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November 29, 2018
How to Piece a Scrappy Star Quilt Block from The Free Motion Quilting Project

It’s time to piece our first block for the Friendship Quilt Along! Learn how to transform 20 scrappy 5-inch squares into a Scrappy Star Block in this quilting tutorial:

Click Here to find the quilt pattern for Block #1. The best part of the Friendship Quilt Along is we’re going to piece AND quilt the blocks together! Be looking forward to the first quilting tutorial on December 10th.

Click Here learn how to piece Half Square Triangles. You’ll need to make three different sizes of half square triangles for ...

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How to Piece Half Square Triangles from The Free Motion Quilting Project

One of my favorite quilting units to piece is also one of the easiest to make: half square triangles! Learn how to piece this fun patchwork unit in this quilting tutorial:

Click Here to find Block 1 of the Friendship Sampler Quilt if you’d like to get LOTS of practice piecing half square triangles!

How half square triangles work

How to piece two half square triangles from two squares

Learn how to make two half square triangles from two squares

This technique takes two squares of fabric and turns them into two half square triangles. The best thing about this triangle shape is you never have to work with ...

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Quilting to the Edge of Your Quilt from The Free Motion Quilting Project

A few months ago, I shared a tutorial on how I load my quilts on the longarm. I’ve received lots of questions about how I quilt to the bottom edge when I use Quilt Clips to secure the quilt to the frame. Learn how I handle the edges of the quilt in this quilting tutorial:

Click Here to learn more about the Grace Qnique Longarm I’m quilting on in this quilting tutorial. I love this machine because it’s very simple and reliable and helps me quilt so much faster.

Click Here to find the Ruler Kit I ...

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September 13, 2018
Thank you IKEA! Studio Remake from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Two weeks ago James went down to the basement to grab something and said "Hey, there's a lot of water on the floor down there."

Basement + Water + Floor = BAD! Especially bad because we have three fish tanks in the basement. One of them is 180 gallons.

Turns out it was one of the smaller fish tanks (not the 180 gallon, whew!) It cracked and leaked around 5 gallons of water on the floor overnight. Instantly we went into cleanup mode, and unfortunately most of the water had leaked into my kitchen studio.

But bad things can some times have ...

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August 23, 2018
Lessons Learned from Nine Years in Business from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I can't believe it's been nine years since I started the Free Motion Quilting Project!

So many thoughts and moments of thankfulness to share.

Click Here to check out the podcast.

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August 21, 2018
How to Free Motion Quilt Whiplash, Quilting Design #494 from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Hello my quilting friends! I have a funky new free motion quilting design for you today that's very similar to Permed Fern. I've named this one Whiplash, and it's going to quilt up a little faster and easier and look terrific wherever you put it in your quilt:

Quick links to tools and supplies used in this quilting tutorial:

Eversewn Sparrow 20 Sewing Machine - I'm really enjoying this little machine! It really has a wonderful stitch quality and the most basic features I need in a machine. I do miss having a knee lifter and a ...

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July 1, 2018
Fun ideas for June's Quilty Box from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I know, I'm really running late on Quilty Box for June - seeing as it's JULY! But here it is, a good unboxing and three beautiful quilt patterns to possibly make with the fabrics included in last month's box:

Affiliate: Click Here to learn more about Quilty Box!

I shared three free quilt patterns in this video that will use the fat quarters included to create a really beautiful quilt. Click Here to find all my free quilt patterns.

Personally I think the Disappearing 9 Patch quilt will be the best choice for the floral fat quarters included ...

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June 13, 2018
Back from Vacation Podcast #61 from The Free Motion Quilting Project

James and I popped off to Charleston this past weekend for a short trip to visit family and hang out together. In this week's podcast I share about the trip and my major obsession: freeform crochet!

Click Here to find the show notes and podcast video.

I think I'm mostly loving freeform crochet because it's the perfect project to work on while I'm editing Mally the Maker. I've spread out over my couch with yarn, crochet hooks, and the printed book galley and as I crochet, I'm listening to the book being read to ...

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May 21, 2018
First Round of Editing DONE! from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I'm sorry I've been missing the last two days. I dove head first into Mally the Maker on Friday and decided it was time to finish the first round of editing and I'm so happy to say it's DONE!

Seriously I've been doing lots and lots of fist pumps since 3 pm today because that was a LONG process. I finished writing the first draft of the book back in March and Josh took a week to edit the text.

And then I've been stuck in it ever since. Yes, I do use the ...

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May 1, 2018
I Get a Gold Star! from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Yay! I blogged every day this month! Well, kinda... I had to post twice a few times and today I'm catching up with one last post to reach my goal of 30 posts in April.

Still, that is more than I've shared in a single month since 2014. I'd say I deserve a gold star!

Umm... that isn't a gold star. Yeah, I know! 
I searched through all of my nice new organized folders and I've never quilted a gold star, ever! That's definitely on my to-do list now!

Why did I do this ...

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What to Make with Quilty Box this April! from The Free Motion Quilting Project

The Quilty Box for April has arrived and it's time to check out the beautiful fabrics and cool quilting gear that's included this month!

