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March 17, 2020
When Times are Tough… from Where Art & Life Meet

My version above of a meme by @stitchesnquilts that I saw on Instagram the other day and it made me laugh so I wanted to share my tweaked version of it. Because boy do I crave laughter right now. The meme below, another that has been making the rounds, made me smile. And who doesn’t… Continue reading When Times are Tough…

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March 3, 2020
Teaching at Gotham Quilts! from Where Art & Life Meet

A month ago I taught a 2-hour stitching workshop exploring shapes and stitches at my quilt guild. It was a huge success, and lots of fun! I prepared squares of wool and precut circles in different sizes. More than 20 people attended and each person got to pick a wool square and some circles, which… Continue reading Teaching at Gotham Quilts!

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February 16, 2020
» Bayou Quilts

I found James Preller's Valentine to the Earth and loved it.  (James Preller is an American writer of children's books including Bystander, Six Innings, and the Jigsaw Jones Mysteries.   Wikipedia

In this current world of bad news, do you look for positive news to cheer you up?  Positive news is out there, but doesn't get a lot of attention in the midst of all the depressing news and events.  I need hopeful.  Sometimes desperately.  When depression and/or anxiety threaten to overwhelm me, a few "good news" items can perk me back up.  A friend posted the ...

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January 30, 2020
Last Week in January from Bayou Quilts

Today is dreary and overcast.  No rain in the forecast, but a gloomy sky.  A little breezy and the chimes are sounding, leaving that long, deep resonance in the air.  

Stitching.  Finished the third panel for 25 Million Stitches!  It will go in the mail this week, leaving me having to begin a new stitchery project to keep myself calm.  :)

 About 7,000 + stitches in this one.  I quit counting when I got close to 7,000, but kept adding more elements.  The stitches are fairly large and the pearl cotton is a craft variety, the kind that comes in ...

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The Perfect Zippered & Lined Bag from Where Art & Life Meet

I love a good zippered pouch. Preferably one that I can take on an airplane, large enough for a tablet or small sketch book, a needle roll, small pair of scissors, and project, but not so large that it becomes cumbersome. I began looking around at what is already out there and found many lovely… Continue reading The Perfect Zippered & Lined Bag

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January 27, 2020
Homegrown Progress from Alamosa Quilter

In 2018 I participated in Sue Spargo's BOM Homegrown. I'm still working on getting it quilted but I'm making good progress.

There are 27 houses surrounding the center tree block. I've quilted the center block plus 22 houses thus far. I'm quilting by hand using the seed stitch. 

In shop news, here is a link to the latest newsletter if you are interested: Alamosa Quilt Company Newsletter. Our Local Quilt Shop Day Event on Saturday went well. And we will be taking sign-ups for the 2nd Saturday Sampler Club through the end of February.

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November 25, 2019
Finishing the Autumn Wool Work Table Runner from From My Carolina Home

Yes, I got it done!  Finishing the wool work stitchery was a concentrated effort, working on it for several days to finish the details.  I don’t like to have UFOs, and I wanted this done to enjoy this season.  I left off needing to attach the last leaf, and get the veining and details embroidered.

Wool Work Finish at

I matched the DMC floss colors to the wool colors.  Five lines help define the pumpkin contours.

Wool Work Finish at

Leaf veins were embroidered on all the leaves.

Wool Work Finish at

After couple of days of concentrated effort, I finished the embroidery of both ends.

Wool Work Finish at

Here’s a close up ...

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November 19, 2019
VIP ~ Very Important Packing from Life in the Scrapatch

Packing today for flying south for Thanksgiving
and our early "Grammy~Grampy Christmas." 

Must include the all important hand stitch projects for the airport and flight.

These little scissors have always make it through security with no questions asked.

The folding scissors in the small box are

Rose Gold Folding Scissors

The tiny ones with the pink sheath are

World's Smallest Scissors from ToolTron
I cannot tell you where I bought them as I have had them awhile
and all the other shopping links I checked said out of stock.

What stitching essentials would you pack for a getaway? 

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November 17, 2019
Working on the Autumn Wool Work Runner from From My Carolina Home

Picking up where I left off during Autumn Jubilee, I have made a bit of progress on the Wool Runner.  I wasn’t able to finish it before the end of the event, so I had to continue working on it in November.  If you missed that and you’d like the free pattern, click on – Autumn Jubilee 2019 Wool StitchAlong

Wool Stitch Along at

The runner design is two sections on each end of a runner.  I pinned the next sections in place.

Autumn Jubilee Wool Project at

Each end is similar but not exactly the same.  The elements are the same but the colors and placement is ...

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September 18, 2019
Quilting Arts & A Rooster from Where Art & Life Meet

A couple years ago I was featured in Quilting Arts Magazine – the Year of the Rooster!   The piece I submitted, entitled Regal Rooster, was made of wool, cotton and silk velvet (that I dyed myself) using a variety of threads, but predominantly Eleganza Perle Cotton from Sue Spargo.  She has the most luscious… Continue reading Quilting Arts & A Rooster

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August 12, 2019
Bohemian Bird Pattern from Alamosa Quilter

I made my first Bohemian Bird several years ago. Long before owning a quilt shop was even on my radar.

When I opened my shop I needed things to display and on a whim hung up my little Bohemian Birds. I only had two at the time. When I started carrying Sue Spargo merchandise I made a third. Then the requests for the pattern began.

I started working on a pattern a few months ago. I realized that in order to write a good pattern I needed to make another one. Here she is:

I have named them all thus ...

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