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April 17, 2019
All of the pieces on the wall........... from Exuberant Color

I took this photo from a different distance from the design wall and the colors are truer than the photos from the last few days.  I have all of the spots filled in now with some new fabrics that I cut.  I also replaced some of the triangles that I didn't like.  Now I have to make the decision whether I will take off one vertical row so that it is a better rectangular shape.  It will still get one row of squares added all around the perimeter.  Blocks are 6" because that is the size of the GO ...

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April 16, 2019
A good quilting day......... from Exuberant Color

I still have to find some more fabrics for triangles.  I added 2 new fabrics yesterday after I got all of the larger pieces on the design wall.  There is a row of squares that will go around the whole thing with a triangle sewn on just one corner.  You can search for Cascade by SpringLeaf Studios to see the pattern.  Anne sells them on Etsy and Craftsy(Blueprint) and she also has a blog.  My camera has given this a blue tone where in reality it has a lot of red orange and orange in it.
I now have ...

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April 15, 2019
Yes, we got snow.............. from Exuberant Color

There was snow on the ground when I got up and this is the scene at 1 p.m., still snowing.  It stopped for awhile around 3 and then there was more light snow later in the afternoon.  I'm guessing there is about 3" on the ground but a town 25 miles northwest of us had 7".
This is about 4 p.m yesterday and the birds were all flocking to the feeders and below them.  There is a mourning dove on the ground and a cardinal on the feeder at the right.  The rest are sparrows, chickadees and ...

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April 14, 2019
Another project........... from Exuberant Color

I started cutting for this quilt about 2 months ago but had to take it off the design wall when the art quilters were coming.  I have to find a lot of different fabrics to try for the triangles because I'm not happy with all of the ones I have cut so far.  This is inspired by the Cascade pattern by SpringLeaf Studios.  The one on the pattern cover is greens and turquoise and very pretty.  I wanted to try it in red, orange and pink.

I could see a little red glint in the sunshine in the backyard ...

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February 27, 2019
Progress on projects........... from Exuberant Color

I have 27 pineapple log cabin blocks in progress, 4 different stages here.  I will have enough dark ones to sew the dark blocks into a quilt (35 blocks).  I have 12 light blocks started.

I put the rest of the Kaffe 6" bow tie blocks up on the design wall and it is filled so it is time to move them to a double wall.  This wall has poor lighting so these blocks will look a lot better in a different spot.  I will make one more batch of blocks and then try some different layouts.

I bought this ...

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February 25, 2019
The other project............ from Exuberant Color

If you have been reading my blog for a long time you probably know I'm working on more than one quilt at a time most of the time.  This is my other quilt, Kaffe collective fabrics in the bow tie block.

I turned every other row around for a different layout.  I'll probably try more layouts as time goes on.  I have more blocks ready to put up on the design wall now.  The blocks are 6".

I cut more pieces for the light pineapple log cabin blocks but didn't get any piecing done.  Here I have ...

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February 15, 2019
Playing with layouts............. from Exuberant Color

I still haven't made any decision on the layout for my pineapple log cabin quilt.  I changed it back to every other one dark/light on point.  This would need half blocks to fill in on the edges or setting triangles of one fabric.

Then I changed it to a straight set with the same dark/light alternating blocks.  I will have to make a decision soon so I know how many of each kind of blocks I need to make.  Of course I could make 2 quilts, one with all dark, and one with all light blocks.

Meanwhile ...

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December 30, 2018
Basting.......... from Exuberant Color

I started basting one of the rectangular shaped colorwash wallhangings. I had chosen the backing and cut the batting for this one almost a year ago.

I washed the Kaffe rectangles quilt and dried it in the dryer.  It shrunk almost 3" in both directions.  The heavier backing fabric softened quite a bit and I'm happy with the way it looks and feels now.

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December 29, 2018
Finish # 17 for this year................ from Exuberant Color

Yes, the top edge really is straight, it is the photographer who is crooked.  This quilt is about 51.5" x 72" so it will wrap under my feet and go all the way to my chin when I sleep under it for my recliner chair nap.  I hope to get it washed today.

 I really love this Kaffe print on the back.  The front is Kaffe collective with some Kaffes, lots of Philip Jacobs fabrics and one Brandon Mably fabric.

The colors are more true in this photo.

I did the binding all by machine.

And just one more ...

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December 27, 2018
Quilting again............. from Exuberant Color

I loaded this quilt on the frame a few days ago and finally quilted it yesterday. I'm keeping this one.

The backing fabric is the 54" wide Kaffe decorator fabric.  It isn't a lot heavier than quilting fabric but it is a tight sateen weave type of fabric.  I'm planning on washing this right away to see how much it softens.  I need to decide on binding today and get that cut and sewn on.
The second white Amaryllis flower has opened and now I see there are 5 more buds.  I have never had 7 blooms ...

