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November 14, 2021
Scraphappy November – charity sewing from I Patch and Quilt

In October 2020 I was alerted to a charity called Perfectly Preemie requesting tiny baby clothes and baby sheets for the local hospital’s neonatal department. I decided to help out using my scraps and fabric remnants and turn them into sheets. The requested sheets were supposed to be double sided with a waffle-like cotton on the back. I didn’t have that type of fabric, so I decided to put some tops together and donate those right away, so somebody else could add the waffle back.

I was lucky to dig up just enough squares from 5″ stacks that ...

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October 18, 2021
Patience Corner Quilt Finished from The Quilt Yarn

This quilt is from the Orange Tree Quilters group. Initially I was actually a bit shocked by the loud pink squares, but after closer inspection, I must say that whoever put this together did an amazing job. If you look closely, the colour arrangement mirrors itself on the diagonal with the darker batik fabric running through the center. That looks so effective.

For some reason I have always associated the Patience Corner block with garden beds and thought it would be fun to put something a bit flowery in the squares. I quilted this with a deep maroon Rasant (40wt ...

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October 14, 2021
Patience from The Quilt Yarn

You have to laugh...I have been ditching away for the last two days on another charity quilt from the Orange Tree Quilters. I was going to try out my new Natalia Bonner Mini 4n1 ruler on an actual quilt but things never go to plan.

When I unpacked the quilts I picked up the other day, I saw that I got another Patience Corners quilt. Last time I did an overall Baptist fan which looked nice, but this time I wanted to do something different. Given I wanted to try out the ruler, I patiently ditched along all the ...

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September 18, 2021
Trialing A Cloud Design from The Quilt Yarn

Working on my next panel...Have it cut to size and was preparing a backing in order to baste this up but then discovered that my backing had tiny holes right across the middle in regular intervals right across the length of the entire piece. Only bought this yesterday, so it had not been lying around here. Looks like there was a label attached or something and that may have just been ripped off the bolt. Was not impressed.

So had to find another piece, wash it and was left with some time on my hands.

Decided to trial a ...

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September 9, 2021
My FMQ Fun – part 2 from I Patch and Quilt

Welcome back!

Are you ready for some more FMQ fun? As you may remember I started sharing some smaller samples of all kinds FMQ designs and ideas. Let’s continue!

The s-curve is one of the most versatile shapes there is! Flames, ferns, zebra stripes or peacock feathers can all be constructed using this basic shape. What have you used the s-curve for in quilting?

Thread buildup is unavoidable when traveling over the same stitched lines or when stitching lines closely together. Choosing the right thread color is important!

Do you prefer to match your thread with the fabric or ...

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March 23, 2021
Natalia Bonner's 'A Year of Stars' from The Quilt Yarn


Finished all of the framework for the sashings and borders. I do not have a huge curve ruler (Natalia used a huge curve for her quilt), hence I used my Pro Echo #12 ruler to put the scallops into the border. That was challenging enough! In the end I just made it fit. Not ideal as the curves were slightly different all over, but in the end I doubted that this would feature much. Having done this, I  realised that my curves were too shallow for putting feathers in there, so I had to come up with something else ...

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January 13, 2021
Freemotion-Quilting Again from The Quilt Yarn

Ahhh...after what felt like weeks on end, I finished my three quilt tops and am finally able to get back to what I love most... freemotion-quilting.

Made a start on my Natalia Bonner 'A Year Of Stars' quilt for the quiltalong that has commenced in January.  As I am not on a frame longarm, I have to secure my quilt with stitching in the ditch before I can start all of the ruler work. I did order some Monoploy thread on a cone which arrived recently and started with testing my tension.
I have a few blocks that ended ...

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December 4, 2020
Small Irregular Grid Quilt from The Quilt Yarn

I had fun with the little irregular grid quilt. After much deliberation I decided to do a fun edge to edge design from Urban Elementz, called Daisy Dotz #2

I had bought this a while ago from the Fat Quarter Shop to try out the printed paper sheets. There are 4 sheets at 48in wide in the packet. As I had another project in mind for this, I traced the design off onto my trusted Golden Threads paper. I have done an edge to edge design on the stationary longarm before  and spent some time working out exactly how I ...

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September 15, 2020
More 9 Patch Ruler Work from The Quilt Yarn

Block 3 and 4 of Natalia Bonner's 9 Patchalong

This one was a beauty...continuous line design, always looks great. Of course, mine was not entirely continuous as I got confused. I am certainly learning a lot in terms of thinking through your stitching path before you actually have a go. I made myself a little folder on the Ipad with these blocks and an accompanying stitching diagram, because no doubt, next time I look at it, I will have forgotten how it goes. 
My accuracy is definitely improving and I am finding the ruler work increasingly easier. The ...

