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October 6, 2022
Crimson Tweed Update from Alamosa Quilter

 I finally decided that I am finished with the embroidery on my Crimson Tweed. Here is the final layout, before quilting.

My Crimson Tweed quilt top

Would you believe that I didn't have ANY of the thread colors that I needed to seed quilt this with!? I was a bit shocked, but I gravitate toward the brighter colors and I need neutrals for this.

start of quilting Crimson Tweed with neutral thread colors

The tin shown in the photo above contains the 5 colors of thread, size 8 Eleganza solid colors, that I will use for the seed stitch quilting. This style of quilting takes quite a while to do, but I'm ...

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September 28, 2022
Customer Show and Tell from Alamosa Quilter

 Missy gets a lot done! Recently she stopped into the shop to get some backing and binding fabrics for these projects.

Autumn Art Panel Pillows:

Autumn Art Panel Pillow

Autumn Art Panel Pillow

Missy purchased the Autumn Art panel and some of the new Elementals fabrics from the shop and made really nice and big pillow covers with them. She is adding a little hand quilting to these to outline the main elements of the panel so they aren't quite done yet. She brought them back in to pick out backing fabric. She picked another fabric from the Elementals collection to use on the back.

Hand Embroidery ...

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September 2, 2022
More Stitched Scraps Pincushions from Alamosa Quilter

 I have been playing around with more scraps to make stitched pincushions. Previously I was using only one color of thread so I was using only that color fabrics. This time I decided to switch the threads to match the fabrics and use whatever fabrics I wanted.

stitched scraps pincushion

For all the fabrics except the bottom right I just stitched them down with a running stitch. But for the one in the bottom right corner I stitched along the print on the fabric. I really like the way that piece turned out and I have that fabric in several colors. I decided ...

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July 20, 2022
Sunflower Embroidery Complete from Alamosa Quilter

 I finished up my COVID sanity project!

Completed Summer Garden Embroidery Kit

I am currently out of this embroidery kit but I have ordered more. They will be here in a day or two. I also ordered a bunch more of these type of kits besides this one.

All of these kits are listed on my shop website in the Kits section. When the new kits arrive the website will be updated. All the ones listed right now that are sold out have been reordered, plus a few new ones. These are really fun to do. They come with the design already pre-printed on the ...

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July 15, 2022
Employee Show and Tell from Alamosa Quilter

 Cynthia C. purchased this adorable panel at another shop on her travels. The border fabrics came from this shop. She has embroidered some of the elements on the panel.

Cynthia C. embroidered floral and bird panel

The photos below show some close-ups of the hand embroidery she has done.

Cynthia C. embroidered floral and bird panel detail 1

Cynthia C. embroidered floral and bird panel detail 2

Cynthia C. embroidered floral and bird panel detail 3

Cynthia is my newest employee. She's been working at the shop about 7 months now. She is eager to try just about any type of sewing. She's done some hand embroidery before but just recently picked it back up again and is enjoying it.

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July 11, 2022
My COVID Sanity-Saver Project from Alamosa Quilter

 I was quarantined upstairs away from my family for over a week recently when I had COVID. There is only so much surfing online I can do and watching movies and such on my iPad. I just had to have a hand sewing project! Luckily I had one ready to go in my sewing room. So one morning when I was briefly allowed downstairs to shower I snagged the kit on my way back upstairs. (My sewing room is right at the base of the stairs so I didn't have to go far.)

Sunflower Embroidery Project

I had actually started this the ...

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June 13, 2022
Hand Stitching from Alamosa Quilter

 I taught my first class for the little stitched pin cushions. I had two willing "guinea pigs" and they both did great. One didn't think she would like the technique but went along with it because she is just super nice like that. However, she ended up really enjoying the process. This is her pin cushion.

Nancy C's stitched meditations pin cushion

My other student was more of a willing participant. She asked to join in when she found out what I was doing. She also did great and enjoyed the process.

Cynthia C's stitched meditations pin cushion

They both started out just doing running stitches but quickly caught on to ...

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June 8, 2022
Spargoettes Show and Tell from Alamosa Quilter

 The Spargoettes Group (Sue Spargo design fans) meet several times a month at my shop. Janet D. has been working on this bunny during her recent visits.

Janet D.'s bunny

The pattern is not a Sue Spargo pattern. I can't remember who designed the pattern, but Janet only used the pattern as an inspiration and for the main applique elements. She is doing a lot of hand embroidery on this in the style of Sue Spargo. She thinks she is almost done now.

Barb R. has started Squash Squad, a Sue Spargo pattern. She has all 9 blocks appliqued but has only ...

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June 3, 2022
Licorice Allsorts from Wendy's Quilts and More

Material Obsession in Sydney, Australia sent out the last package for the Wendy Williams Licorice Allsorts Block of the Month last week.  


So naturally I decided it was time that I actually started stitching this quilt before the next round of Block of the Months get released in July.  

Don't get me wrong - I love this quilt, and I'm very keen to make it, but I just had too many other things on the go at once.  Even I have a limit of how many things I can juggle at the same time. 

I love that this quilt ...

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June 1, 2022
Stitched Pin Cushions from Alamosa Quilter

 I have been playing around more with my "Kanwandiko" stitching. I am leaning toward the name "stitched meditations" now or "mindful stitching" instead of a weird, made-up word. I have finally perfected my technique to one that is more my own rather than following someone else's ideas. Here are the few I have made so far.

