the TrueCut 6½” x 24½” and 12½” x 12½” quilting rulers, I got all background fabric pieces cut!

TrueCut quilting rulers are clearly marked and transparent to make fabric cutting easier.
TrueCut quilting rulers are clearly marked and transparent to make fabric cutting easier.

Today, I’ll use TrueCut 6½” x 6½” and 12½” x 12½” quilting rulers and the TrueCut 360ºCircle Cutter, to cut the accent color fabrics for the Square Peg – Round Hole Quilt.

TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter work on all cutting mats. A TrueCut tutorial on how to use the TrueCut System including: TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter, TrueCut 360º circle cutter, TrueCut Rulers and TrueCut
TrueCut 360º Circle Cutter

For the accent colors, I’m using a fat quarter (FQ) from every fabric of the Banyan Batiks Lustre collection. I love color! In other words, I’ll be ...

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March 12, 2019
The trick to cutting long pieces of fabric is in the fold! from Quilt Social

Yesterday, I introduced you to some of the TrueCut System tools I’ll be using this week to make a fun quilt called, Square Peg – Round Hole. I’ll be using the following TrueCut quilting rulers 6½” x 6½” [16.5 x 16.5cm], 12½” x 12½” [31.75 x 31.75cm], and the 6½” x 24½” [16.5 x 62.2cm]. With the required rulers at the ready, it’s time to start cutting our fabrics!

The awesome TrueCut 6½" x 6½", 12½" x 12½", and the 6½" x 24½" quilting rulers
The awesome TrueCut 6½” x 6½”, 12½” x 12½”, and the 6½” x 24½” quilting rulers

As mentioned yesterday, the quilt, once ...

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March 11, 2019
TrueCut System has the tools you want for perfect quilt cuts every time! from Quilt Social

Happy March 11th, more commonly called: Monday!

This week I’m excited to work on a quilt top design that I call: Square Peg – Round Hole. With a name like that, you’d be right in thinking we’ll be working with squares and circles.

To make this week’s quilt, I’ll use a variety of excellent tools from the TrueCut collection.

First off, let me introduce a little number called: TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter; specially designed to work beautifully with the suite of TrueCut rulers. For maximum versatility, My Perfect Rotary Cutter comes in 28mm, 45mm ...

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March 9, 2019
Square Peg – Round Hole quilt and the TrueCut System from Quilt Social

Happy weekend!

I’m writing this brief note to introduce to you our next week’s posts by one of our very exciting writers, Paul Leger. If you’re a QUILTsocial follower, you probably already know, Paul is a gifted quilt teacher with a strong enthusiasm for organizing quilt retreats of all kinds.

In these posts, Paul will show you how he uses several indispensable cutting tools from the TrueCut System as he makes the brilliant Square Peg – Round Hole quilt. He’ll be using quilting tools like:

TrueCut My Perfect Rotary Cutter, ergonomically designed to make perfect cuts with ...

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February 17, 2019
Step 5 – quilting, how and how much, add the finishing touch from Quilt Social

Welcome back. We’re at day five and have already accomplished so much!

All we gathered our supplies, did our cutting and preparation work, pieced and added borders then accented our Artisan Spirit Water Garden panel with both trapunto work and thread painting.

As an added benefit we’ve been putting our needle and thread knowledge to work by pairing SCHMETZ needles with a variety of Sulky and Gütermann threads for beautiful successful stitching.

For today’s fifth and final post in this series, we’ll put that knowledge to good use once again as we add the finishing touches ...

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February 14, 2019
Step 4 – thread painting for incredible lifelike detail from Quilt Social

I had a wonderful time yesterday showing you how I used basic trapunto techniques with SCHMETZ NeedlesSulky Thread and Fairfield Batting to add extra dimension our Artisan Spirit Water Garden heron panel.

Today I’ll use a variety of Sulky threads and SCHMETZ needles to accent the heron with beautiful thread painted detail.

Let’s have some fun!

What is thread painting?

Thread painting is a free motion quilting technique that involves using the machine needle and thread the way an artist would use a brush and paint. It can be used to add detail to applique and printed ...

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February 13, 2019
Step 3 – how to machine trapunto for added dimension from Quilt Social

Welcome back.

Yesterday was a busy day trimming the lovely Heron panel from the Artisan Spirit Water Garden, ironing the Sulky stabilizer in place, and using SCHMETZ needles and Gütermann thread to construct and attach borders to the panel.

Today I’ll use Sulky threadSCHMETZ needles and Fairfield batting to add extra dimension to our panel with easy machine trapunto.

You may remember that we used trapunto in part three of my post Say it with quilting, a designer cushion to give a raised appearance to the words and motifs.

This technique will help add extra visual depth to ...

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February 12, 2019
Step 2 – framing up a quilt panel using a patchwork border from Quilt Social

Welcome back to our continuing journey of perfect pairings for our SCHMETZ needles, Sulky and Gütermann threads.

Yesterday I listed the materials required to make a thread painted and quilted panel.

Today I’ll do some preparation work, a little bit of piecing and add borders to our beautiful Artisan Spirit Water Garden panel from Northcott.

You’ll see how the correct needle and thread make each step along the way both fun and easy.

Good preparation is the key to success when adding pieced borders to a printed panel. A tutorial on thread painting using SCHMETZ needles/ Gütermann threads / Northcott fabric
Good preparation is the key to success!

Good preparation is the key to success

I start by trimming a little bit off our panel.

I ...

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February 11, 2019
Step 1 – needles and threads for a thread painting tutorial from Quilt Social

During my previous QUILTsocial post, Perfect Pairings-needles and threads work together for successful quilting I described how to choose the best SCHMETZ needles to work with a variety of Sulky and Gütermann threads.

This week I’ll show you in 5 easy steps how to use these new skills to make a beautiful quilt from a printed panel using a variety of needles and threads.

I’m using the Heron panel from the Water Garden collection by Northcott to work with.

Let’s get started.

What you’ll need

Water Garden Printed panel DP21916-44 from Northcott

This beautiful, artistic depiction ...

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