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December 20, 2018
Out of the kitchen and back to quilts............ from Exuberant Color

This is the second attempt at a Kaffe Trip Around the World for my bed.  I wasn't happy with the first one so I sold that quilt top and started over.  I'm much happier with this one.

The Christmas packages have all been mailed to out of state family members and I won't need to bake again until Sunday and Monday so I can spend some time cleaning and organizing my studios and working on this quilt.

Here are the remaining slices from the first strata that are waiting to have one seam unpicked to continue the ...

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December 4, 2018
Group chosen............ from Exuberant Color

I think I have the next group of fabrics chosen for my Trip Around the World.

Here is a closer view of the left,

and the right.  I'll stare at it a little more and decide if I need to change anything.

I made some progress moving pieces down the wall.  Just 4 more columns to move down.

Today would have been my mother's 100th birthday.  She passed at 90 1/2 years old.

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November 21, 2018
More baking and cutting........... from Exuberant Color

Yesterday I made Kringlas and shortbread cookies.  Today I will make frosted creams, the family favorite dessert.  That will be the end of the baking and then it is party time.

I am continuing to cut scraps into 2.5" and 2" squares with just little bits left to put in the dog bed stuffing bag.  I am cutting some Brandon and Philip fabrics now to add to the Kaffe squares for another colorwash quilt.

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November 17, 2018
Rectangle top sewn....... from Exuberant Color

With 2 hours of TV watching I got the last seven rows sewn on this quilt top.  It ended up 51.5" x 72".  It had borders in the magazine but if I just finish it now I can use one of those 60" Kaffe prints on the back and not have to seam it.  I have enough of the red Belle Epoch print.  I'll think about it a couple days and then decide.  I need to start making smaller quilts.  I said that last year and I still kept making them at least 60" x 80" or twin ...

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November 16, 2018
The next quilt............. from Exuberant Color

I finally started the layout of this quilt.  I think I ended up with 13 fabrics.  They are all Kaffe collective (Kaffe, Philip and Brandon).  I had to cut a bunch more 4.5" x 8.5" rectangles yesterday and added one fabric to my original group.  Then I had to cut the 4.5" squares to fill in the top and bottom.

Last night I got the first six columns sewn together.  There are 7 left to sew and this should come out about 52" x 72".  It has 2 borders in the magazine so I'll consider that ...

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October 27, 2018
baby quilt top......... from Exuberant Color

l had two appointments the last 2 days so I haven't had a lot of time to sew.  I did sew last night though.  I decided on the order of the strip sets I showed a couple days ago and sewed them all together.  I didn't feel like turning on the iron though so I couldn't trim the sides yet.  I think it will come out about 41" x 51" which is a nice baby quilt size.  I'll press it and trim it today and pick a backing fabric for it.

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October 24, 2018
Cleaning up and discovery.......... from Exuberant Color

I sewed these strip sets back in November 2016 mostly Kaffe fabrics 1.5" wide strips.  

They have been waiting to be used for almost 2 years and I'm contemplating just sewing them together and making a baby quilt with them.  There is one short strip in there but I can fix that easily.  I just plopped them up on the design wall and may rearrange them.  I have been trying to put away lots of things in the basement and while doing that I discover things that sidetrack me....but I'm making progress on the clean up.

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October 23, 2018
Errand day and small sewing........... from Exuberant Color

I had a long list of errands so the day flew by yesterday.  I needed a sewing fix so I grabbed the box of small squares and made 2 little pieces.  The one on the left is 1" finished squares and the right is 1.5" finished squares, all Kaffe collective fabrics.  It was just an odd assortment of squares cut from scraps last spring.

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October 22, 2018
Really the final layout........... from Exuberant Color

Would you believe I spent another 2 hours yesterday moving pieces and cutting a couple new squares?  It is really ready to sew now.  The photo on the left is as it was when I had done a week of tweaking but knew I wanted to add a row on the right and a row on the bottom.  3 days of more tweaking later and it is going to be sewn.  The photo on the right is my insurance in case I have a question about where a piece goes when I am sewing.  You know, when you drop a ...

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October 21, 2018
Ready to sew........... from Exuberant Color

I spent another 3 hours refining this pure Kaffe colorwash yesterday.  I cut 5 new pieces for it and rearranged a few others.  I ended up with 3 pieces with wrong sides up in the center and darkened the top right corner. 

I decided to flip the photo 180 degrees and see if I liked it better that way.  No decision made there.  A fairly dark binding is needed on this one since there aren't very many really dark fabrics in the Kaffe collection.   If I had added some Brandon and Philip (the collective) I could have gotten the ...

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