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October 22, 2019
What’s all the stink about?! Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Voodoo stink lily colour board at Clever Chameleon

There’s no gilding this Lily!

I don’t, as a general rule, do Halloween. Except for this! This is a Dracunculus vulgaris, a Stink Lily. Also known as a Voodoo lily or Dragon Lily. It grows green and lush in winter from a fascinatingly hideous tuber thing, and has the most amazingly beautiful leaves and dappled stalks. And then it flowers in Spring with huge purple lilies in mid-late October. Just in time for a naturally stunning Halloween display of offensively stinky flowers before it dies back down to avoid the Australian summer.

Don’t let appearances fool you ...

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October 20, 2019
Happy Halloween! from StitchinGirlMary's Blog

Those of you who know me know how much I love this time of year. With the cooler weather and the leaves starting to change – I know I am not alone in my contentment. And of course every October we all celebrate the macabre. There’s an acceptance of all things dark and scary that is fascinating– I mean, come on – don’t y’all find it bizarre that you can buy tombstones and human remains at Michaels?

Part of the joy I find in celebrating this time of year is how well our home lends itself to the season ...

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October 19, 2019
Halloween and Nature Patterns, Glorious Colours from Canadian Needle Nana

Too many things to count is the way I think about my weekly likes for this Thursday post. I've picked out these to share today.
I love how a close up of this Eastern Yellowjacket revealed an interesting pattern. Nature never disappoints.

And I loved holding this little guy in my hand; one of the small Painted turtles in the pond. He's got interesting patterning in orange and yellow too.
From looking down to looking up.
It is all about the leaves these days.
We are enjoying the spectacular colours around the property. Contrasting blue skies highlight the ...

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Haunted Sampler Part 6 from Road Home Quilting

Block 5:  Spider Web - orange

(4) white 2 ½” squares
(4) black 3” x 5” rectangles
(8) orange  3” x 5” rectangles
(4) orange 2 ½” x 12 ½” strip

Create 4 Double Split Rectangle (DSR) patches (aka "Peaky and Spike"); 
orange wing rectangle with black center triangle, finishing 2 ½” x 4 ½”.
Please reference  Easy Peaky and Spike technique post for completing this block:

Create 4 Spider Web Strips:
Add white 2 ½” square to non-pointed end of DSR.
Add orange strip to white square.

Join Blocks:
Sew a Spider Web Strip to bottom of each previously ...

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October 18, 2019
Grumpy Cat Halloween part 2 from Sew Fresh Quilts

Fall is upon us and Halloween is coming soon!

I finished up my mini Grumpy Cat and Pumpkin blocks by making them into these cute pillows....

 I quilted a spider web using my walking foot using green thread. And chose to make simple envelope style backings to keep it simple. 

"mini Grumpy Cat" 14" square pillow and "mini Pumpkin" 12" square pillow


Back in the sewing room at the Spooky House....
Remember my Witchy Legs table runner? 

These Witchy Legs, which are found in the Full Grumpy Cat Halloween Pattern version, are another finish I am able to share ...

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October 17, 2019
The Witch's Quilt Conclusion from Road Home Quilting

The Witch's Quilt by Kitty Pearl
Part 6

All was quiet when Emily awoke. Near dawn, the old castle was still. She listened, and at last heard the ocean playing with the rocks below the castle cliff. She could see the familiar outline of Andrew asleep in the four posted bed. How much he resembled Jeremy in his sleep. The fireplace had died down, yet she wasn't cold. Emily snuggled deeper into the blanket covering her on the settee. 
A blanket.....Andrew must have found a coverlet for her before he had gone to bed himself ...

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October 14, 2019
Shopping, Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween Embroidery from Canadian Needle Nana

It's Thanksgiving Day in Canada! Which means a large meal will be eaten while giving thanks for all the blessings we enjoy.
This was my turkey from several years ago.

My big yellow pot is on the stove...I like to cook the carrots, turnip, parsnip and cabbage all together.
 I had a moment of panic yesterday when I went to get the turkey I had bought out of the freezer to begin thawing.  It states clearly on the package cook from frozen state. I've never done that before and not only that, it is pre- stuffed, something ...

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October 11, 2019
DIY Halloween Costumes with AGF Fabrics! from Art Gallery Fabrics-The Creative Blog

Hi Makers!

Who else loves Halloween?! All of us at AGF definitely do...just because we love having any reason or excuse to dress up or do a specific theme!


Picking out a costume is one of the best parts about Halloween..okay, second to eating bags of candy and chocolate, of course! Since we love to create things with our hands, we all know that making a handmade costume is much more fun and makes it, extra special too. That’s why we decided to create these DIY Halloween costumes for you that are easy to sew, especially when ...

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Haunted Sampler Part 5 from Road Home Quilting

Block 4:  All Hallows - purple, 16 ½” sq.

Purple Corner Unit from Part 1

(15) purple/grey small HST from Part 1
(15) purple/black small HST from Part 1

(7) grey/black small HST from Part 1
(3) purple 2 ½” squares
(3) grey 2 ½” squares
(8) black 2 ½” squares
(4) grey 2 ½” x 4 ½” rectangle

Corner Unit:  4 ½” sq.
Combine a purple/grey HST with a grey/black HST, grey sides together.
Press left.
Combine a purple/black HST with a purple 2 ½” square.
Press right.
Join units together. Press down ...

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Witchy Stitchy - Last Day to Party from Creatin' in the Sticks

Today is the last day for the
Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop.

There has been so many spooky and fun Halloween projects.

It's the last day to party with this great group of bloggers.

October 7

October 8

October 9

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Top it Off with Witchy Stitchy from Creatin' in the Sticks

the first day of the
Witchy Stitchy Blog Hop.

