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February 26, 2020
Antiquing to Sherman and Back from My Quilty World

It's Mister's birthday and we are driving north towards McKinney, to start.  Parking on the square, antiquing is something he dearly loves and one store draws us in right away.  As we wander around, I see these little peddle carriages for children.  How fun!  It would be grand to restore one of these and gift BUT kids just don't play outside anymore.  Another treasure is this piece.  Do

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February 11, 2020
Brazos House Retreat - Red, White, and Blue from My Quilty World

Retreat season for 2020 has officially begun!!!  Even though I've only had one day at home, I am excited to see the Quilt Sisters again.  I know that the weekend will revive me and adjust any attitude issues I may have.  When I arrive at the center, Val is in full swing and has almost everything set up.  I simply am so indebted to her --- forever. As the place fills, my belly starts to growl.  I

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December 23, 2019
Spring Antique Mall Stop from My Quilty World

On our way to a friends party in Houston this morning, we find ourselves arriving a wee bit early.  What to do? Find an antique mall.  That's a fun way to kill an hour or so.  Just off the interstate in Spring, TX, we find the perfect spot.  Spring Antique Mall it is.  Come along and I'll share the items I spot that may interest an sewer/quilter/fiber lover around. The first few booths set the

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December 3, 2019
Brazos "Down Under" Retreat from My Quilty World

Our Anniversary Retreat date has arrived.  The car is packed and I didn't even put a sewing machine in.  I have several projects, but if I get the first one finished, I'll be in seventh heaven.  It's time to hit to the road. Since I'm going in a day early, I am able to leave in daylight.  That's new and so appreciated.  The trip goes well and before I know it, I'm on the final road and crossing

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December 2, 2019
Off to Terrell with Sherri -- Fabric Sale from My Quilty World

The plan for tomorrow was to go to Zavalla with my friend, Sherri, but the Subaru dealer had a different idea this morning.  Losing my vehicle to recall issues made it so that I could not drive to her house and spend the night for a bright and early departure tomorrow.  However, the totally helpful hubby that I have found a fabric sale in Terrell that might work for today instead.  A few messages

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Pieced Together Studio - Mesquite from My Quilty World

On my way back from Terrell, I stop in Mesquite to see Pieced Together Studio - a quilt shop I have not yet visited.  As I enter, I am greeted and then apologized to for having a ladder in the way of an aisle.  She sets to removing the ladder and I'm sorry to say that that is my last interaction with her.  She made a phone call in the workroom and never came back out again.  I'd love to give

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December 1, 2019
Storytime Quilts - Lufkin, TX from My Quilty World

Continuing our journey today, just down the road is StoryTime Quilts and Mister suggests a stop.  Not wanting to argue (hahahaha), I agree. Now, finding this place is tricky.  Honest, but once we entered the store, the customers that were inside made us feel welcome --- well, that is if we were spending money.  All in good fun, they left shortly and we had a few minutes to look around the store.

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November 30, 2019
Heritage Antiques - Lufkin, TX from My Quilty World

Lufin, TX --- Heritage Antiques --- stop and walk.  That's the plan.  We are on the way home from vacation and sometimes, just sometimes -- treasures can be found along the way.  Come along and let's see. This is a crazy cool, antique shop.  It is housed in the old First Christian Church Educational Building and occupies both floors.  Look at the beautiful tin ceiling and chandelier in the entry

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Spotlight on Ross Fabric and Crafts from My Quilty World

Our vacation is nearing an end so I've decided to visit a quilt shop or two.  We are in Zavalla, TX.  Yeah, I didn't know where we were either.  At any rate, the stop we came here for -- (here's your LINK) wasn't researched enough by my and we've discovered that with the rain, perhaps off-roading isn't the best plan for today.  Another time, when we've made previous arrangements with the owners

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November 29, 2019
Houston 2019 - Days 2&3 from My Quilty World

Time changes this weekend, but for now it is still dark upon waking.  Or am I just up really early?  Look how quiet the streets look. The view was pretty but . . . . now I'm hungry and  I know there is food upstairs.  Gotta go, gotta go.  While up there, here comes the sun. And window 3 shows how quick the light moves. You know how you can count on certain things in life?   Well

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November 6, 2019
Houston 2019 Eye Candy - Part 1 from My Quilty World

Houston International Quilt Festival's 45th Anniversary Sapphire Celebration is underway and I am crazy excited to be here.  My eyes cannot hold still for even a second --- there is just so much to see.  Are you ready for some eye candy?  I know I am and I'm so willing to share what turns my head.  I'm not wandering around looking for the ribbon or big money winners --- just what makes me happy

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Houston 2019 Eye Candy - Part 2 from My Quilty World

I've closed my eyes for a bit and am ready to share Part 2 of the quilts that caught my eye while in Houston at the International Quilt Festival.  If you didn't see Part 1, here is your LINK.  I didn't mention in the previous part, but my friends and I are all decked out in Sapphire clothing to honor the anniversary this year and we are having a blast.  So much love --- Fabric, friends, fun ---

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