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July 26, 2019
Love with a Twist: Nifty Neck Balloon Giraffe from Clever Chameleon

Nifty Neck Giraffe appliqué from the Love with a Twist series by Dione Gardner-Stephen of Clever Chameleon

Shall I tell you a tall story….?

Sure! Once upon a time, there were two slightly naughty, spotted goats who lived with their grandma in a thatched cottage in a small village. Their names were Girome and Giraldeen, and they were non-identical twins. Girome had already grown a little larger than Giraldeen, and a little bit naughtier too.

Girome and Giraldeen, the balloon giraffes

One day Girome said to Giraldeen, “I spy a new lolly jar! Let’s raid it”. And Giraldeen replied “I like your thinking, but we’re banned from climbing the shelves. Remember?”

“Ahhh…..” said Girome, “But Nan didn’t ban us from ...

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July 16, 2019
Always Choose Tropical: Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Always Choose Tropical colour scheme by Clever Chameleon

Always Choose Tropical

I am slowly working through a huge backlog of blog-relevant news and quilty happenings! I can’t believe July has been such a huge month, it certainly wasn’t forecast that way. Or maybe I just wasn’t paying attention! Anyway, we’re halfway in, and I still need to post two Love with a Twist patterns (aiming for one on Friday), an unboxing post for Island Batik (next week), and a number of other smaller things I’m messing around with.

But before all that, I really want to give you the lowdown on the Chameleon ...

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July 9, 2019
Drop-in Janome Shop Stop #7 from Quilting with Kimberly

Welcome to SuperStitch!

I was thrilled to not only visit one of the top Janome dealers in the country, but to be part of a three-day special event including a lecture and trunk show of my quilts and two, all-day workshops! This exceptional store, located in North East, PA (near Erie, PA), has everything: an outstanding, talented staff, tremendous customer service, caring and dedicated owners, plus a huge selection of Janome and Elna machines, accessories, tons of fabric….and even vacuums! 

Kent (fondly known as Mr. Kim), Sean Seki, President of Janome America, myself, and John Ryan, Director of Janome ...

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April 12, 2019
The Big Reveal from Quilting with Kimberly

For the past five years or so, I’ve had an idea in my mind for a quilt I wanted to design and make for no other purpose than the thought of it simply made me happy. 

But there was never enough time. 

I keep myself so busy making quilts for publications, quilt samples, or step-outs and demos for the classes I teach there is never time to make quilts “just because.” Don’t get me wrong; I’m not complaining. I love to design and make quilts no matter what the end purpose may be. But the idea of ...

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April 11, 2019
Some Of My Favorite Places To Quilt from Pippa Patchwork

I absolutely love making quilts. That’s probably obvious, I have this entire blog set up to talk about quilt making. My studio is well set up at home with everything I’d ever need to crank out my latest creation, but I’ll admit sometimes it gets a bit lonely, stale, or even a little old.

From time to time I like to change it up and take my projects on the road. Here are some of my favorite places to quilt outside of my studio.

At The Beach

When most people think of the beach, they probably think ...

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March 25, 2019
Spring things from Quilting with Kimberly

The majority of our Easter and spring decorations are stored in our cabin and since heavy snows and a busy schedule have prevented us from traveling to Lake Arrowhead to retrieve them, I’ve done minimal decorating this year. However, I did run across a few fun, wooly table toppers I made many years ago and it made me happy to bring them out to enjoy after being tucked away in storage. 

I haven’t done any buttonhole hand-stitching on wool in, well, years. There just never seems to be enough time. Oh, how I’ve missed it. Revisiting these ...

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March 5, 2019
Try adding a little tempting texture Part 1 (plus a free applique block to try!) from Quilting with Kimberly

My Janome Horizon 9450, from the new Professional line of machines, is my passion; it is a beyond fabulous with so many features and unequaled stitch quality!

I’ve been working on a new quilt recently which I hope to share very soon. If you follow me on social media (Facebook at Kimberly Einmo or Instagram at keinmo) you may have seen sneak peeks of this sunny, ‘fruity’ project I’ve been stitching. In the process, I’ve been trying some differnt techniques and features on my fabulous Janome 9450 and I have come up with a fun, easy and ...

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March 4, 2019
A lovely Sunday from Quilting with Kimberly

We had planned to get so much work done this past weekend. We have taxes to prepare and file. We have seemingly dozens of deadlines calling our names. We have chores to do around the house. And it has been raining lately. A lot. Long-time residents of Southern California have told us they haven’t seen rain in these amounts in years! Yes, the rain has been good for the drought conditions in the area. But now, everything is positively soggy. And squishy. Plus, it had rained on Friday and most of Saturday. The weatherman predicted it to rain on ...

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March 1, 2019
Quilting Craziness 2019 from The Cutting Table Quilt Blog - A Blog for Quilters by Quilters

Celebrate your favorite hobby all month long because March is National Quilting Month! We’re celebrating by making quilts, hosting a Missouri Star Employee quilt exhibit in Hamilton, and holding the very first “Quilting Craziness” tournament!

We invite everyone everywhere to participate everyday in the Quilting Craziness tournament!

Click here to view the bracket!

The tournament features the 32 most watched tutorials from 2018 and pits two different quilts against each other everyday until there is a champion! The winner is decided by a popular vote that is hosted on our Facebook page everyday at 7:00 pm central time ...