I'm happy to kick things off with
Witchy Stitchy Witchy.

I love Halloween, but no one does Halloween projects like Carol at Just Let Me Quilt.
She is perfect to lead us on this spooky journey.
Thank you, Carol, for inviting me to join this super fun blog hop!

My stitching for the hop is pulling double duty.

You see,
I am an Island Batik Ambassador for 2019
and every month there is an ambassador challenge.
The Island Batik Ambassador Challenge
this month is
"Top it ...

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October 10, 2019
Witch's Quilt Part 5 from Road Home Quilting

The Witch’s Quilt Part 1
A HAUNTED SAMPLER mystery quilt began Friday 9/13
Get supply list and cutting instructions HERE
Please FOLLOW RHQ for story and project updates 
The Witch's Quilt by Kitty Pearl
Part 5

But what about spelling? Emily laughed wearily to herself as she pondered, this was like trying to read one of Melissa's text messages. Was this quilt saying LOL FYI CYS in Old English? Emily moved to stand by the fireplace. She stared at the flames resting her overtired eyes from the books. 
Emily mused on her studies: Beowulf ...

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October 8, 2019
DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial from Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial Header

Everything is coming up Pumpkin here at Fat Quarter Shop! We are sew excited to share a new, quick tutorial with your today … DIY Fabric Pumpkin! With a fat quarter of fabric and a few other supplies you can make one too. My cute fabric pumpkin finishes about 6.5″ wide x 6.5″ deep x 5″ tall.



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Cloth book giveaway winners from Carried Away Quilting

It's time to announce our cloth book panel giveaway winners! Many thanks to the kind folks at Quilt Girls who provided the panels for this giveaway!

I have a love-hate relationship with giveaways.  I love to make someone’s day by declaring them a prize winner, but I hate the fact that I don’t have a prize for everyone. Please just know that my drawings are always a random draw, and if I could, I would send you each a prize!

Today we have two lucky ladies who will each receive a “Five Little Pumpkins on Halloween Night ...

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October 7, 2019
A Super Cute Halloween Bag from Quilting Is More Fun Than Housework

I have joined forces with the Fat Quarter Shop and have a really fun trick or treat bag pattern to share with you today. I don't have any little ones so I made this for my friend's little granddaughter.

Didn't this turn out cute?

The pattern calls for three fabrics - all of these playful prints came right out of the stash.
There are so many adorable Halloween fabrics available now!

The pattern was really easy to follow along and sew.  The only change I made was to make my handles the same fabric as accent flange.

The ...

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October 4, 2019
Black Cat Trick or Treat Bag from Creatin' in the Sticks

There is a certain little girl who will be sporting a black cat costume for Halloween.
She has the "meow" down pat for sure.
The only thing missing is her trick or treat bag.

This is when Grammie steps up and finds a great pattern for a super sweet
Black Cat Trick or Treat bag.

It's the cutest pattern by Kim at Crafting Cheerfully 
 HeatnBond Soft Stretch™ LITE  pairs perfectly with the little felt bag.  

Moreover, it's the perfect size for a toddler and will be a cute little purse even after Halloween.

I'm on the ...

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Grumpy Cat Halloween from Sew Fresh Quilts

Fall is upon us and Halloween is coming soon!
Allow me to introduce you to ANOTHER NEW PATTERN!!!


The GRUMPY CAT HALLOWEEN Full Pattern provides instructions for each of the following settings, in two sizes. 

Witch Legs (each) 5” x 9” or 10” x 18”Grumpy Cat 8” x 10” or 16” x 20”

Witch Legs (each) 5” x 9” or 10” x 18”Grumpy Cat 8” x 10” or 16” x 20”

Large Pumpkin 7.5” x 8.5” or 15” x 17”Grumpy Cat 8” x 10” or 16” x 20”

Small Pumpkin 8” square ...

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Haunted Sampler Part 4 from Road Home Quilting

A HAUNTED SAMPLER mystery quilt began Friday 9/13
Please FOLLOW RHQ for quilt story and project updates
Get supply list and cutting instructions HERE

Block 3: Crow’s Foot - blue, 16 ½” sq.

Blue Corner Unit from Part 1
(4) 4 ½” blue squares

(8) blue 2 ½” squares
(28) grey 2 ½” squares
(8) black 2 ½” x 4 ½” rectangles [SMALL]
(4) black 2 ½” x 8 ½” rectangles [LARGE]

Flying Geese:  2 ½” x 4 ½”
Draw a diagonal line (45 degrees, corner to opposite corner) on the back of (16) grey 2 ½” squares ...

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Scrappy Pumpkin Quilt Block Tutorial from Goer

Welcome to my stop on Tutorial Week with Finish-a-Long. I'm sharing my process for using scraps to create pumpkin blocks.


Grab your orange (or yellow or white or whatever color you want your pumpkins to be) scraps. Depending on the size of your scraps and the size of your desired pumpkins you can use your scraps as is (which I've done with my single fabric pumpkins) or you can piece together your smaller scraps to form a scrappy slab (as shown in the large pumpkin) before constructing your pumpkin. You'll also want fabric for a stem and ...

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October 1, 2018
Halloween Gnome Mini from Lakardia

It’s October! I want to share a seasonal sewing project with you.

First, as long as you’re at your computer, click here and download this free Mr. Gnome foundation paper piecing pattern from Unicorn Harts. You can save the digital file to your computer and print as many copies as you need. I like to print on Carol Doak’s foundation paper.

Then, grab your fabrics and plan out Mr. Gnome’s features, outfit, and background. After several layout options, I think the mini looks best when the Mister is made with darker fabrics, as well as a ...

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