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December 3, 2020
A 9 Patch ‘n’ Apps Christmas 9, 10 from Virtual Quilter

Another series of designs in Christmas colours which could be used all year.

I love the second design!

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October 15, 2020
Piecing Playtime 7, 8 from Virtual Quilter

I like the first one.

Change it around a bit and I still like it.

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September 6, 2020
9 Patch Night Vision 8, 9, 10 from Virtual Quilter

In this series I am trying to make it look like two blocks, created by choosing nine patch blocks with the corner squares solid, then adding a quarter of a four patch design to that corner square. The first design works well, but it would be a bit difficult to piece the two blocks into a quilt top.

The concept is not easy to see in the second design, partly because some blocks do not have the nine patch elements. I have just worked out that quilting lines could be used to show where the seams lines joining those nine ...

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March 13, 2020
9 Patch 'n' Apps 7×7 21, 22 from Virtual Quilter

I always enjoy adding quilting designs to virtual quilts … and wish I could quilt a real quilt as quickly as I can virtually quilt!

Doesn’t help my quilting speed that my prefered method of quilting is by hand!

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March 8, 2020
Red and White Quilts 43, 44 from Virtual Quilter

Interesting, and all those blocks are made with simple, straight seams.

Another interesting design, and though I am not a fan of red and white even if they are the local sporting colours, I really like it! Room for quilting os a bonus.

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March 7, 2020
Red, Black and White 9, 10 from Virtual Quilter

I keep finding little clumps of projects which have been shoved in a corner and forgotten. This project file is one of half a dozen found under a virtual stash of block drawing projects. All the blocks are basically pieced 9P blocks.

LOL! The seam lines look like I used white thread to piece everything together … something I would have to unpick in a real project, but it can be an advantage when sharing virtual designs as you can see the seam lines. But in the virtual world, we don’t always see the same thing on our screens!

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March 6, 2020
Nan's Nine Patches 29, 30 from Virtual Quilter

The first design today is a bit busy for my taste, but I do like it!

I love the second one, and I must try to turn those linked star blocks inside out, but I think there may be a problem with the corners!

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February 1, 2020
Virtual Challenge 2020 February from Virtual Quilter

Playing with Pieces

The challenge this month is to draw some 9 Patch blocks.

So, New Project—Horizontal setting. Give it a name you will recognise!

Open a New Block—Create Easy Draw Block..

Set up the grid initially for 3 x 3 squares, and 9 inches square.. If you set the size for a multiple of 3 then the grid will match the measurements of the block. However, this is not the most commonly used grid to draft 9 patch blocks.

Keep in mind that the block design can be used at any size, regardless of the drafting size ...

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June 25, 2019
Card Trick from Zarkadia Quilts

The Card Trick quilt block seems very, very difficult. I admit I was intimidated when I first saw it…But fear no more! The Quilt Codex has the solution.

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The post Card Trick appeared first on Zarkadia Quilting Co..

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