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October 19, 2020
sewing Saturday options and choices Two designs from one block from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's sewing round up!  let's start the show, shall we?

Remember last week I made the lozenge blocks in RSC color of yellow for October! When I make those I sew the cutaway half square triangles and use them in a bonus quilt every month.
 They are 1.5" before finishing
                                         ... I made some leaf blocks which finish at 3" then started to play...
cute and graphic

also nice

I kind of like these flashes of color too!


love this!

the final design with 10 blocks

But then I wondered what they would be like ...

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October 2, 2020
painting show and tell from Not Afraid of Color


Welcome to this week's painting post... I am taking the course Start your Art with two instructors daily for 14 days. 

I find I have little patience for the talk at the beginning of each video so I tend listen a little while I draw the speaker's portrait, then skip to any instruction they give

The sunflower painting came as a result of the teacher on the top right who encourages you to wet the paper, drop in color loosely, then layer more dynamic lines and color after that dries. 

I LOVE it... and when it went on ...

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September 23, 2020
Fall Home from Not Afraid of Color

"Fall Home"  45" X 25" 2020

Today is my Fall quilt reveal day for the Fall Blog Hop at 
 (I will include the others posting today at the end but this is the entire schedule!) 
the images should enlarge if you click on them for details... it's been so smoky here, we don't have sunlight to get better images, sorry! 


My goal was to use my cute Fall fabric collection in making a fun quilt... 
I had captured this google image once and thought it would be a good ...

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September 21, 2020
sewing Saturday... where we talk about creating with fabric from Not Afraid of Color


I've been sewing a lot this week... for the first time in a long time I made a commitment and have a deadline. More about that in a minute... the above image is of my cut off half square triangle blocks in red, finished! 

To remind you, these were the throwaways when I made my lozenge blocks in Red for the RSC last week


 I moved them around til I created a new block, then found fun border fabrics... black with red circles, multi color circles, black and white stars... all favorites of mine over the years, all in ...

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August 28, 2020
a painting and a drawing from Not Afraid of Color


So, it all started with a post from the Writer's Almanac this week... mentioning Georges Braque. I remember I like his work, and wanted to learn more about him, so I did a little research...

On Georges Braque Artist of Cubism 

I looked and looked through his artwork, to see why I'm drawn to his style, and what makes his style so definable to me... 

pablo picasso, georges braque and the advent of cubism 

 I decided it was the hard edges, or planes, with color dragged away from them... kind of like last week's leaves painting I did. I got out the prismacolor watercolor pencils and did a quick still life of ...

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August 19, 2020
Sewing Saturday purple lozenges from Not Afraid of Color

 It was a busy week of sewing and creative pursuits here at Chez LeeAnna's!

I did the purple lozenge blocks for the RSC this month... 

which means, I also had a lot of little 1 1/2" HST's left over... I started playing with those...

the paper on the right is some google images I printed out to start my engines running

I really like this arrangement but would want more hst units so maybe in future...

then this caught my eye...

sewn together it's 7" X 10"
More on this one next week... it's now ...

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August 12, 2020
flower series #5 my favorite from Not Afraid of Color


 This is Number 5 in the Flower series... all of them based on my painting, all of them 12" square

You learn so much by doing a series... imagining new ways to interpret a theme. I was looking through google images at pink flowers, and saw a close up of one... 
I noted the stamens... and remembered taking a close up of my own flowers this spring and how each blossom was made of a lot of tiny blossoms. 
I forgot to take photos in the frenzy that followed, but the process was to take a hand dyed fabric with ...

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August 7, 2020
paint party Friday... from Not Afraid of Color


 Welcome to paint party Friday, and my weekly painting post. I just did two painted sketches this week, and finished a fiber piece that was inspired by one of my paintings. 

The pink flower above was going to be a mandala, and I liked the simplicity of it, so I left it. 

I think I like the edge of the petals, and the mix of paint by dragging the brush across two pans at once. 

The other one was to be an experiment with mixing the two colors on one brush stroke, then writing over it... 

this is what comes ...

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July 15, 2020
Saturday Sewing Round-up from Not Afraid of Color

It looks like I've hardly been sewing but I've been up in my overheated garret studio every day this week!
Mainly doing this
Joy got me started, and I thought, why not make a king quilt for the bed in summer?? I'm using leftover solid fabrics for the most part, mixed with some older calico scraps, some black and white, and a cut up oxford white shirt of dh's! Right now there are 40 blocks and I realized I need a half row at the bottom at least to cover the bed. It's still in ...

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June 13, 2020
sewing saturday round-up of the week from Not Afraid of Color

My painting is leading to sewing...
It all started with the pink flower painting, printed three times on fabric.
Left: paper print
middle: color fabric print
Right: lightly shaded black and white with pencil color
In order to pencil color on, I printed a black and white washed out shadow version. Prismacolor pencils blend well on fabric, then heat set with iron.

