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January 3, 2019
Harry Potter Quilt Along 2019 from Sew Fresh Quilts

Welcome to the PRE Introductory Post for the upcoming Harry Potter Quilt Along!

In preparation for this epic Quilt Along planned for 2019, as she has been busily sewing up the 20" blocks, Jasmine has been posting her test blocks to Instagram and the word is getting around!

There will also be an introduction post coming on January 15.

But there seem to be a few common questions, so I thought a PRE Introductory Post was a great way to not only help keep spreading the news of this quilt along....

ESPECIALLY when there are TWO FREE HPQAL's, as ...

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January 2, 2019
My Word of the Year for 2019, Podcast #89 from The Free Motion Quilting Project

It’s a new year which means it’s time to pick a new word to be my guide through the year ahead. In this podcast, I reflect on the past year and reflect on how the word Challenge has made a very big difference in my life. Then I share some exciting news and my new word for 2019!

Listen to the podcast or download it to your computer using this player

Friendship sampler quilt king size

Friendship sampler quilt king size

Kicking off the Friendship Quilt Along

I’m super excited about many things that are happening this year, but one of the ...

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January 1, 2019
HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 from Nestlings By Robin

How did I celebrate?  Very quietly:)  My year review is already done by completing the 31 day blog challenge.
If you missed it, you can read about it Here, Here, Here, and Here!

I am not picking a word this year as so many do.  Instead I will keep plugging away with the skills I have been nurturing in 2018 (hopefully a bit better though:)

I will have at least one new magazine project out this year and one in the works for 2020.
There are 3 lectures with signed contracts and 2 workshops.  If it isn't signed then ...

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December 31, 2018
Happy New Year! from Telling Stories Through the Needle's Eye

We wish you a new year fill with all things good—
family, friends, health, peace, 
needles, thread, fabric, ribbons, beads, and pretty scissors!

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Day 31: Remembering New Years Past:) from Nestlings By Robin

These posts are my January "Happy New Year" posts since starting the blog and you can see that I didn't make it every year:)
So great to see what has been accomplished and how I have changed.  We should keep learning and evolving. Who knows what 2019 will bring to each of us but I know we have the courage to face it, learn it, accept it, change for the better. 



See you in 2019!

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social media slump from Charm About You

Charm About You Lucy Brennan instagram

I am feeling pretty fed up with instagram and social media generally. Sure it can be really fun and there's a fabulous supportive community of quilters but the fast pace and option of just hitting like ❤ isn't cutting it for me anymore. There are so many photos, so many great accounts and just so much to see. I don't feel as much joy though. Too much of a good thing?

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September 17, 2018
Happy 2018 and BOOM, September already! from Nestlings By Robin

Why do we always say that we don't know where the year went already?  HAPPY NEW YEAR......Boom.....March...Boom

We do know, we just can't believe that time goes so fast!  I have been SUPER busy this year and no signs of slowing until December.
Here is a quick run down of the year so far.....

We were given tickets to see Jim Gaffigan on New Year's Eve at Amelie Arena here in Tampa.  His opening act was hilarious!  It is great to see so many people come out to see a comedian vs. watching ...

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January 3, 2018
Happy New Year! from Kitty and Me Designs

Here's a pretty free blog background for your blogger/blogspot blog:

Copy and paste this code into your HTML thingy:

<style type="text/css">
body { background-image : url(; background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat;  background-attachment : fixed; }

<script type="text/javascript">
var div = document.createElement('div');
div.setAttribute('style',"position: absolute; left: 0px; top: 30px; z-index: 50; width: 150px; height: 45px;");
div.innerHTML = '<a target="_blank" href=" "></a>';

For 2 column Blogspot blogs.

Happy New Year everyone!

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January 2, 2018
2018 Special Announcements! from Quilting Affection

The New Year is here, and it's time to get my 2018 goals started with a few announcements.

Announcement # 1: 

Starting Tuesday, January 9th at 1 pm eastern time.  I will be doing a Bi-Weekly Facebook Live Post, that will be covering things such as tips and trick, and so much more.  The times for these post can change over time or if I’m traveling so watch for an announcement on my facebook page.

Be sure to like my Facebook page to get notified when I go live. 

Announcement #2: 

Starting Friday, January 13th, I will be starting ...

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December 29, 2017
New Year Perspective! from I Have A Notion

Wasn't it GREAT to catch up with Kelly? I don't know how she managed to have something new posted.... so often to the blog. I can barely think ahead... let alone back it up with pictures!!! I have been thinking about and started to create a post about closing out 2017 or looking ahead to 2018... but everyone does that and in a week or so, we will all be ready to move on! I figure we would all do

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