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September 25, 2021
Bonnie Hunter Mystery Retrospective from TheEclecticAbuela

Like so many other quilters, I am looking forward to Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt this year. I decided to look back at the ones I have done in the past. The dates refer to the year of the beginning of the mystery.

Allietare (2015)

 My first mystery quilt, Allietare (2015), was serendipitously in my favorite red! I was apprehensive about this one--it was my first BH mystery, and I knew there would be so many small pieces. With the wonderful instructions for each step, I wound up having no trouble at all! I changed the border a bit from ...

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September 18, 2021
orange tiny houses from Making A Lather

I have orange tiny houses for the rainbow scrap challenge at so scrappy. I may have 2 rounds of oranges in the box already. But every year the scraps are different. And, it will take forever to make enough tiny houses  to make a quilt.

I found a box of leftover pieces from Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt frolic, and decided to put the HSTS together as pinwheels. I have them next to the sewing machine and I use them as leader/enders until they are gone. 


I am off to guild open sew today and a jelly roll ...

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February 1, 2021
retreat and one monthly goal from Making A Lather

Our guild had another open sew Saturday. I took what I had done on bonnie Hunter quilt zuckerwatte from her book string fling, and, decided to see how far I could get. With just 20 minutes to spare, I had the center top finished. It was a great boost. I had started at the beginning of January with only string blocks made. I cut a gazillion  HSTS - ( half square triangles ) ... sewn a bunch together, and made  rows. and blocks. 


Now that we have a new month, it is time to refocus on another set of goals. My one monthly goal ...

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December 26, 2020
phd 2021 from Making A Lather

I have had a hard time this year setting goals for next year. Maybe, because it has been an uncertain year. And yet, I finished the most ufo projects I have ever done in a single year. Now, that I think of it, I might be tired of finishing, but, I have many more to finish. I am not sure how to find the balance between finishing to accomplish, and starting new to enjoy. The more I stick to a list, the less I quilt.

Still, I've made my list for next year and the PHD 21.

1. Double ...

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December 21, 2020
Last Year's Mystery from Life In Pieces

My holiday vacation started last Friday and I've been enjoying the time off. There's been a fair amount of stitching going on over the long weekend. I'm still not caught up with Grassy Creek and likely won't be before Christmas.  A few pieces are cut out to start clue 3, but clue 4 isn't even printed out yet.  But I did finish the last stitch in the binding for last year's Bonnie Hunter mystery.  

Frolic, 2019 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt
Started December 1, 2019; Finished December 20, 2020

Frolic is all finished and is ...

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December 15, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of 12/15/2020 from Life In Pieces

December is half over.  Already?  That doesn't seem possible.  So rather than dwell on that,  I'm going to concentrate on the last and the next To Do Lists. 

Weekly To Do List for 12/08/2020

  • Frolic: Start hand stitching the binding
  • Morewood Mystery:  Work on the December clue 
  • Grassy Creek: Start Clue 2 
  • Unity: Make flying geese 

Last week's list was all about just keeping projects moving. Since I knew I wouldn't have as much time to stitch as usual, the list was kept pretty easy.  That made it easy to check off all four ...

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December 8, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of December 8, 2020 from Life In Pieces

Life has been a bit hectic since Thanksgiving, with work bordering on being completely insane. Consequently sewing and computer time has been at a premium the last week. I missed last week's To Do Tuesday because I just didn't have time to post, thankfully things calmed down by the weekend and I did get in some really good stitching time, else my to do list would have looked really pitiful.

Weekly To Do List for 11/24/2020

  • Red, White and Blue Stars: Continue with borders
  • Unity: Add next border, make flying geeese 
  • Grassy Creek: Start on Clue ...

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December 6, 2020
Last Push for My 2020 PhD from Life In Pieces

I've been following along with Quilting Gail's 2020 PHD

The goal is to finish 12 UFOs, plus finish any quilts you start during the year (other then quilt alongs that won't finish before the end of the year). I'm not going to finish 12 quilts this year and I'm probably not going to finish the one quilt I started that doesn't carry over to next year.  Here's my report card so far this year. 

There's one more finish on the list and one more new start.  But Grassy Creek, Bonnie Hunter's ...

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December One Monthly Goal from Life In Pieces

It's been one of those weeks and I didn't realize till this morning that I hadn't set a One Monthly Goal for December as yet. 

Since the 2020 Bonnie Hunter mystery kicked off over a week ago, it's definitely time to get last year's mystery finished up.  

All the extra batting has been trimmed away. The label has been printed and rinsed, but it still needs to dry.  The binding strips have been cut, but they aren't all sewn together yet.  The plan is to have a bound, labeled and finished quilt by the ...

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October 27, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of 10/27/2020 from Life In Pieces

Just a few days left in October. November will definitely be underway when we make out next week's list. But I should focus on the here and now to come up with this week's list. Before doing that, I should take a quick detour to look at the progress on last week's to do list. 

Weekly To Do List for 10/20/2020

  • Frolic: Prep for quilting and mail - progress
  • Red, White & Blue Stars: finish sashing the blocks
  • Morewood Mystery: Continue to make October's blocks
  • Unity: Make more HSTS and blocks for clue 4
It wasn ...

