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January 26, 2023
Weekly Word: Psalms 30:5 Joy comes in the Morning + Books, Stitching and Gratitude! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Hello There!  
I'm so glad you stopped in for a visit!  Have you heard of the saying "things happen in threes?"  Have you ever had one of those weeks where you experience the "threes" and they get progressively worse?  
Sure you have.  We all have.  I just had one of those weeks.  Ug. And more ug.  
This week's Weekly Word is breaking off from Psalm 25 and I'll share how God helped me deal with this past week.  
On a different note, My Reading Life was placed on the back burner as I had great visits with ...

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January 21, 2023
Weekly Word: Psalm 25:2 + Books, Stitching and Gratitude! from Faith, Trust and Breast Cancer

Hello There!  
Thank you for stopping in today!  I appreciate the time you take to read this post.  It's been a beautiful weekend spending time with my grandchildren, my husband, my son and long conversations with my daughter.  It's been wonderful.  

I pray you all are safe and content in your lives.  So dear friend, please pull up your favorite chair and beverage and enjoy your time here.   

Here's is an index should you have a special interest you like to read first!  
The Weekly Word - is a short devotional that sometimes becomes a Bible Study series ...

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August 28, 2020
Kelli the Happy Planner… from Jo's Country Junction

Kelli was home on Tuesday afternoon and wanted to have a Happy Planner party.

Do you know what Happy Planners are?  I didn’t until Kelli jumped onto the crazy.

Happy Planners involve planners/organizers with lots of stickers and do-dads.  At first, I thought them to be silly.  Really, I’m 54 years old.  Do I need stickers in my life?  Then I thought silly as who wants to take all that time simply to be organized.  It takes so much time!!!  If you don’t know much about them, here’s a little overview and later I’ll ...

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