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May 25, 2019
Orange inspiration from Not Afraid of Color

I finished my two blocks for Rainbow Scrap Challenge, using Orange scraps. There were small curved bits left after cutting the snowball blocks, so I sewed them together to make little petals.

  I practiced on paper, painting one with petals for hair...
before painting a face on fabric.

It wasn't as simple as painting a watercolor face, I used prisma-color pencils to do her face on muslin, and although the pencils blend well, there's a tug on fabric's weave. I'm pretty happy with her though. I think I'll use the batik for clothing, and applique ...

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May 19, 2019
paint party Friday Spring Faces from Not Afraid of Color

I've been having the best time painting on paper again, with the Sketchbook Revival course (by Karen Abend) and learned it's important for me to keep my supplies out in view, right by the computer.

I went back through before the videos would be cut off, and painted a little portrait of each teacher with their page in my sketchbook. I took notes on their techniques, tried the exercises, and now can remember what they looked like.
This teacher was working in acrylics, which I've not done on paper (fabric paint is acrylic) and I didn't ...

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May 15, 2019
paint party Friday from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to paint party Friday!
My friend Carol (https://quiltedfabricart) told me about a free online sketching/painting workshop, unfortunately now over. I signed up and it was very fast paced with two videos a day from world known teachers. I have another week to finish up but it'so been very valuable to me. it was at (

First of all I now have my sketchbook, paint sketchbook, watercolors, pencils and pens out on the kitchen table next to the computer.

Apparently it's good for my creativity to have supplies at hand. I've been ...

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May 3, 2019
Interview with an artist "beading" from Not Afraid of Color

We went to the Rocky mountain bead bazaar this weekend.
Yep, extra husband points for Drew!
It was overwhelming, but I managed to purchase two cabochons (see above) so I can learn how to do bead embroidery. The iron pyrite is for healing, the face for love, I love faces!!
I won a ring kit too...
as we looked around I was stopped in my tracks at this artist's booth
youtube video about classes
Diane used to be a swarovski crystal representative and boy did her booth sparkle! She is a designer who teaches, sells patterns, and her work ...

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April 19, 2019
Learning by doing... line and balance from Not Afraid of Color

It started with the kind folks of my Maryland bee who sent me scraps from a group project.
This pile of scraps led to two quilts, and three bookmarks!

The angles intrigued me. I  soaked and washed the large pile of scraps for days because batiks, lovely as they are, have a lot of chemicals in them that cause a reaction when you press them.

I began deciding which angle to join them trying different ways to put the uneven tiny pieces together. I'd sew enough to cut them into larger different sized blocks.

Then I started moving them ...

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April 17, 2019
Aqua as a color from Not Afraid of Color

getting the pieces planned out before sewing them
The color for April at the rainbow scrap challenge is AQUA which is a personal favorite.
As a working artist I need to know my colors... and as a fiber artist I need to have all colors here and ready to be used.
 The challenge is to use your scraps to create something beautiful. I have a lot of scraps organized by color. I have yardage organized by color or sometimes by type (flamingos) I label my drawers, and bins of scraps. None of them said Aqua. More about the snowballs in ...

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April 2, 2019
I Like Thursday #134 from Not Afraid of Color

Welcome to this week's list of likes! I like the colorful boxes I've gathered over the years, for my studio storage. Things like zippers, bag handles, trims.

I liked going to the small Denver sewing expo last weekend... some pictures...
Look at the antique sewing machine cabinet drawers turned into display boxes.
This may be too many buttons, what do you think?
I laughed seeing this pattern for a dog/cat bed... Milo would take one look and tear it shred to shred. After all that work, so I won't be making that.
I liked chatting with ...

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March 8, 2019
the latest challenge... Flamingo Pink, Palm tree green... from Not Afraid of Color

Behold, my latest challenge quilt. For those who don't quilt...
I belong to an online art quilting group where I met and became friends with a talented woman named Carol (
She issued a challenge to us to open any book or magazine to page 20 and use that as inspiration to make a quilt.

You see the page in Home and Garden that I turned to, color! Yea! Perfect!
I was kind of literal in color and shape... but when I saw the colors I thought of Florida and beloved flamingos and palm trees.

I ...

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January 29, 2019
Studio time... from Not Afraid of Color

I've been enjoying studio time this week. It's treacherous to walk outside right now...
that's the street, under the snow, no plowing around here
 So I find joy going up to my little studio these days...with my little shadow...
It's all about me...
I am obsessed with my cattails in winter piece, but took some time out to do Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks in reds. I like the chandelier pattern from
I made 8 blocks in various reds, with various white/cream colored backgrounds. I plan to do about 8-10 in ...

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January 20, 2019
rubies! from Not Afraid of Color

Don't you love Rubies??! I do! What a nice gift they would make for Valentine's day!
Well, these are made from red scraps. Inspiration came from Jean Wells art quilt book, and the Rainbow Scrap challenge color of the month, red.

I'll just show some close ups so you can see the fabrics are different. I pulled thin strips out of the bin... and for some reason wanted to keep them kind of even. I did the log cabin setting courthouse stairs.
I started with any size rectangle... and tried to keep the darker shades to the ...

