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December 18, 2018
Day 18: 2018 Review J-F-M from Nestlings By Robin

Time to look back a bit to where my year went. Here is a pic review and then some other posts to look back on.

Top row represents January into February.
I did so much appraisal shadowing these 2 months that I was very thankful to have time to go to St. Louis for a quilting retreat with friends from when I lived there.
This Blog Post discusses the retreat from a few years back when we were younger:)
Pics on top row are 1. View on the way to the airport to fly to St. Louis, 2. an aerial ...

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August 10, 2018
Heritage Story: Green Strip Quilt from Nestlings By Robin


You have met Kay before here on my blog.  I adore working with her to finish these lovely works of art.

Heritage Stories
This quilt had rows of pieced swirl blocks and I wasn't sure at first how to best showcase them.  There is a suggested rule of thumb that using curved quilting on geometric and geometric on curves are good ways to accent a design so that was what I leaned on to quilt these blocks.  They are a variation of a Snail Trail so I decided on large concentric swirls coming from the centers ...

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