I finished the black and white version earlier,

When the color of the month at RSC turned to pink, I took out my pink scrap bin, and noted some rounded pieces left from cutting some blocks last year ...

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June 10, 2020
learning from experts from Not Afraid of Color

buttonhole filler around center, backstitch, flystitch, featherstich
I am taking a class thru blueprint with Sue Spargo.
so much to learn from experts, right?
I have been doing embroidery since I was about 7, and made a Christmas gift for my mother.
When we were allowed to wear jeans to school, I embroidered the legs of my bell bottoms, until it was mostly crewel threads holding them together. I sure wish I had those today, wonder what happened to them?
I've done this a long time, but there is always, ALWAYS, something to learn...
At first I just watched ...

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May 27, 2020
Sewing Saturday I need a name... from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's sewing round up! I finished one of two green strings improv pieces this week, along with making a kindle cover, and sorting through some studio supplies.

The design wall looks very spring-y I think
plus in the world of fiber, I started knitting socks again. DH loves my hand knitted socks and his have been repaired so many times they look like tiny patchwork quilts!
I had to remind myself how to knit them on two small circular needles, so it took longer than usual to get this ribbing done and start on the cuff ...

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May 15, 2020
paint party plus! from Not Afraid of Color

what makes this paint party special is I did a combination project with quilting.
I took a lesson from Thirsty for Art. She said paint a picture without thinking about content or product, just let your intuition guide you.
this happened. Next write words that come to mind when you look at it. I wrote words like eternity, flow, crossing, curves, continuance...
Next she asked us to write how we felt after making the piece... harder...
in a nutshell I said, calmer. Surprised. Satisfied meaning I didn't want to change or add anything.

I was surprised at how nice ...

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May 13, 2020
sewing Saturday it's greening up around here from Not Afraid of Color

I've spent time in the studio this week, painting and sewing both equally.

I enjoy following along with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge each year because it
1. encourages us to use scraps and I love scraps
2. gives us a focus color to explore for a month
3. provides a ready made menu for the year, once you choose your patterns then it's just sew those blocks each month in the chosen color, then see what everyone else is making in same color

I admit, I'd have liked not to do turquoise, then light blue, then dark ...

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February 28, 2020
sewing saturday "Open the door" from Not Afraid of Color

"Open the door..."  12" X 12"  2/2020
My art quilt group decided to do a year long series/challenge of 12 inch square journal quilts. We can make anything we want, have a theme or just make what reflects our month.
I chose as my words of the year the phrase, "open the door..."  to remind me to take a chance on life.
To interpret that for January's journal quilt, I knew I wanted an open 3-d door, opening to brilliant colors.

I started by googling images of curved doors, and settled on two images. Then comparing them ...

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December 23, 2019
sewing saturday on making something for another artist from Not Afraid of Color

I did a gift exchange with Rose from my art quilting group.
Now, artists have their own style. Rose has told us more than once that she enjoys pale colors, washed out deconstructed fraying edges, and NO bindings.

 So when the time came to make her something she would like, I put aside my style a bit, left out high contrast saturated colors, fancy edge treatments, beading and pulled out my box of painted and inked fabrics. I get going with paint, and do a lot of components, to use in collage later. Placing an 11" square of peltex down ...

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November 17, 2019
Paint party Friday... owls and gratitude from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to Paint Party Friday! (
I love seeing color move on paper as well as fabric, well, I just love color!
My little owl is one of two paintings done this week... four if you count the backs!
I tear a sheet of watercolor paper in half, because I like to work small and am learning still.
There is so much to learn in this world isn't there? I love to learn!
My thought in the beginning as I looked at the white blank sheet was to do a foreground owl, with mountains and the moon ...

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November 13, 2019
sewing Saturday... abstracts, owls, and flamingos oh my from Not Afraid of Color

Well if it's Saturday, it's all about sewing!
The above abstract piece was a surprise. I was working on other projects, but found I needed some medicinal stitching. Last week I showed the little red piece,
I wondered what would become of it...
This week I got out purple tiny scraps and turquoise ones... and sewed while listening to the latest book.
I keep even tiny pieces as they look like cool mosaics sewn together. I also do not cut scraps into squares or strips... I don't work that way, and don't view scraps that way ...

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October 4, 2019
watching paint dry... and Inktober from Not Afraid of Color

journal page

Welcome to Paint Party Friday. I was inspired by INKTober (drawing each day) and...
I was inspired this week by the colorful aspen trees in Fall.
In the journal sketch one morning, I liked the effect of putting a line around a drawing, letting the image go outside the box.
the whole page with different experiments
I liked learning to draw banners, so I put a pumpkin in one, and like the delicate barely there paint
trying an effect of writing with brush marker, then white gel over it. Writing morning thoughts, without judgement, just writing. Then drawing ...

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