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September 11, 2018
Meet Dodi Lee Poulsen, Teacher, Pattern Writer, and Fabric Designer from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

Today I have a special treat for you. I am sharing my interview with Dodi Lee Poulsen. Recently I was able to create a project with her newest fabric line called Simply Happy for Riley Blake Designs. When she reached out to me about sharing the project on her website, I had to know more about her. I was fascinated to learn about all she has done in our industry and delighted that she agreed to talk about her journey.  Designing fabric is something that intrigues me and I love learning about how other people built their business. Everyone say ...

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August 7, 2018
Make Your Appliqué Look Great from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

Whole Lotta Love quiltAt this point, I have designed two motifs that are English Paper Pieced and then sewn to a block. These two patterns are a Whole Lotta Love quilt and Peppermint Way quilt. Essentially, if you have taken the journey with me and made these quilts, we are appliquéing. I love this process and have so many more ideas to expand this technique (which is not a new technique) into a series of patterns and quilts. Since my work in appliqué has been limited, I decided to explore different threads and stitches hoping to perfect my process. Now, I’m not ...

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May 10, 2018
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On The Yard + Make Your Own Pre-cuts from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

A yard is a way to measure length in both the USA and Britain. Its most popular form is on the football field. As a quilter, it is my favorite measurement. When I talk with my husband, I say things like “No, it’s about a yard wide.” You see, I have a visual burnt into my mind: the cutting mat. It is slightly larger than 36” wide because it has about half an inch around the cutting grid of free space so you don’t cut your table (or parents’ pool table. Sorry mom, that wasn’t me).  Thirty-six ...

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December 20, 2017
Why Binding Babies ™ are the cutest quilting notion ever from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

I saw these Binding Babies ™ for the first time in a holiday open house at one of my LQS in Tucson. Quilt Basket had a basket full of two size options. I just couldn’t walk by without getting one and Carol (one of my favorite workers there) didn’t need to say much to talk me into buying both sizes. Of course, being the frugal Dutch woman that I am, I justified the purchase by telling myself that one would be for my next pattern release giveaway. Carol told me that you could place it on your sewing machine ...

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December 1, 2017
How 5 Quilter Subscription Boxes Can Crush Your Daily Grind from Brown Bird Designs Quilts

Currently subscriptions are all of the craze! They are everywhere. Think about it. You have the layered websites where free information is posted regularly, but with a paid subscription you unlock so much more information. Perfect for a meal planning business or the “how to build a business” business. Then there is the ever popular subscription courses: Craftsy, Creativebug, Skillshare, and the list goes on. These websites and/or phone apps give you classes on all sorts of topics from teachers around the world. However it is the old faithful subscription box that I want to talk about today. This ...

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