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August 13, 2019
My Anniversary from Mama Spark's World

Today marks 36 years of marriage to my best friend.   It has NOT always been easy but it has ALWAYS been worth it! Didn't we look like babies?? Our rehersal dinner Walking down the aisle The new Mr and Mrs. That was then and this is now. So many adventures with him and hopefully many more to come.   So Happy Anniversary to the best partner in

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July 3, 2019
Camping from Mama Spark's World

We took our fifth wheel out to camp last weekend.   We belong to a camping network and have decided we want to try to use it more this year.   We headed out to Omer, MI about 2.5 hours north of home.  We always think it looks so big until we go camping and see  we are actually more medium to small sized! We travel with the cats in the cab of the truck.   They are the happiest when

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July 2, 2019
Our Willow Tree from Mama Spark's World

Last week my husband called me at work to tell me that our GIGANTIC willow tree had just fallen. It was in our backyard.   One side faces into the woods so it really was only growing on one side.   I think all the water just weighted the branch side down so much that it actually cracked the trunk.  It's interesting that we both, independently, thought it should probably come down soon.   It

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June 28, 2019
Friday Musings from Mama Spark's World

Can you believe I have not sewn at all this week??   I am feeling pretty anxious with all I need to do and no time to do it.  I started working 4 10 hour days so I could have Fridays off.   It puts me home SO much later that by the time dinner is done it's practically time for bed!   UGH.   Thank goodness it is staying light longer. I have some cat pics to share today.  Those crazy boys

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September 21, 2018
Catching Up from Mama Spark's World

I realize that I have not posted in awhile.   We went camping and my time was consumed with preparing to go and then the actual camping.   It was glorious!   Makes me want to retire even sooner.   We did manage to set a tentative date for my retirement, and I am so excited about that.   June 1, 2020.   OK on to our camping trip.  We camped at a campground in Standish, MI.  LOVED this

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July 10, 2018
A Peek Into My Life from Mama Spark's World

I don't talk much about my sisters.   Not because I don't like them but because sometimes being their sister is hard.   Sometimes it is the hardest thing I have to do in my life.   Both of my sisters have pretty significant life challenges.   My older sister, Vicki, was born mentally impaired and with cataracts on both eyes.   They had to remove her lenses when she was small and she wears

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Happy Tuesday from Mama Spark's World

When we were in GR for our visit we stopped at a garage sale on the way home. I found this darling needle case there. The lady just gave it to me. Made my day! We stopped in Mason on our way home too.  I picked up some fabrics that were on a pretty good sale. Mendocino octopi. This great background fabric from Allison Glass.  Sure wish they had more of this one! These

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June 25, 2018
Sewing With Cats from Mama Spark's World

Before I talk about sewing with my cats I wanted to let you all know why  I have not been responding to comments.   I am reading them all but blogger is not sending me the comments.   I am working on resolving the issue but apparently I am not the only one experiencing this.   I'm not sure why they changed this but it has been a pain.  I  have tried all the suggested "fixes" but they have

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February 12, 2018
Crazy Weekend! from Mama Spark's World

This was the first weekend in a LONG time that we didn't have some commitment.   It was HEAVEN! Unfortunately, we got totally DUMPED on with snow!   This is my deck.  My hubby had some bins out on the deck and you can see how much snow we actually got.   It was over 12"! The pile after blowing the driveway! Our front yard. Hubby was continually shoveling or snow

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December 8, 2017
A Day In The Life from Mama Spark's World

I got an amazing set of texts with photos from my husband yesterday involving Finn.   Finn has claimed my husband as his person.   We have had many cats over the years but this is the first one that has really bonded with Chris.   So yesterday they had quite the day and I thought I would share. They just finished the laundry and were doing the dishes. Then they made pasta sauce

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October 17, 2017
Fish Quilt Progress from Mama Spark's World

I was determined that this past weekend I would make good progress (if not finish) the fish quilt top.  I only had a few of the blocks made but midway through Sunday I had all the blocks made  and up on my design wall. I still needed to put in the sashing at this point.   My thoughts were, "well, you could do the in-between sashing."   So I added that. And how much more time

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October 12, 2017
Trunk or Treat from Mama Spark's World

When we were in Holly for the memorial, we finished relatively early so we decided to go to downtown Holly and walk around.   They have a lot of nice shops and we usually go to the Dicken's Festival there in December.   We had an early dinner at a great little cafe there and wouldn't you know it, they had the entire downtown closed off for a vintage car show and "Trunk or Treat" for the kids!

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September 21, 2017
OBX from Mama Spark's World

We just returned from a trip to the Outer Banks of NC (or OBX as the natives say).   We drove for 15 hours to get there with our camper.   The kittens did great in the truck and even used the litter box I set up for them.   This is our first BIG trip in our new camper.   Feel like coming along?  Here we go!! The kittens took up some of their favorite positions, laying on one or the other

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