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October 30, 2020
Our (Property) Values from Sew Preeti Quilts

The year was 2005. I was working as a junior planner in Fort Lauderdale. Broward County was conducting a public hearing on a proposed light rail line connecting the western part of the county to downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The beginning

Before Touch-up

After Touch-up (Head, Flower & Shoe completed)

Growing Trees

Roofs under Construction

Colorful Tiles!!!

Housing Project

I remember arriving at the venue about 4:00PM, setting up easels showing the area maps, flip boards and markers, and sign in sheets with several pens. The event began at 6:00PM with a formal presentation from the Florida Department of Transportation ...

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September 2, 2020
Make it "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" from Humble Quilts

I read Janet's post HERE and thought it was so timely. Let's spread some neighborhood love!
It really is up to each one of us to make a difference however we can in the world. Let's stop judging each other & putting each other down. 
Let's spread some LOVE!
I'm committing to being proactive about it. Will you join us? Let's make it a movement. 

Around my house today... 

I'm so thankful for plants that pretty much take care of themselves!! I used to be more of a gardener, now I'd rather not ...

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