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October 20, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of 10/20/2020 from Life In Pieces

There are only 10 weeks left in 2020.  Just 10 more to do lists left for the year, just 10 weeks to make progress on this year's goals. The weeks always seem to go faster this time of year. So it's definitely time to decide on the priorities for the rest of the year.  Before looking ahead to this next week, how did week 11 eleven go? 

Weekly To Do List for 10/13/2020

  • Red, White and Blue Stars: Continue sashing blocks
  • Morewood Mystery: Work on October blocks 
  • Unity: Make HSTs and blocks for Step 4 
  • Strom ...

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October 19, 2020
Creeping up on Finishes from Life In Pieces

Not much happened in the sewing room on  Saturday.  We met up with the Scientist in Training in Tulsa to switch out cars. The front end damage from that accident in August was finally fixed. She was thrilled to get her car back. She's been driving My Guy's 21 year old Jeep.  To be honest My Guy's feeling was mutual, he was just as glad to get his car back as the SIT was. It turned cold and rainy on Sunday.  Perfect sewing room weather and I made the most of it.  

I had hoped to finish ...

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October 3, 2020
Stitching Along from Life In Pieces

 I was definitely ready for Saturday to get here.  The plan is for a nothing but stitching day to celebrate the end of the work week and the beginning of October.  Just three months left in 2020. Though I will be glad to see the end of this year, there's not much time left to finish my 2020 PHD. 

There is an update to my tracking spreadsheet, but it's not a new check mark in the finished column.  

The Morewood Mystery quilt September clue had me cutting into the fabric to make last months blocks.  I count a ...

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September 8, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of 09/08/2020 from Life In Pieces

 Hope everyone in the US had a good holiday weekend.  I took Friday off, so it's that much harder to head back to work this morning. We took it slow this weekend. The Scientist in Training has a pretty hard semester this fall, so she slept a lot and then had homework.  This is her only break till Thanksgiving. The school moved Fall Break to the week of Thanksgiving, so she has that whole week off. That seems so far off but it will be here before you know it. 

Having a four day weekend helped with getting through ...

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September 3, 2020
Momentum from Life In Pieces

 What a week!  I'll be glad to see the end of this one.  My Guy is finally feeling much better and thankfully his test came back negative. Thank you for all the moral support and crossed fingers. I'm really looking forward to the holiday weekend. A few days off work will be nice. After this week, a sewing only day is definitely in the cards.  I should decide on my September One Monthly Goal before then.  

Next up on the 2020 Quilt plan is Daisy Chain.  

Daisy Chain Mystery
2019 Little Bunny Quilts Mystery
by Alison of Honey ...

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September 1, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of 09/01/2020 from Life In Pieces

This week has gotten off to a rocky start.  My Guy was really sick Sunday and Monday, thankfully the fever broke last night and he's feeling much better today. Even so, My Guy has to take a Covid 19 test this morning. Since his symptoms are such a close match for that virus, we can't go back to the office till he gets a negative result back. The company adopted that protocol to avoid community spread at work. That policy has been working, the company has had no instances of community spread at any of our offices or ...

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August 31, 2020
Backs and Borders Part II from Life In Pieces

The weekend was a bit of a mixed bag.  We got to see the Scientist in Training on Friday, but then My Guy got to feeling bad on Saturday.  So we spend a quiet day at home on Sunday. He's still not feeling great and has a fever. With the current guidelines at work, he has to see the doctor and I have to work from home till he's cleared. 

It was a pretty good weekend in the sewing room.  I finished my August One Monthly Goal.  

Storm at Sea was cleaned up, boxed up and shipped out ...

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August 17, 2020
Frolic Mystery Solved from Life In Pieces

I'm not ready for it to be Monday.  This weekend just wasn't long enough. I did get to spend a lot of time in the sewing room and made good progress on a few projects.  The first goal was to get the final borders sewn on Frolic. 

That's done. So Frolic is now a finished quilt top. 

Frolic, 2019 Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Now to get the backing made.  I've got a thought on that, but need to check how much yardage there is. Stitching up a ...

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August 11, 2020
To Do Tuesday for the Week of 8/11/2020 from Life In Pieces

We took a couple of staycation days last week. It was nice to hang with the Scientist in Training before she headed back to college, but it was also nice to get some dedicated time in the sewing room. That helped make pretty quick work of last week's To Do List.  

Weekly To Do List for 08/04/2020
  • Storm at Sea: Press, trim, prep for quilting
  • Frolic: Assemble flying geese borders
  • Unity: Step 3, finish sawtooth stars

I kept last week's list pretty short in hopes it would help me focus on getting that backing for Storm ...

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August 10, 2020
Mysteries and Masks from Life In Pieces

 It's been a nice weekend. On the warmer end of the spectrum, but the sewing room was cool.  The Scientist in Training heads back to college today. School doesn't start till next Monday, but she's got some things to do before classes kick off.  She kept me company in the sewing room Sunday as I finished off the set of masks she requested.  

Mask pattern from Laundry Basket Quilts 

The red one is for the SIT, the newspaper print for one of her friends from the school paper and the rest are for her roommate.  

The rest ...

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