#Affiliate - Click Here to learn more about Quilty Box!

With the 6 colorful fat quarters included in this month's box you can create the Double Stripe Diamond Quilt or the Double Irish Chain quilt.

If you pull just two more fat quarters of fabrics from your stash you can also create the Sashing Splendor Quilt. I recommend a bright red and yellow to make a balanced rainbow effect.

Or you could add two ...

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April 29, 2018
Quilting Designs for Any Weather from The Free Motion Quilting Project

It's been a month of rain and chilly weather. Seriously - can it just warm up and STAY WARM already? Anyway, I figured it would be fun to dig through my photos and find quilting designs that fit with this month of unsatisfactory weather. Enjoy!

In order from top design, then clockwise around:

Click Here to learn how to quilt Clouds.

Click Here to learn how to quilt Icicle Lights.

Click Here to learn how to quilt Sun Medallion.

Click Here to learn how to quilt Open Flow.

I included Sun Medallion because that's what I WISH the weather ...

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April 21, 2018
The Great Quilt Sort from The Free Motion Quilting Project

The Great Quilt Sort is in full swing and I've managed to organize, fold, and make decisions about most of the quilts in my closets.

I started by giving a lot of quilts away. My in-laws and Dad took a few quilts and I gave a baby quilt away to a friend that's expecting. It's a very pink quilt so we'll cross our fingers she's having a girl.

I continued organizing and sorting and found myself running into a problem. If a quilt could possibly be used for teaching, I felt a tendency to keep ...

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April 18, 2018
Take Better Photos with Brenda LaFleur from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I've made an awesome new quilting friend with Brenda LaFleur! She is a photographer and teacher from Louisiana and she came on the podcast to chat about photography.

I was digging in the dirt during the introduction so I apologize for the less-than-perfect sound. Josh and I had just picked up several herbs and tomato plants and I knew if I didn't get them into the ground immediately, I'd kill them with neglect.

I also had some bulbs to plant too and I'm not sure...they were looking ...

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April 16, 2018
Amazing Day in Hart Square from The Free Motion Quilting Project

What do you get when you turn a quilter, a writer, a blacksmith, and a kid loose in a historical log cabin village? A really, really good day!

On Saturday, Dad, Josh, James, and I went to Hart Square for their Founder's Day celebration. Hart Square is an amazing place built by Bob and Becky Hart and their family. Click Here to learn more about Hart Square.

It's hard to describe this exactly, but this seems the most fitting. Quilters collect fabric, knitters collect yarn, blacksmiths and welders collect metal.

Bob Hart collected log cabins!

This is actually ...

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April 2, 2018
Prism Path Quilt Along Starts Today from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I hope you had a wonderful Easter! We had a very relaxing weekend playing video games. This was the first Easter I didn't have a basket full of candy and as weird as it is not to be chowing down on chocolate, I know I feel a lot better for it.

So what's on my machine today? This beautiful rainbow quilt!

Click Here to find the first quilting video in this quilt along.

This is my second time making Prism Path. The first version I pieced with cream colored fabric in the background and while I love this ...

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March 29, 2018
Long Term Goals and Best Time to Blog from The Free Motion Quilting Project

I'm still trying to figure out my schedule around blogging daily. It's not so much the HOW - get on the computer and write something Leah! It's the WHEN.

I like to chain behaviors together so I'm always blogging right after breakfast or at the end of the day or something like that. I still haven't figured out the best time that will work every day.

Part of the reason why is every day is so wildly different. Yesterday I quilted on the longarm for an hour, then worked on the website, then went out to ...

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March 26, 2018
What an Amazing Show! from The Free Motion Quilting Project

Whew! This weekend was such an amazing experience. I attended the VDTA / SDTA show in Charlotte, NC and hung out with Grace Company at their booth. 

This is why I created the Midnight Sunburst quilt last week - to illustrate what you can do with the rulers we're making together!

**These Cut & Quilt rulers are just about ready! We're hoping to be shipping by mid-April and I'm planning to make a whole bunch of videos to teach you how to use them.**

I'd never heard of this show until 2 months ago and it was such a ...

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March 18, 2018
New Walking Foot Quilting Tutorial and Late Night Quilting from The Free Motion Quilting Project

This has been one crazy week! Changing the location of quilting tutorials doesn't sound like a big deal, but yeah, it's a big deal.

Click here to find the new tutorial: How to Quilt Desert Sand.

I find that just being on the site and working on one page makes me want to work on another, then another. This is great because a lot of updating needs to happen there and it's high time I get it done.

Click Here to find a set of pages I updated with lots of new goodies!

The downside is I ...

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March 9, 2018
Super Star Quilting Tutorial and a Stubborn Cat from The Free Motion Quilting Project

It's time for another fun walking foot quilting tutorial! I'm changing things up and going to begin sharing all the new quilting tutorials on my website. It gives them a more permanent place to live and hopefully easier for you to find.

Click Here to learn how to quilt Super Star. Let me know what you think of this new quilting tutorial format!

It's a beautiful day and I have a super cheerful quilt to work on. It's a bit chilly though so I'm waiting a few hours to let the Crafty Cottage warm up ...

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