Blue stitched meditations pin cushion

Red stitched meditations pin cushion

The two above are now finished pin cushions.

Completed blue and red pin cushions

These two below are just stitched but have not yet been turned into completed pin cushions.

Purple stitched meditation pin cushion

Solid fabrics stitched meditation pin cushion

The one above I made using only solids. I thought I would like it more than I do. Maybe ...

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May 18, 2022
Customer Show and Tell from Alamosa Quilter

 I took this photo a few months ago when I taught at Monarch Quilters in Poncha Springs, CO.

Family Tradition by Laurie

Laurie purchased the pattern, Family Tradition, and the fabrics from my shop. You can view the pattern and the fabrics we have left from this collection by clicking the following link: Home Sweet Holidays.

The next one is also a photo I took a while ago, but it is just too awesome not to share. This was made by one of my customers, Michele S.

Michele's dog portrait

Michele stopped into the shop for advise on this project. She had the wools she planned to ...

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May 16, 2022
Another Chunky Wee Zippy Pouch from Alamosa Quilter

 I finished up my "kanwandiko" sample and have turned it into a Chunky Wee Zippy Pouch. Unfortunately, I am currently out of the patterns, but more have been ordered. It was more popular than I expected!

This is the last photo I took of my piece before turning it into a bag.

kanwandiko sample

Here it is finished. It measures about 5" by 5" by 5". This is the "storage cube" size from the pattern.

finished kanwandiko bag

For the inside I used a scrap of backing fabric from a previous quilt.

inside finished kanwandiko bag

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May 13, 2022
Developing a New Class from Alamosa Quilter

 I made this notebook cover several months ago. I thought I had shared it with you but I can't find the post so I guess I forgot!

Stitched Notebook Cover front

Stitched Notebook Cover open

The notebook cover above is my first attempt. For it I used some Essex Linen Denim color, scraps and size 8 pearl cotton in four variegated colors. I just laid the scraps on the linen and left the edges raw. A running stitch holds everything in place. The scraps are not fused or appliqued to the linen, just sewn on with the running stitches. I like working with the pearl cotton but ...

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May 9, 2022
Crimson Tweed Update from Alamosa Quilter

 I might be done with the embroidery and ready to baste it together for quilting.

Crimson Tweed

But I'm not sure yet. I just hung this up on my design wall and I will think about it for a few days. If I get a great idea for more embroidery I could do in the border then I will do it. If nothing occurs to me within a week or so I will just baste it together with backing and batting and start quilting.

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April 1, 2022
Pin Cushions :: Done and Done! from Alamosa Quilter

 Both of my Sue Spargo pin cushions are now actual, useable pin cushions!

Pin cushions front

Top: Canna Blossom Pin Cushion Kit or Canna Blossom Pattern

Bottom: Circle Play Pin Cushion Kit or Circle Play Pattern

Both of these were kits. They came with all of the required fabrics, even the fabric for the crushed walnut shell inner "pillows" and a piece of wool for the back. I opted to put the wool pieces for the backs into my stash and use a cotton fabric instead for the backs.

Pin cushion backs

Of course, I have these kits and patterns in my shop, Alamosa Quilt Company ...

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March 29, 2022
Canna Blossom Pin Cushion from Alamosa Quilter

 I'm making progress on my Canna Blossom pin cushion. I have finished the hand embroidery.

Canna Blossom pin cushion

I just need to turn it into a pin cushion. My Circle Play pin cushion is also waiting to become an actual pin cushion. Hopefully I will get some time to get both of these finished up soon.

If you want to see what it looked like before the embroidery click the following link: Canna Blossom before embroidery.

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February 11, 2022
Barbed wire and Beauty from Sew Sunshine

17" x 17.5"
paint on fabric
hand and machine quilted

This small art piece I created in the textile artist group on fb. The idea was to try all sorts of mark making tools, cut it up and stitch it back together. Since quilting is my thing I cut apart and stitched back together with hand work and machine work. 
"Barbed wire and the beauty beneath" is an ode to the pasture land my husband and I have been trying to clean up. Beneath all the grass and dead trees were huge rolls of barbed wire and fencing wire ...

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February 4, 2022
Meditative, Schmediative from The Snarky Quilter

For some years crafters and quilters have extolled the virtues of slow hand stitching. They say it’s a soothing meditative process that will relax you, make you appreciate the process, and be mentally restorative. The implication is it will make … Continue reading

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February 1, 2022
Crimson Tweed Update from Alamosa Quilter

 I am still slowly making progress on my Crimson Tweed quilt.

Crimson Tweed 02/01/22

The stems are all sewn down in the borders and I have started adding the berries. I will be teaching a hand embroidery class for a local guild in March so soon I will need to put this one aside while I prepare for that class. They want to "learn a bunch of stitches" so I have a fun little project in mind for them. We are going to do a Circle Sampler. I'll show you what I mean when I have something to show.

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January 4, 2022
Crimson Tweed Progress from Alamosa Quilter

 A few days off with no where to go and nothing specific scheduled to do has been wonderful! I am making good progress on the borders of Crimson Tweed.

Crimson Tweed 2022Jan03

Everything in the top and right side borders is sewn down now. I still need to add some stems to the berry sprays in the right side border. I got inpatient and sewed a couple berries on one of the berry sprays along the top border. I cut a bunch of circles from all four different red wools in my kit. I plan to mix them up. I have been thinking ...

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