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July 20, 2021
One Thing Leads To Another from Wedding Dress Blue

The kitchen/dining chairs really needed new seats. My father built this set in the mid-1970s after one of their old chairs broke while my mother was standing on it to reach the top cabinet to get down the silver chest for a holiday dinner. She broke several ribs. He was very angry and broke the old rickety set to pieces and made one that WOULD NOT BREAK.

I was given the set when I moved out on my own. What a great gift!

It has been used and used. Four children and all their friends. Meals. School projects. Game ...

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July 14, 2021
Safe Haven Alternative Finish: Top Complete from Wedding Dress Blue

At last! The blocks sat for a year, more or less, before I came back to them and pushed towards a finish.

And I am pleased with it. Yes, the picture isn’t great due to size and adverse weather conditions, but you get the idea.

Final size is 84″ x 96″. A useful size and reasonable shape. It will be a while before it is a true finish. I need backing fabric and quilting and binding, but, this is a complete top and I am glad of it!

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July 13, 2021
Safe Haven Alternative Finish: Step Four from Wedding Dress Blue

First border. Narrow–just enough to set apart the blocks, but not to add too much to the height.

I think there are three more borders coming…the end is in sight.

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July 5, 2021
Safe Haven Alternative Finish: Step Two from Wedding Dress Blue

Another tentative step forward on an alternate setting for the blocks I have finished for the Safe Haven quilt kit.

I decided to add 1-1/2″ strip around each block.

Each block gets a different color, one that is contained in the block but not dominate on the side.

All of them are finished and it is time to contemplate Step Three. I am going back and forth between 2-1/2″ sashing in the light tan color that serves as a background in several of the blocks, a 1-1/2″ sashing of the same, and just sewing them all together ...

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June 18, 2021
More For The Dolls from Wedding Dress Blue

It is so satisfying to take those small but beautiful pieces of fabric and give them purpose.

Doll clothes are a great option. These are again for the “babies” of our two granddaughters. And include ribbon for the hair or for waistbands as the girls wish. More planned.

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June 2, 2021
Picture Frame To Pincushion from Wedding Dress Blue

This frame has been setting around for a while, wanting to become something.

So, I took all this.

And created this.

It can be used vertically, or…

horizontally, if you take the stand part off the back.

It isn’t difficult. Search “pincushion from a picture frame” and you will find all sorts of tutorials. This one will be a gift for a quilting friend.

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April 14, 2021
SunBonnet Sue from Wedding Dress Blue

Years ago I received a lovely piece of stitchery in a scrap bag. It is done on authentic feedsack material. You can see where the stitches were picked out and some printing on the back.

I didn’t know what to do with it.

I shared it on the blog HERE, and a lovely reader created a pattern for those who might be interested.

But the original languished. I set a goal do something with her in 2021. She has probably waited around 80 years for this moment.

The first thing was to wash. Gently. By hand.

That went fairly ...

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February 5, 2021
Starting To Take Shape from Wedding Dress Blue

The blocks are finished and it is moving towards layout.

It is an experiment. I have yet to determine if it is a successful experiment.

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January 23, 2021
Wrangling Up A Walker Caddy from Wedding Dress Blue

As if life weren’t complicated enough, Husband had hip replacement surgery yesterday, Friday.

Fortunately, the procedure went very well and we are home in less than 24 hours.

We anticipate a speedy recovery, but, in the meantime he needs a few helpful objects so that he doesn’t just have to rely on the helpful wife.

So, this morning I woke up early and made him a caddy for his walker.

Just cut the top (I think I used about 16 inches) out of the top of a pair of jeans. Add twill tape to the side belt loops ...

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January 2, 2021
2020 Spool Count from Wedding Dress Blue

For several years I have kept and counted my empty spools at the end of the year. Silly? Maybe, but the art teacher enjoys them, and I enjoy the counting.

The total for 2020 is 48.

Here are past years for comparison:

2019: 23

2018: 23

2017: 36

2016: 40

2015: 103 (the year of partial spools and the 52 in 2015 project)

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December 31, 2020
Final Countdown Task Two from Wedding Dress Blue

Time for Task Two of the Final Countdown.

This time Shelly suggests that we clean up the fabric storage and stray fabric piles.

I regularly maintain my quilting fabric, but there is another, darker place under that table I cleaned off yesterday.

It is my Big Pile Of Junk. We call it that with greatest affection. It is how I am able to say “yes” to all sorts of people and projects. And, I had been thinking about some doll clothes for the granddaughters.

Oh, that was a dangerous thought…

Looking through turned into making piles.

And piles became outfits ...

