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November 4, 2020
Batik Bunnies from Appalachian Quilts

Batik fabrics are so bold and full of life.  There is just something about them that draws you in.  I haven't been able to show you most of the quilts I have been longarming for customers because they have been Christmas gifts.  One was a show quilt and there are 'rules'....

These two bunny quilts aren't Christmas gifts, so I am comfortable in showing them to you.  The customer wanted the bunny allover design.

The one that starts with a pink bunny at the top has a beautiful pink batik for the backing.

The one that starts with ...

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November 2, 2020
Lemon Zest from Appalachian Quilts

There was a trend years ago where everyone was making mason jar quilts.  This image was taken from Google.  (I chose one with the website listed to give credit to the maker/designer.)

The fabric designers came up with some great fruit and vegetable prints and everyone was out gathering fabric to make their quilt.  We brought some of them in for our customers.  To help our customers see beyond the mason jar quilt, we made a few samples.  

This one is called Lemon Zest.  I just quilted and bound it.  It's another flimsie/UFO that is now finished ...

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October 30, 2020
Garden Glory Quilt from Appalachian Quilts

As a shop owner one of the things you are tasked with doing is making samples to show off new fabric lines.  We used to carry all of the Thimbleberries - all of the fabric, all of the books, all of the patterns.  At some point the 'groupies' for a certain designer/style start to fall off and they try to adapt to current trends.  Makes good business sense, right?  Lynette Jensen tried to do just that when she came out with the Cottagewood line.  I'll be completely honest here - I was not a fan of the focus prints for ...

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October 28, 2020
Gilly's Stars and Stripes Table Runner from Appalachian Quilts

Some quilters will throw out a challenge every January based on what year it is.  For example:  10 quilts in 2010.  Up until about 2015 (think 15 quilt finishes), I participated.  Then, life got in the way.  I'm absolutely amazed at the ladies who are striving for 20 in 2020!  For me, having all the flimsies (finished tops that just need quilted) from shop samples and class samples, it seems like a great challenge to get some of them completed.  I even will challenge myself to quilt a flimsie if I 'allow' myself to piece yet another.  Back when ...

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October 24, 2020
Fireside from Appalachian Quilts

I picture a cold, crisp day with snowflakes gently falling.  There are flames dancing in the fireplace with the crackles creating a calm quiet in the air.  The smell of fresh apple steaming up from my mug of spiced cider.  I'm curled up with a good book - the kind you don't want to put down until you are done.  You are all warm and toasty under a good old-fashioned quilt.  I'm not thinking it is a quilt that you should receive a 'lifetime achievement' award for making.  This quilt is just meant to be comfy and cozy ...

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October 8, 2020
baa, black sheep from Quilt Nut Creations

 I've seen some interesting things in my 14years of longarm quilting. 

But this may have been the most interesting.

I got a call from Helene.

 Helene has sheep and wanted to use their wool for her quilt. Would I do it?

Helene brought out the wool and I'll admit, I wouldn't have guessed it was 'homemade'. Well, not exactly homemade. The sheep get sheared and Helene washes the wool a minimum of 7 times; combing the wool each time to get all the bits and pieces out of it.

It then goes to a factory where they ...

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September 29, 2020
show and tell from Quilt Nut Creations

 It has been way too long since I've shown some recent client quilts. And my clients have kept me busy. Last week, I matched my longarming total for 2019. Last week was still September and I have 11 weeks left in my year. 

If you are one of my clients reading this, I thank you!

Now onto some pretties.

Pieced by Melody

I called Melody when this quilt came off my machine because it turned out AMAZING.
She was also lucky to get it back ;)

quilted with Malachite

Also by Melody. 

quilted with a meander

I love the red ...

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September 18, 2020
Ironic? Well, sort of.... from Appalachian Quilts

I didn't even plan on this post following my last post of how it all began, but it just worked out that way.  When we first opened our shop, it was in Caldwell, Ohio.  Prodigal Son went to Caldwell High School.  Army Son went to a different high school in the same county.  Both boys have kept in touch with a lot of their friends from school.  I think social media has helped this generation be better about it than our generation.  Prodigal Son really didn't hang out with his now wife, but they knew each other through ...

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September 16, 2020
How it all started - the quilt shop.... from Appalachian Quilts

 I will warn you, I foresee this being a very long post.  But, there is a lot to opening a business.

The name "Appalachian" family is from West Virginia.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will remember that my 'real' father committed suicide a month before I turned 3.  My brother was 6 months old.  When he died, Momma didn't have a driver's license nor did she even know what they had in their bank accounts.  It was a hard reality check for her.  As a way to pull some of the ...

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August 20, 2020
covid quilting from Quilt Nut Creations

 My longarm clients have kept me busy the past few months. This has been one of my busiest summers probably since I started quilting 14years ago. 

Here's a few finishes.

By Mary,

quilted with a meander

By Shirley,

quilted with WinterWhite

By Valerie

quilted with SpiralRings

This great hockey quilt by Trish

quilted with a meander

So fun!

Pieced by Barb

quilted with Bright n Breezy

This turned out so good!

Pieced by Faye, my first labyrinth quilt!

quilted with Dazzle

Adiena makes the best quilts.

quilted with LotusBlossom

Love it.

Also by Adiena,

quilted with Dragon'sBreath

Time ...

