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August 14, 2021
Wildfires, summer update and projects from The Crafty Quilter

While I usually blog about quilting and crafting, I also give updates on what’s happening in my community and my family. Most of the time it’s good news and fun stuff (which I do have some of that to share in a bit), but my top story today is about the wildfires in California.


I have lived in Northern California my whole life, and I have never experienced such terrible wildfires as we have seen in the past several years. The Dixie fire has been challenging fire fighters for one month now while it continues to burn ...

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July 17, 2021
Summer, projects and updates from The Crafty Quilter

Sometimes finding a title for a blog post takes longer than writing the thing. Well, not really, but it’s a roadblock for sure. I have been all over the place with life lately and not as focused on the quilting world as I’d like to be. So here’s a little update on what’s happening in my world this summer.

We’ve been enjoying a lot of time at home and taking short trips here and there. We’ll be going to Austin next weekend to celebrate our granddaughter’s 6th birthday. We’ll be watching her ...

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May 26, 2021
Sampler Spree fun with a rainbow of fabric squares from The Crafty Quilter

Last week I cut a rainbow of 3 3/4″ squares using fabric from each of my scrap bins. I was preparing for a project I’m doing with my daughter’s 5th grade class (she’s the teacher) involving hexagons and tessellating shapes. I’ll give you the full report on that later next week. Anyways, it turns out that 2 1/2″ squares will work better, but I didn’t want to trim the previously cut squares. Too much work and who wants to waste fabric? I had a bunch of mini charm packs that were perfect and ...

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January 28, 2021
Quilt projects and grandkids have been keeping me busy from The Crafty Quilter

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I last blogged! Quilt projects have been keeping me busy along with “all the things”, and time has just run amuck. The last time I posted here, I was getting ready to launch a new Zoom class, Possibilities, through my local quilt shop, The Granary. We had our first of five classes on Tuesday. I designed the pattern as a skill-builder type of project, and I’m still getting the final pieces of the pattern finished. I’ll have it available in my Etsy Shop eventually.

My recent quilt projects include my Possibilities Quilt, designed by me, Julie Cefalu.
Possibilities Quilt, Option 3 ...

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December 27, 2020
Happy Holidays and some handmade gifts from The Crafty Quilter

I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Holidays and wish you a wonderful New Year! I’ve been absent from blogging the past few weeks while I finished last minute gifts and attempted to make this Christmas a merry one despite being apart from family and friends. I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 has been a year of strange and crazy things, and I look forward to 2021 with optimism and hope.

Happy Holidays from Julie at The Crafty Quilter!

Handmade gifts

I can finally share a few gifts I made in December. The first one was a secret Santa gift for one ...

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October 8, 2020
Stitch Pink and Sew Along for fire victims from The Crafty Quilter

Hi everyone. I want to update you on my progress for the Stitch Pink Sew Along and tell you about a new sew along for fire victims of the CZU Lightening Complex fires in California.

Sew Along for Fire Victims

I’m going to start with the new sew along, Jumpstart on Christmas 5-day Sew Along at Modern Handmade in Scotts Valley, CA. Sarah, the owner of Modern Handmade, knows first hand of the devastation the CZU Complex Lightening fires have brought to her customers. Her shop is located in the vicinity of these fires (it remains undamaged), and she ...

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September 20, 2020
Fabric Triangle Scarf Tutorial from The Crafty Quilter

As the weather transitions from summer to fall, it’s nice to have a light scarf to keep you warm. I’ve got the perfect solution with my Fabric Triangle Scarf Tutorial. This is the best way to add a layer of warmth without feeling too heavy. It’s also perfect for gift-giving as the holiday season approaches!

Fabric Triangle Scarf Tutorial @ The Crafty Quilter.  This is a really cute scarf that is simple to make!

I love accenting an outfit with a cute scarf. The fabrics I chose coordinate well with each other, and it’s a color I wear often. The polkadot fabric, above, is rayon and I can’t remember where I purchased it. The ...

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July 28, 2020
A few sewing gifts completed from The Crafty Quilter

It’s nice to make gifts for others, but especially when you know that gift will be appreciated by the recipient (who is also very crafty). I recently finished a few sewing gifts that I’ve been waiting to share with you so as not to spoil the surprise for the recipient.

My oldest daughter, Kelly, had a birthday last week and I made her a Market Bag. The pattern is from the book, Handmade Style, by Anna Graham of Noodlehead. This book is full of great projects and the market bag was an easy one to make.

The Market Bag made by Julie Cefalu @ The Crafty Quilter.  Pattern is from the book, Handmade Style, by Anna Graham

It’s ...

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April 16, 2020
New BOM blocks and a tip from The Crafty Quilter

How’s everyone doing out there? Sheltering in place is a blessing in disguise for many, especially if you have a creative hobby that you love. I’ve been happily working on some new BOM (block of the month) blocks that I’m loving.

First up is the Safe At Home Modern Row by Row Quilt from Sara at Modern Handmade. “This will be an 8 week Quarantine Quilt-along! The price of the pattern is $25. Each week you will be emailed the week’s new block as a digital download. Then you will use the block to complete a ...

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