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December 25, 2019
MERRY CHRISTMAS & from Nestlings By Robin

whatever holiday you celebrate!
I didn't decorate at home so 
here is a peek at Christmases past:)
Today I get to be with my family
including both daughters and their
guys, my mother, my brother and nephew
(plus a few puppies:)

It will be a weekend full of hockey, 
display lights, card games, laughter, 
food, some tears, and the 
new Star Wars movie! YAY!

HUG those dear to you
whether in person or virtually.
Those virtual hugs can be just
as valuable to someone's soul
because they know they are loved.

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December 10, 2019
Quilt Guild Rewards! from Nestlings By Robin

Do you belong to a quilt guild?
I know there are many complaints 
about guilds (cliques, not enough volunteers, etc),
but what about the positives??

I work from home and my only other
real human to talk to is my husband.
I adore my husband and he listens to all
my quilting whoas but not with the
same empathy and sympathy
that a fellow quilter hears them!
I can't expect him to:)

My biggest positive for being 
a member is all the HUGS!!
If you aren't a hugger, I am sorry!
You are missing out on a quintessential ...

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