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August 6, 2020
here's a crazy story from Quilt Nut Creations

I was finishing up a quilt for my client Adriana. When I was taking the quilt off my machine, I saw a pin in the backing. So I went to pull it out. And quickly realized that I had quilted the pin into the quilt!

I came up with a plan. 
To unpick just the quilting around the pin and using a magnetic, maneuver it out to the quilt edge.

And it worked!
There are not small pins lol.

Here is the finished quilt. 

quilted with Lotus Blossom

Another stunning quilt Adrianna!

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July 23, 2020
busy bees from Quilt Nut Creations

I've been kept busy with lots of longarming.
 I can imagine there are some stashes that are starting to get low :)

Here are a few recent ones.

Dianne added a border to here jelly roll race quilt.

Quilted with Starburst.

Pieced by Sharlene

quilted with a meander
Pieced by Jeanette

quilted with Lush Leaves

Love this one by Debbie

quilted with Linna's Charm

The blocks are adorable.

This one by Anna, loved it.

quilted with Dazzle

Anna was lucky getting this quilt back :)

And this one by Val.

quilted with Dragon's Breath

Love, love, love!!

Shirley does ...

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July 11, 2020
Koala from Appalachian Quilts

Back in the 90s, I was one of those Craft Mall Vendors.  I also did a lot of craft shows.  I made a lot of wreaths, fabric dolls, fabric bunnies, painted wood items, birdhouses, etc.  I guess I have always been a crafty one.  I remember Nurse Daughter coming home from school one day and finding a bag of my supplies on the kitchen table.  She was upset that I was using eucalyptus.  It would seem that my crafting career was starving the koalas in Australia to death.  Whenever I smell eucalyptus now, I remember her devotion to their habitat ...

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July 7, 2020
Chevron from Appalachian Quilts

I couldn't help myself.  I went through my old e-mails from fabric sales reps until I found the video on how batiks are made.  I'm literally on my 6th batik quilt in a row, so there must be some interest in them.  :)

99% of the batiks in my shop are from Hoffman.  They have a high quality standard and I love their fabrics.

This batik quilt that I quilted is called Chevron.  It also looks like you could bust through some serious stash.

This customer chose to have an allover design quilted on it called Chinese Dragons.  I ...

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July 3, 2020
Arrows from Appalachian Quilts

I've been longarming a lot of batik quilts lately.  I love the variation in the colors and the whole process of making them.  One day I will find the link for you to watch them being made.  It is fascinating!

This quilt is called Arrows.  It looks to be a good way to use up a lot of leftover scraps and could be a real stashbuster.

The customer chose an allover design called Leaf Pano.  I love this one, probably because of the swirlydips (my word, but you can use it) in the leaves.  She wanted a teal thread ...

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June 17, 2020
In a World Full of Roses, Be a Sunflower! from Appalachian Quilts

I had to wait to post this one, as it was a gift for my Daughter In-Law "Auntie Mo Mo".

For her wedding Nurse Daughter bought her this banner (in the background):

She wanted to be able to use it and make it last longer, so she dropped it off for me to work my magic on.

She is the sunflower queen and wanted to see that theme continued.  I ordered a cute bolt of sunflower fabric with a blue background, because she likes bright colors.  I auditioned it.  It looked awful.  I found another bolt I had at the ...

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May 18, 2020
O Christmas Tree from Appalachian Quilts

We try not to do any 'work' around the farm on Sunday.  My grandparents never let us plant or work in the garden on Sunday.  There were other strange things we weren't allowed to do, and Hubs and I try to keep it as our day of rest.  We were getting ready to watch our online church service yesterday and we kept thinking and talking about all the things we needed to get done.  We are workaholics.  The best option was to get in the car and leave.  We decided we would take a drive.  We loaded up Princess ...

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May 14, 2020
Holiday Stars from Appalachian Quilts

With the crazy weather patterns here in the Midwest, you have to find things to do to resist the temptation of planting too early.  For me, that is usually quilting, soapmaking or making candles.

I decided to finish up another UFO.  I was going to start a new project, but Hubs actually made a remark about me finishing up more.  He doesn't do that much, so we will just chalk it up to him being 'excited' about me knocking down another UFO.

This quilt is called Holiday Stars.  It is made of batiks.  I love how batiks "modern up ...

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April 29, 2020
Challenging from Appalachian Quilts

Remember this post ( What's Holding You Back ) where I challenged you to complete something you had started but hadn't had time to finish?  This was my UFO.

This thing was a hot mess.  There were wrinkles that were beyond pressing and it took me a bit to figure out where all those strips went.  While the strips were marked "top", the big piece and the side that was pieced were not.  

As I look at my UFOs, I justify the pile with "I never have time".  Well, we are all stuck at home and we all have time ...

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April 15, 2020
Stellar from Appalachian Quilts

I made the little girl quilt....but what about a boy??  The most recent baby quilts I have sold have not at all been what I thought people would be shopping for in a baby quilt.  In listening to the shoppers, I took mental notes.  That's how I came up with Stellar.  Stellar is a commercial pattern that utilizes 12 fat quarters.

I probably spent more time fiddling with these background pieces that I did piecing them together.  I was so thankful to have that new design wall!

After I laid out the background, I had to put the ...

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