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July 10, 2019
Can You Find Your Art Supplies? from Professional Quilter


I have been in a “cleaning out” mode lately.

We have talked about downsizing in the next year or so. I always joke that I am on a five-year plan for decluttering, and the time just keeps getting shorter.

Looking around at my studio, I realized that it could use a healthy cleaning. So I started sorting through books, fabrics, and art supplies.

Gosh, we quilters, sewists and artists certainly do accumulate a lot. I know I will appreciate the open space in which to create.

Here are some tips if you are facing that increasing pile, or piles, of ...

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June 26, 2019
I May Have A Scrap Problem... Konmari, Don't Come Near My Fabric! from Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Hi, all!

Since I'm on vacation, I haven't been sewing this week - but I have been reading Marie Kondo's book about tidying and purging.  It's eye-opening - she has some very good and sound ideas (and also some totally whack-a-doodle ones!).  But the one room I am declaring a Konmari-free zone?  My sewing room!  

If your curiosity has been piqued by the idea of only keeping things that bring you joy, I do recommend reading the book - it's an engaging read (I read over 60% of it yesterday afternoon while sitting by the pool) and you ...

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February 8, 2019
VIntage Panel Finish from Needle and Foot

Happy Friday everyone!  It has been really busy here between the shop, the usual migraine nonsense and… wait for it…. getting ready to leave for Vermont!  I am going to be watching my grand daughter for three weeks.  Her mama has to go to Washington DC for a month long training session and asked if I would come and help out while my son is with H.  He commutes a fair bit to work and back which makes H’s daycare time much longer if he is on his own with her.  Between that and snow days and the usual ...

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February 6, 2019
KonMari Your Stash Part II: How to Fold & Organize from Quilt Addicts Anonymous

A couple weeks ago we posted a video on how to KonMari Your Stash and you all loved it! You can watch it by clicking here.
In that video I showed you how we fold fat eighths, fat quarters, half yards and yard cuts so that everything is uniform in size and stored vertically so you can easily see what you have, and what you need.
But you all had LOTS of questions about fabric folds I didn’t cover in the video and most of them were on the same topics, so we made a second video to answer ...

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