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January 3, 2014
Happy New Years to All! from Quilting Nonnie

Happy New Years. And I hope you haven't spent it like I did!

Christmas morning I was "sick". New Years Day I was sick.

Interestingly enough (at least for you, my lovely readers) is that we have a family tradition of someone being sick on Christmas Day. Not every Christmas, but enough to make us sick of it (sick humor) (more sick humor) (...)

But let's just hurry past that and go to the happy news: I had the blessed opportunity to spend Christmas with Nancy Drew, SWH, Sweetie and Curly. I haven't spent Christmas with my family ...

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December 18, 2013
Christmas Carol Countdown: 6 Days to Go! from Quilting Nonnie

Yesterday I got my Christmas gifts mailed east to TGS & OSLW.

I'm still working on the mystery gift. That has to be done by Saturday. I have another gift that I'm making and it has to be finished by Sunday. I would feel better if I also didn't have deadlines at work. By the time I get to Friday, I'm definitely going to need the vacation!

I'm winging out to Utah on Monday to Nancy Drew's house. Speaking of Nancy Drew, it brings up the Carol for today. My daughter was not supposed to ...

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Christmas Carol Countdown: 7 days to go! from Quilting Nonnie

What A Momentous Day for Me!!!! This is my 100th post. I am very excited. And grateful. Thank you to everyone who takes time to read my blog. It is a precious gift.  

Can it be? Three more days to vacation? Eight days to Christmas? I told my hubby tonight that we have some gift wrapping to do. I've got to get the east coast packages out of here!

It's fun wrapping with my husband...his way of wrapping is definitely his own unique style and the kids love getting packages wrapped by him. During the early years ...

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October 24, 2013
Blogger's Quilt Festival from Michelle's Romantic Tangle

The Blogger's Quilt Festival starts tomorrow over at Amy's Creative Side.  I can't wait -- the quilts are always absolutely amazing!


About ten minutes after I saw Moda's line of Nancy Drew fabric, I was stealing a  felt tip pen from one of my kids and sketching out a design.  I had this vision of the book covers scattered across the top of a traditional patchwork quilt...

I could see it clearly in  my head and I had my fingers tightly crossed that the folks at the Moda Bake Shop could picture it too and would approve ...

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