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January 1, 2022
Our own spirit animals from Bizarre Quilter

I found some gorgeous digital prints of Australian animals, and some packs of real Australian indigenous art fabrics.

I've added a border in the indigenous fabric, and now quilting details.

The fabric is so soft. I must look up the features of koala as a spirit animal. I decided to free hand stitch gum leaves into the border, ah, leaves are one of my favourite things to quilt.

More spirit animals: these wolves are so sparkly. Stitching and painting the fabric prints really transform these into something special.

Here is one of our own spirit animals. Ming Ming can ...

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April 7, 2021
New Exclusive Colorful Cat Koala from Kitty and Me Designs

Linens And Threads in Australia is celebrating their 20th anniversary. To celebrate, I did an Exclusive Colorful Cat named Koala. She's currently available as a PDF download and will also be available as a printed pattern leaflet soon. You can find Koala here:

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July 11, 2020
Koala from Appalachian Quilts

Back in the 90s, I was one of those Craft Mall Vendors.  I also did a lot of craft shows.  I made a lot of wreaths, fabric dolls, fabric bunnies, painted wood items, birdhouses, etc.  I guess I have always been a crafty one.  I remember Nurse Daughter coming home from school one day and finding a bag of my supplies on the kitchen table.  She was upset that I was using eucalyptus.  It would seem that my crafting career was starving the koalas in Australia to death.  Whenever I smell eucalyptus now, I remember her devotion to their habitat ...

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January 10, 2020
Kangaroo & Joey2 from Sew Fresh Quilts

Kangaroo & Joey2 is my first finish for 2020!!!

Have you ever seen a kangaroo in the show?

Most of the fabrics used to make these adorable mama and baby kangaroos were from the Sun Print 2019 collection by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics

And then when it came time for the backing....
I switched it up!

I normally look for a full width print and then add a half width piece of something to make backings larger than a baby quilt. But when I came across this half width piece of large floral print, I quickly dove into my stash ...

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January 1, 2020
2020 Gonna Bee My (Happy New) Year! from Sew Fresh Quilts

It's all Thanks to YOU! 

Thank you for the kind comments left on my last blog post. Your friendship and support mean so much to me and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and friends. I sure did! And I look forward to this NEW YEAR with you!!!

In case you missed that post, here is one of the highlights...

It's such an amazing feeling, welcoming in YET ANOTHER WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

I feel wonderful too and I am looking forward to sewing the NEW YEAR away!

COME ON 2020!

Bring it ...

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December 5, 2019
Koala Love UPDATE from Sew Fresh Quilts

After receiving an email request for a Koala pattern, I showed you my first finished block in this post, and told you all about my plans to donate 50% of the proceeds of the sale of this pattern to help the koalas in Australia. And now the quilt is complete. So I wanted to give you an update.

First the finished quilt details.....

"Koala Love" finished at 50" x 50"

The Koala blocks finish at 14” x 14"

I used this Holiday Sparkle fabric I have had in my stash for years for the backing.

Although I truly enjoyed choosing ...

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November 28, 2019
Koala Love from Sew Fresh Quilts

First of all, I got this email from my lovely friend Kathy....

Hi Lorna,

I hope you are well! I was wondering if you had any plans on creating a Koala bear pattern? If you are, I know you can’t tell me, but I hope you do! I have read about the devastating impact of the Australian wildfires on the Koala bears and I thought I would love to make a quilt with Koalas on it for a dear Aussie friend.


Kat Potter

Maple Ridge, Bc

So I did.....

The Koala Love blocks are all finished, but I ...

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