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February 19, 2019
Pigs Might Fly! Colour & Inspiration Tuesday from Clever Chameleon

Talk to the Pig mini quilt by Dione Gardner-Stephen of Clever Chameleon Quilting

Show Your Wings Blog Hop

When Carol from Just Let Me Quilt announced there was a new blog hop coming up in February, I did my usual mental dance with myself. Mature Me said “Nope, you’ve got too many more urgent important things on your plate”. Optimist Me said “But I’ll just do something little…. I’ll squeeze it in”. Mature Me said “Pigs might fly!”. And Stick It to Mature Me Me said “Oooooh….. pigs might fly – that’d fit the theme! Hahahahaha”.

The thought of doing a Pigs Might Fly appliqué motif based on my balloon ...

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February 17, 2019
A rare opportunity from Quilting with Kimberly

This a personal invitation to join me for a trunk show!

It’s not often I present an extensive trunk show of my quilts. Sometimes less than once a year — or for a very special event such as a national quilt show — do I pull out my most interesting and meaningful quilts. So when I do, it’s a rare treat indeed! As you know, I’m very proud to be the National Spokesperson for Janome and I’m excited to announce I’ll be sharing about 40 of my quilts during a very special evening on March 22, 2019 ...

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February 12, 2019
Connecting with the past from Quilting with Kimberly

Thank goodness for digital cameras and photos. When Kent and I transitioned from using our old cameras with film for the relatively new digital photo technology in 2006, we were able to see and store all of our photos on our computers. Storage wasn’t an issue; sorting through all of them was. But all of those printed photos, slides and negatives we had acquired leading up to our digital transition were unceremoniously stored (i.e. “dumped”) into bins, any available boxes, and plastic tubs and carried with us through all of our many military moves. Those photos almost never ...

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January 16, 2019
A wonderful, wooly find from Quilting with Kimberly

Have you tried the Wooly Betty?

Meet the new WOOLY BETTY.

I love trying new notions and quilting products and when I find one that is really amazing, I’m excited to let other quilters know so they can benefit from a great product recommendation. Recently I discovered such a fabulous find I want to shout it from the rooftops! You may be familiar with all the terrific products by Kathy Purdy of Steady Betty, and you may even have your own Steady Betty. But have you seen the new Wooly Betty?

One side is high-grade foam, like the Steady ...

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January 4, 2019
Top 10 Blog Posts......2018 from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

I am always amazed at the most popular

posts on my blog...

These are the Top 10

that everyone has been checking out:


Dec 17, 2009, 32 comments
Jun 18, 2013, 4 comments
Apr 16, 2013, 30 comments
Jan 12, 2014, 3 comments
Jun 23, 2013, 4 comments
Mar 9, 2010, 21 comments

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December 29, 2018
Christmas with this family from Fleur de Lis Quilts and Accessories

Christmas is always, always an important day in our family because it's all about the birth of Christ. But if you're a Christian, you get that. Hopefully you also spent part of your day acknowledging His birth. We do so by first attending mass in our Church of the Little Flower then turning our attention to our family. Usually that means gift-giving and dinner on Christmas night, to give the kids an opportunity to spend time with the other side of their families--their in-laws.

But time changes things, and this year the kids decided that lunch would be ...

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Escape to the beach from Quilting with Kimberly

For many years, Charlotte Angotti has hosted a relaxing and fun-filled Quilters Escape at the beach. Hundreds of quilters from across the country have joined her in the past and many continue to make this part of their yearly quilting travel itinerary. But in 2020, Charlotte has a new location and format planned which I predict will quickly sell out.  

Introducing the all new Southern Escape with a Progressive Quilt format!

Charlotte has invited Karen K Stone and me to join her at the fabulous White House Hotel on the beach in Biloxi, MS, January 20 – 24, 2020! You’ll ...

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December 20, 2018
Highlights.....2018 from May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

It's always FUN to look back 

and Remember...

January.....Finished Airplane Quilt

February......Nature Walk wins Best of SHOW !

Calving Season is in....FULL Swing

March......Turkey Vultures have returned

April.....Buttons Necklaces

My obsession with 

handcrafted foam stamps...begins

May.....Golden Girl has her first calf

Jello Printing has a hold on me again!

June.....Button Bracelets

July and August.....Canvas Painted Tote Bags

September.....still creating Foam Stamps


Finished the Sunflower Quilt Top

Traveled to Idaho to attend a Quilt Retreat

and made progress on my Crosscut Quilt

Attended Pat Pauly Workshop


Weaned the Calves ...

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December 12, 2018
Where was I? from Quilting with Kimberly

A quick catch-up

So much has happened in the last month or so and I’ve been remiss in not posting more frequently here on the blog. I thought about writing a long follow-up about my trips and teaching engagements, such as the International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston with tons of photos, but it would take me several hours. And honestly, that was just one of many things happening for us here in the past six weeks. So I’ll just write a quick catch-up since you are likely as busy getting ready for the holidays as I ...

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December 5, 2018
Lazy, Lazy Girl from Terificreations's Weblog

Once upon a time I wanted to be a Lazy Girl. I still want to be a Lazy Girl. Oddly enough being a Lazy Girl doesn’t mean half assed work. I learned that the first time I worked on the Bendy bags. What I learned at that time is that Joan Hawley’s commitment to doing… Continue reading Lazy, Lazy Girl

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November 26, 2018
Thanksgiving 2018 Out Takes from Quilts + Color

Some of the members of my Florida family really enjoy having their picture taken. I'm not so sure Madeline enjoyed the ride as much as her big brother did at the same age.
Not every grandparent has a Merry Go Round on their dining room table for their grandbabies!
Tucker is the only GUY I know who LOVES to have his picture taken and his beautiful sister is enjoying the photo shoot!

Drew arrived late but there was still food for him.


 Greatlookingfamily….and there’s that guy who loves to have his picture taken again! He’ll never ...

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