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December 14, 2020
Homemade Wool Pressing Mat from Wedding Dress Blue

Years ago Husband cut up a moth-eaten antique Hudson Bay wool blanket to make a coat for trips and activities with his Boy Scouts. Some people might have considered that sacrilege, but it was never going to be used as a blanket.

For some reason, I saved the scraps.

Lately I have been looking at the wool pressing mats and considering whether or not I really needed one, when those scraps came to mind…Did I still have them?

YES! So into the wash they went. And they came out in good shape.

I trimmed edges smooth and square.

And ...

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December 11, 2020
Christmas Totes From Papa’s Pants from Wedding Dress Blue

The grandchildren needed library totes, and I had a lot of my Father’s worn out jeans (Thank you for saving them, Momma). (NO, I don’t know why a few of these pictures insist on being sideways…there are many mysteries in life.)

I did create the pattern, but am just not up to writing a tutorial right now. Perhaps in the future.

And I supplemented the totes with MINI TOTES for the dolls of the two granddaughters.

Sturdy and serviceable (and packed with some fun treats), we hope the grandchildren will enjoy some love from Nana Deanna.

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August 22, 2020
Indi-go Tote from Wedding Dress Blue

This project came from the book Reinvention, which I borrowed from the local library.


I was so excited to give it a try. I still have a lot of my father’s old jeans that my mother saved for years.  And, I am happy with the results.

BUT, it was not without trial.  I don’t know about the rest of the patterns in the book, but this one had numerous errors.  The measurements were off both in cutting directions and finished sizes of components in at least 4 places.

That is too bad, because it is a great idea ...

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August 20, 2020
Quilt Restoration Complete from Wedding Dress Blue

It was a big push to finish before I start Teacher Work Days.  Once school starts intense projects are much harder.


This quilt was made for JoAnne by her mother Florence about 1976.  You can tell that Florence was resourceful.  She used the fabric she had.


Every block needed some repair, and that was how I approached it:  One block at a time.  You can read more about some specific repair techniques HERE and HERE.


Since the one-block-at-a-time system seemed to be working so well, I quilted it the same way–A meander-stipple around the birds in each block.  My ...

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August 13, 2020
Quilt Restoration: Block Style 2 from Wedding Dress Blue

The entire quilt was a bit of doozy…30 of 30 blocks needing help.


For insight on how I fixed blocks with ruined backgrounds, see HERE.

Today I am sharing one way to fix a damaged applique.  I am not pretending this is a great way, but this block needed two different techniques. So it seemed a good example.


A previous repair had stitched netting over the damaged fabric.  I suspect much of the damage on this block, and a number of other places on the quilt, was due to a combination of different shrinkage after washing and very light ...

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August 11, 2020
Quilt Restoration: Block Style 1 from Wedding Dress Blue

The quilt has 30 blocks, and not a single one didn’t need something.  Some were fairly simple, just restitching the ric-rack or mending a small hole, but a few were much more involved.DSC01995

There is no batting, exactly, in the quilt.  Rather, a recycled, lightweight fleece served as both batting and backing.  There was also essentially no quilting.  Just some stitch-in-the-ditch at the sashing and between the blocks.  The blocks themselves are roughly 13″ x 14″. You can guess some of the problems that causes.


This block, and two similar to it, had ruined backgrounds.  The birds were in ...

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August 8, 2020
Quilt Restoration from Wedding Dress Blue

This might be out of my league, but I was asked to do it by a long-time neighbor and friend of my parents.


Her mother made her this quilt when she was a young child.  It is much loved and is full of memories…


Each block and each bird have their own personality.


I am tentatively starting to work on it, making repairs one block and a time and hoping for a grand revelation on a finish.  It is mostly not-quilted and there is no batting…

Suggestions?  Ideas?  Encouragements?

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March 9, 2020
Sparkle Jane To The (Quilt) Rescue from Wedding Dress Blue

The original quilter tried, she really did.  The pattern is interesting, the fabric is high quality, the colors are beautiful.  But, she struggled with the piecing and assembly and eventually gave up.

Sparkle Jane saw potential. She fixed what she could of the piecing, while honoring the effort of the original maker. And assembled the top.



There was plenty of fabric, so she added a triple border–a narrow inner border, a lovely piano key center, and a wider outer border.



Extra fabric was used to make more “piano key” style pieces to stretch the back.

I am certain the ...

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January 15, 2020
Sundae Pincushion from Wedding Dress Blue

I found this interesting object in a thrift store for 69-cents.  Too darling to leave behind.


So it came home with me.  To become a pincushion.


First try went…badly.  What was I thinking?!  Wrong shape.  Wrong size.


Second try, however, turned into this!



I am pretty sure I could make a pincushion every week for a year and not get tired of it.  Which is funny, because I really don’t use pincushions much.  I have a metal magnetic tray.

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