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August 26, 2020
9 Patchalong With Natalia Bonner from The Quilt Yarn

Where is the time going...

I finished my Lana Lemur quilt and now am working on a nine patch quilt for Natalia Bonner's 9 Patchalong. This is going to start on 1st September  with Natalia showcasing new designs using her rulers every Tuesday and Thursday on YouTube. There is a FB group you can join to showcase your work and have a look what others are doing (already there are a few variations on this quilt top).

I am stitching along with a friend to further hone in on my ruler quilting skills. I think so far I have ...

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August 24, 2020
Scary Unfinished Quilt, Happy Ending, Don't Look Too Close from Gefilte Quilt

This is a mystery quilt adventure. If you hate suspense, scroll to the very bottom of the post to see the finished quilt. If you enjoy mysteries, read from the top. 

I'll begin this story in front of my UFO (unfinished object) cabinet, a terrifying place, in a far corner of my sewing room, under the ironing board, behind/beneath my Featherweight table. 
To open the cabinet's doors, I have to curl myself into in a fetal position - then, the doors open only halfway, before smashing into my knees. Fetal position also describes my emotions, when I look ...

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August 13, 2020
9 Patch Along with Natalia Bonner from The Quilt Yarn

I am working on my quilt for the 9 Patch Quilt along with Natalia Bonner which is set to start on 1st  September.

Blocks are almost done, now I only have to do the sashings and border, and insert another row of 4in blocks. You could have ordered a preprinted panel from Honest Fabric, but with shipping costs that was not an option for me. Luckily this comes together quickly which was half the attraction. I had been watching Natalia's YouTube series of Let's Stitch - a block a day over the last few months and was impressed with ...

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July 29, 2020
Lana Lemur Quilt Continued from The Quilt Yarn

Well, it's been a while again. After a somewhat rocky start on the quilt, I am now on my way

This is going to be much harder than I imagined. I am following Claudia Pfeil's demonstration in one of the classes that was shown on The Quilt Show. This class is available as a DVD called 'Claudia's (P)Fillers. In the class, Claudia is demonstrating how to create fillers effortlessly using her longarm machine, going from one to the other using pebbles, lines and other geometric fillers.

It looked so easy! When I finally started it, it ...

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July 11, 2020
Little Doilie Project Finished from The Quilt Yarn

This was a lot of fun to’s the first time I tried this and must say, I really enjoyed this. Got the doilie from the local Op shop for a dollar and placed it in place with spraybasting. Not quite round, but close enough.

I ran out of ideas for the delicate border of the doilie, so left that alone. If I had stitched that down I think it would have turned out too flat. Could not resist though and hyperquilted a little bit in the feathers, then decided that that was enough.
If you have read ...

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July 8, 2020
Masked Hexagons, Part II: A English Paper Piecing Variation from Gefilte Quilt


I'm going nuts making masks! 

These are a few of my new masked hexagons, made from the scraps of face masks I've been sewing since March. In my last installment, here, I described how I made these hexies, using conventional English Paper Piecing techniques. At the time, I had only made about 35 hexagons. 

Since then, I've made many more masks to donate - I'm closing in on 1,000 masks - and about 40 more masked hexagons. So here's the finished quilt, with a total of 73 masked hexagons, all socially distanced. My free, revised ...

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June 21, 2020
Glorious and Free from Night Owl Quilting

I was very lucky to get the opportunity to have some free motion fun on this fabulous quilt made by Gail.  The pattern is Glorious and Free by Quilter on Fire.  Gail adapted the pattern slightly to make it fit her size requirements.

I knew the maple leaf needed to be the star of the show so I used a curls for the veins.

The remaining red section got a complimentary curling design, and the blue background got a wood grain design.  Horizontal "wind" fill in the white and to top it all off a nice leafy feather in the ...

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June 6, 2020
Heartfelt Wholecloth Progress from The Quilt Yarn

Nearing the end of my Heartfelt Wholecloth quilt. This quilt was designed by Kelly Ashton and can be found on the Handiquilter website under the Ruler of the Month Club information.

Only the four corners left
This has been an extraordinary intense workout of all 6 rulers of the Ruler of the Month Club 5 and was an excellent opportunity to get further acquainted with the Capri 18. There are a number of things that I tried on this wholecloth making use of some of the new features, i.e.

- stitch regulation: I used stitch regulation for the the frames ...

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