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February 11, 2019
52 Ancestors Challenge...Week 7...Love At First Sight from CollectInTexas Gal

Back to Family Trees in 2019 with 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks
Week 7 ~ prompt ~ Love
     The Club Cafe's booths were finally empty. The customers were all back on the bus and on their way to the next bus stop in El Paso, Texas. The travelers left the Club Cafe in Fort Stockton tables full of burger baskets and coke glasses. Every salt, pepper and sugar shaker was empty, and the silver napkin holders needed refilling.
     Two waitress' stood with hands on hips, wishing they could take a break before the next bus pulled in and unloaded it's ...

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January 6, 2019
Scrapbook Anniversary Wish Delivered Via 'The Cloud' from CollectInTexas Gal

January 6th has always been a date to remember, and for as long as I can remember I've remembered to honor this day in some way.  However, as the years go by specific dates and memories of my parents seem to need a memory boosting hint.  Such was the case today.  It's one of those Sundays that dates and calendars are not on the forefront.  So, I almost missed what would be their 72nd Wedding Anniversary on this day. 
 Theirs is a 'Love Story' I've often told here on CollectInTexas Gal and on Tracks of my Texas ...

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May 10, 2018
MayFlowerSeries...Fresh Flower Arrangements from CollectInTexas Gal

 Fresh Flower Arrangements have a long history throughout the world dating back to ancient Egypt.  As an art form flower arranging can be traced back to ancient China where it was based on the principle that life is sacred.  Knowing that certainly makes the meaning of giving and receiving flowers for one's birthday very special and is sacred.

 A favorite of mine is the Iris, and according to ancient Egypt flower history Irises were one of the sacred flowers found in depictions throughout ancient ruins.  Iris mythology dates back to Ancient Greece when the goddess Iris, who ...

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January 20, 2018
The Happiest Day of the Year...Snowball Birthday Cake! from CollectInTexas Gal

It's been a long time coming! 
What's that you ask? 
Realizing I am what I have spent many years collecting!
The Happiest Day of the Year
Every little child should have the joy of a real birthday cake of their own, and every grown-up child should have the opportunity to renew their youth at least once a year with a special celebration on their own personal anniversary.  A Birthday cake will delight any child...big or little...and can be varied indefinitely to suit the month of their birth.  Cake is a wholesome and nourishing as a ...

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