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November 22, 2018
Turkey..Pie..Nap…Oh MY! from Lisa H Calle's Blog


The sun is shining brightly in Hilton Head where I prepare to tee off for a round of golf; my second love in life. But before I venture into the rolling, green hills composed of 19 holes I wanted to wish all my fellow followers a Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope your plans include eating WAY too much turkey, indulging in a few holiday drinks and slumbering peacefully as Mr. Tryptophan slips you into nappy land.  Those are my intentions for the next 24 hours!

     What would Thanksgiving be without including Black Friday and Cyber Monday? So let’s whoop it ...

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October 1, 2018
Fall Fun! from Val's Quilting Studio

 I really want to try my hand at making some home-made applesauce this year. 
So before we hit the golf course yesterday, we went apple picking.  

We found ourselves having to climb a bit to get to our yummy fruit but had fun as we worked to maneuver ourselves between all the branches, feeling like a little kid...but surely not as agile!

They had an apple that was a cross between the Jonathan and Golden (JonaGolds) recommended for applesauce. I can tell you, from the first bite, I knew these were going to be worth the climb!
We spent ...

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September 1, 2018
I-Spy Many Smiles! from Val's Quilting Studio

I-Spy three happy boys!
Earlier this summer I made this lap size eye-spy for these three special little guys. I finished it's quilting and binding on just in time for the arrival of their new little brother. (Who's wrapped in a receiving blanket I made especially for him! Along with a hand knitted blanket by my mom.)
These are just one of those ultimate moments we quilters love isn't it! 

So while his cousins above are celebrating the arrival of their new brother,
this little grand-guy of ours started Pre-k this year!

Annnnddddd this little guy is ...

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December 11, 2017
Once Upon A Quilt from Lisa H Calle's Blog



Recently I had the pleasure of traveling to Ft Lauderdale and taught at a retreat with Angie Steveson and Carol Ann Waugh.  Wow, I had a blast!  Let’s begin by saying this always freezing cold girl was headed somewhere warm!  Oh yeah!  The only downside was that it was the perfect weather for doing my favorites thing in the world, besides quilting, which is playing golf.   The mild temperatures and the bright shining sun teased me with their amazing golfing conditions.  I made a silent pact with weather gods of Ft Lauderdale that I would return, in the not ...

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