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January 2, 2019
31 days of posts Print making at the art museum from Not Afraid of Color

We went to the Denver art museum yesterday afternoon. What a hassle to get there. It's okay but nothing compared to the National Gallery of Art... it's hard not to compare them since we spent the last 24 years going to the National.... I know this is our new normal.
thick fibers woven
That said, it was fun to see a new museum. While DH waited in the long line (at 2:30 PM for Pete's sake! I thought we'd be the only people still buying entrances) I looked around the shop. It's a good ...

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December 22, 2018
31 days of posts Sewing... opinions wanted from Not Afraid of Color

Here is my little Hexie table runner... done! Yea!
Fairly quick to stitch while watching TV this month. Fun to arrange.
I started with one of the little 2.5" square packets, added in some of my Christmas scraps and love how it came out. The poinsettia girl, the snow scenes the holly, the red bird/star are all mine. The smallest scrap can showcase a design!
I basted behind the papers only (not thru) and could easily remove them. Put the quilt on red felt, quilted with gold metallic thread (YLI) and buttonhole stitched around the whole thing outside ...

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December 19, 2018
31 days of posts... fabric condolence card from Not Afraid of Color

If I'm writing about Joy this month, I have to include sorrow. It's the flip side. My friend Mary and her husband lost their beloved cat this holiday.
I show you this in case you also want to make a momento for a loved one...

This 11" X 12" fabric card was made to comfort her in loss.
I used two of her images from her blog printed onto fabric to piece into the little quilt.
It is made onto peltex instead of batting.
The three hearts stand for Mary, her husband and son. I wrote on the ...

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December 13, 2018
31 days of Posts... Fabric as comfort back to quilt making! from Not Afraid of Color

The song puts "tidings of comfort and Joy" together for a reason. Comfort leads to joy at times...

I love collecting and using fabric. I like to use my collections when I can in the same quilt.

I enjoy working on the colors in the current season, so I start a Christmas quilt in December. This time I'm trying Bonnie Hunter's block bargello pattern (free on her site)

I started with scraps of Christmas fabrics but there were very few 2.5" strips so I culled what I could, then moved into my red, then green, then tan ...

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December 1, 2018
And now for a little something quilt-y from Not Afraid of Color

Will you lookie here! Not even December and I've got the Christmas table runners on the front sofas already!
That's because:
1. I found them in the moving mess
2. I needed some red in my life right now
Did you know, sure you did, that color is really vibration and energy? Red vibrates and causes reactions in humans. I love red and all the warm colors. I also love blues and the cool colors but it's red's turn now.

I used my font stash to print out an alphabet to use on the words, and ...

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November 17, 2018
Hawaiian Flamingos an impressionist quilt from Not Afraid of Color

It may be small but it represents a lot. ( 10" X 12.5")
My friend Sonja in Hawaii, is an artist who also teaches painting on fabric, and got the great idea to send me some scraps. Tiny pieces, odd pieces, strings that tied the sweet soap she included
all that in a little bento box with two ti leaves!
I pressed all of it, even the little strings holding the soap, and arranged it to make myself see a landscape.
I have found if I think about a certain thing in nature while making an abstract work, it comes ...

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November 10, 2018
"Poodle with a Pearl" from Not Afraid of Color

"Poodle with a Pearl"  12" X 12" 
Today I am sharing my challenge piece for Art with Fabric Blog hop hosted by Alida at
 ( Art with Fabric Hop )
My quilt was inspired by Vermeer and his painting Girl with a Pearl earring. I saw an exhibit at the National Gallery of Art in DC a few years back. I've done almost 20 STAT quilts (see more here) over the past years, all interpreting a famous painter but in fabric with emphasis on texture.

I start by researching what made that Artist's work so outstanding. I try to learn ...

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November 2, 2018
Web of Fun... this year's Halloween quilt from Not Afraid of Color

Look at all the fun fabrics! I make a Halloween quilt each year, and this post is about sewing again!
web of fun   36" X 36"

The pillow kit got me going again in my new studio space.

I thought I should get the place organized first, so I knew where things were to use, but abandoned that in my need to "make"

The pillow kit was the stimulus to sew, and expensive and incomplete as the kit was, it did that.

On to the pattern I saw in Quiltmaker magazine in October 2018 issue, named SPOOKY
I chose about ...

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June 5, 2018
Friday's flower show... Lana, lana, how does your garden grow? Petal by petal from Not Afraid of Color

Purple posies!
My improv flowers are growing !
I needed some sew time, so I dug through my tiny purple scraps...
Nope, too regular... but I picked out the odd shaped ones to start sewing. I do not measure or worry I just sew angle to angle, curve to curve and they come out kind of lumpy...
til I spray them with water and press them with this
the big iron
and bend them to my will til they are terrifically flat
this one is way too interesting to be a flower so it goes back in the box as starter ...

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May 26, 2018
In the Pink from Not Afraid of Color

The color of the month at Rainbow Scrap Challenge is pink. I took an hour this week to play with my pink scraps as I could actually FIND my pink scraps! I made a dresden
and with the trimmings from the blade,  sewed together a flower
For fun I placed a turned-edge green stem and a purple heart on it. Of course after stitching the angled bits it was uneven so I quickly went along the outside with my pinking sheers.

Can't throw away anything so the cut offs from this
went into these, and I actually might not ...

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